Thursday, October 29, 2020

Free OSR Resource Dragon's Foot - Magical Weapons Generator For Labyrinth Lord & Your Old School Campaigns


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This is a five page magical items and weapons generator as a free download from Dragon's foot, it can act as fill in stop gap for your old school games for hoards, lair loot, and all kinds of monster lairs. The author did a damn good job with the random factor, now as an old fashioned sort of guy this sort of a pdf is really very nice. Yes, I know that there a ton of apps and whatnot that do the job of this generator but this one is specifically keyed for retroclone and Labyrinth Lord especially the Advanced Companion.
   This generator will work very well for a wide variety of retroclone systems and yes it can be easily reduced for your system in question. For example with little hassle the same generator could work with Lamentations or OSRIC. The work and system here is tight, the material free and its application is a snap. So yes its easy to create your favorite magic item in seconds but do I think that you should? Well, actually Tony Reeves has a really solid little article on the placement of monsters and magic items in AD&D that works really nicely with this generator right over HERE .

Do I think that the generator is worth having? In word yes because it hits several sweet spots for OSR games. Generating random treasures on the fly can actually create games based around legendary treasures an adventure location. This is something that appears in real life  mythology, legends, science fantasy,sword & sorcery and fantasy literature many, many, times. So its really down to the dungeon master for the placement of treasures and monsters as it has always been. This generator can actually help to stir the imagination with a few dice tosses to get some of the blockages that sometime happen when starting off on a new campaign or convention adventure.

Something that I've recently noticed is that some DM that I know have used the sudden appearance of a magic relic or artifacts can generate a sort of boom town or over night sensation in campaigns. Also they can be used as motives for murder and mayhem for wizards as well. The debris left behind by the gods and much more. So do I think that this free download is worth the hassle? Yes but use it sparing as needed!

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