Sunday, November 1, 2020

Tegel Manor Crashes Into Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis Session Report Four/Five - Halloween Game - The Hive & the Oasis

"The zombie things  came pouring out of the hive at break neck pace! The worm like bug jumpers made the party retch! " 

It lies with in a land that is only seen by the sun and the moon and the horizon-questing stars. The sky-wrestled mountains, like sentries of Eternity, surround with their immemorial zone of azure-shadowed snows the serenity of the lake's unfathomable dream. They bar therefrom the sounds of the aeons that thunder on the shores of Eternity, and the winds that ring with the rumour of iron years, and shut from all save the azure infinite, and the fires and clouds and shadows of the sky.

The lake is feed with the snows of the mountains, and with silence that flows from the mien of space, and is filled with the blue splendour of the sky. Infinitely finds itself doubled herein.

On the shore of the lake grow the blue and white amaranths of a perennial summer, and there is no life save that of butterflies and the most beautiful birds. He who penetrates this land may drink the silence of the lake, and look upon it till the image of infinity fills imperturbably the depths of a mind that has become as calm and smooth as the waters."

The Lake of Enchanted Silence  (1922) 

by Clark Ashton Smith

Picking up on events that happened last session & putting to campaign events into high gear! 

The party found themselves by a wasteland oasis by a mountain fed lake & some ruins that looked very inviting. And the first kill of the night happened when a hopper assassin bug took out one of the party's clerics. He decapitated him in one pass! And that's when the bug infested zombies poured out from underground!  Because I'm using Adventurer,Conqueror, King as the base system  we decided to use Night Owl Workshop's Beasties as the monster book. We had a crowd of eight players & their PC's during last night's game. The other player's cleric's  turning didn't work on the zombies because technically they weren't dead!  It took three charges from a wand of fire balls by one of the party's wizards to finish even a quarter of the zombies as the party made its way into the hive! 

Because we've been on a time line with work we also cut a corner or two by using ACK's Lairs & Encounters book for portions of the bug's hive! The party found themselves within the lair of the bugs & they knew that they were in the thick of it! 
The party became very quiet was slowly picking its way through the hive when they came across plasma bugs along with the brain bug programmers. These were feeding instructions to the bastard things while several Kephri masters. Nearby soldier bugs milled around acting as body guards. Now the party was joined by their wizard who nearly was infected by jumping parasitic bug embryos. The  question of the next move is the players!  

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