Sunday, November 8, 2020

1d6 Random Lovecraftian 'Guardian Devils' Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns


The technique for summoning devils in the wastelands goes back centuries, demons are untrustworthy but devils follow the letter of the laws of Evil, all of Chaos. But  in the wastelands of  accursed Atlantis, ancient treasures and relics still turn up being guarded by their eternal caretakers of the damned. But what of these eternal ancient evils themselves? What kind of being must guard relics and treasures until they run out of time on judgement day. Here then 1d6 unique guardian devils for your PC's to encounter. There is a 10% chance that in the centuries following its imprisonment that these creatures will have developed other ancient powers of black magick and horror to amuse themselves.

1d6 Random Guardian Devils Encounter Table

  1. Duglazgotur- This four armed insect eyed  horror from beyond the Pale, guards the family gold of a former guild member from three thousand years prior to the current era. The thing amuses itself by trying to corrupt the children of the locals into evil with tales of ancient treasures. But the locals know better and have warned their kids. This horror however actually does know several sites of ancient riches and will trade its knowledge for stories and souls for its secrets.
  2. Glimmala - This devil of insect aspect  guards the bones of a former wizard who was its lover, it watches over the treasure of Lovecraftian metal books of forbidden knowledge and spells. It will try to strip the flesh from any fool who wishes to deny it a 'good time' with its victims. The demon will trade one spell or secret for one pound of flesh or year of agony in the afterlife in exchange for its secrets.
  3. Habegr - A  demon of slaughter and horror who takes on the form of a protoplasmic blob with the faces of beautiful maidens that it has eaten over the centuries. It guards a well filled with the ancient steel artifacts of a lost civilization and the wisdom of ages. There are also several ancient priceless relics at the bottom of the well. It amuses itself by holding riddling challenges with locals or anyone that it can snare.
  4. Lairorae - This ancient outcast devil has been imprisoned upon this plane after Hell rejected him and he was bound by the curse of an ancient king to guard a cave full of the jewels created from the tears of a god. With the right curse he shall be cut off from his treasure but finding that might be a tad hard as he has reburied it in the centuries. He kills small animals for amusement and eats locals every five years.
  5. Narotuan - This odd looking demon with the body of a gorilla and the head of a multiple eyed fly guards a magic ring and with the right stories it will lone the ring out to a worthy hero but it will cost them 1d8 years off of their lives.
  6. Orglarmo- This devil is made from the wasted souls of ancient heroes and virgins it is called the Magician because it can peer into men's souls and guards an empty casket of gold. It is ashamed that it lost its 'treasure' centuries ago. Instead it sells is powers for minor relics and treasures which are placed else where, which no man may find. It is fond of eyeballs and pickled eggs for which it will trade knowledge and perhaps some of its powers.

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