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Free Old School Halloween One Page Dungeon - Dungeon From A Distant Star From Robertson Games- For Your Old School Space Opera & D&D Campaigns

"Buried underground for hundreds of years lies a spaceship from the 3rd planet in the Altair system. While heavily damaged, the ship still has power for many of its systems and doors and lights are still fully operational in most sections. Will you be the first to explore The Dungeon From A Distant Star and uncover it's otherworldly secrets?
An old school one-page dungeon including dungeon map, legend, wandering monsters, random tables and descriptions for 23 separate rooms."

This is a an old fashioned OSR downed space craft dungeon with some cool features
available right HERE

This is a an old fashioned  space craft dungeon with some cool features & really nice encounters .And man its a blast! 

Using Dungeon From A Distant Star From Robertson Games

Last night I got the chance to run my players through this dungeon. I've used it numerous times and every time I've prided myself on doing this one a bit different. There enough to get it started but you've got to do a bit of work to fill in the blanks on the map. The essence of old school DYI ethos really. 
The PC's set about exploring the dungeon after a local farmer turned artifacts from this thing in his field. The world is a failed colony a bit off the beaten path of most of the major trade lanes. 
Given the bare bones of the description I made the artifact(dungeon) one of the possessions of the Krell. That most dangerous of races and one of the most extinct out in the planes. That famous quote from Forbidden Planet;

"Ethically, as well as technologically,
   they were a million years ahead of humankind.
For, in unlocking the mysteries of nature,
  they had conquered even their baser-selves.

And, when in the course of eons,
  they had abolished sickness and insanity
  and crime and all injustice,
  they turned, still with high benevolence,
  outward toward space.

Long before the dawn of man's history,
  they had walked our Earth,
  and brought back many biological specimens.

The heights they had reached!

But then--- seemingly on the threshold
  of some supreme accomplishment
  which was to have crowned their entire history--
  this all-but-divine race perished,
  in a single night.

In the two thousand centuries
  since that unexplained catastrophe,
  even their cloud-piercing towers
 of glass and porcelain and adamantine steel
 have crumbled back into the soil of Altair IV,
 and nothing, absolutely nothing,
 remains above ground."

There could have been anything in that ship last night and there was! Couple of biological specimens had escaped and the PCs dealt with those. The other was another very dangerous alien that had been collected by the aliens. In the end the PC's were able to recover quite a nice little haul of alien do dads before the ship self repaired and took off for parts unknown! Actually what the players wanted was a 'plastic educator' but they never got the chance!  There was quite a bit of blaster fire but very little was damaged! 

 Dungeon From A Distant Star From Robertson Games used correctly can be quite the tool for a dungeon master looking to take a game to the next level. Used in a pulp game it can literally change a world and add spice to 'Weird Wars' style 30's or 40's game.  Which always has reminded me of this movie. The  Zone Troopers movies had a very similar vibe to the dungeon/spacecraft deposited in WWII feel. 

 This dungeon could potentially appear anywhere or time at all. The dungeon might easily be slipped into Mutant Future as a sort of mid level bonus level allowing players to have a romp in it without impacting the rest of the campaign. 
It might appear in Carcosa as yet  another dungeon location created by aliens and causing havoc among the various tribes. The dungeon could be a bridge gap bringing PCs from one world to another vie the planes as the whole thing deals the players a weird trip one way! 
The dungeon might be simply used as a road sight of sorts for shadowing an invasion to come! Dungeon From A Distant Star is very flexible and like all of  the other one page, one shot that have appeared in this blog it requires a bit of work on the DM's part. Its one of many such dungeons that offers an evenings entertainment for players or a gate way drug into a full blown space opera or science fiction campaign. 

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