Sunday, October 18, 2020

Review & Commentary In The Darkness of Space By Joseph Mohr From Old School Role Playing

" A Neoh 'Am Abassador is on a mission to meet with the Qlansie to form an alliance against the aggressions of the Olonsean Empire. An Olonsean Majoor offers to pay well for an assassination of this ambassador before such a meeting takes place. The only problem will have to take place aboard a luxury cruiser liner slowly traveling across the Sonora Sector of space. "

Joseph Mohr's modules are like patato chips once you grab on pay what you want module another quickly finds its way into your hands. In The Darkness of Space From Old School Role Playing feels a bit like a classic Sevenities Buck Rogers episode to me. 

In The Darkness of Space By Joseph Mohr seems like a straight up alien assassination plot but its not. There's a great multi layered space cruise ship that has a multiplicity of use for my home campaigns. Then there's the wrack & ruin of NPC's that Mohr loves to include in his adventures. We've got his twists & pony by the tale turn arounds that he loves. This works well for  'In The Darkness of Space' as a mid level adventure for the Cepheus Engine rpg. 

Frontiers of Space as a side sector for These Stars Are Ours! campaign setting works very well. Because let's face facts Frontiers of Space has all of those classic Traveller rpg adventure elements. Why!?! 
"Frontiers of Space – Settlers have spread to the farthest reaches of space. The human race is not alone in the galaxy. The Frontiers of Space are a wild and dangerous place filled with intrigue, commerce, raiders and war. Only the bravest explorers have come this far from the Empire. This is a Cepheus Engine Product" 
This dives right into In The Darkness of Space By Joseph Mohr adventure has all of those classic adventure elements. All of the weath of 

 The 'Gold Rush!' adventure  that we covered last blog entry could be these sectors wealth sources & resources. 

In The Darkness of Space By Joseph Mohr makes very nice contrast to the more rough & tumble aspects of the Cepheus rpg engine's  These Stars Are Ours! sci-fi setting campaign. This makes the Frontiers of Space  sector & setting an excellent contrast to conflict & warfare found in the These Stars Are Ours! sci-fi setting campaign. This gives the Frontiers of Space a far more ancient feel. This contrasts very nicely with the In The Darkness of Space adventure elements. All in all I think that In The Darkness of Space adventure  is solid for what it does. 

But could 
In The Darkness of Space be used with Stars Without Numbers Revised? It suits the SWN rules set better in some ways & works as a mid level established adventure but the conversion would be trickier in some ways but it establishes a galactic series of empires in many ways.

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