Monday, November 9, 2020

The Continuing Outer Realm War Round Two - Godbound/Cha'alt Play Session Seven - Gregory's Hunting, Ammo Supply, Marriages, Car Dealership & Garage

Once again our party of adventurers is stuck out in the middle of the wastelands & things are looking up when they stumbled upon 'Gregory's Car Dealership &  Garage'. This looks like it was a too good to be true 70's car dealership in the middle of no place squared wasteland. Last night's Godbound/Cha'alt/Stars Without Number game too a simple upgrade trip & turned it into a full on mini adventure. This picks up right off where we left the other session. 

Classic muscle cars, vans, motor cycles, etc all lined the lot. Something smelled to the party but they decided to stop besides the wizard was starting to smell a bit. So out on the lot they went & noticed the men in black with auto load shot guns & the occasional black robed wizard. The party was trying to deduce who or what owned the dealership?! 

The party was greeted by a car salesman who was accompanied by a rather thuggish looking bodyguard who was carrying a really nasty looking blunderbuss. The party's leader explained who they were & what they wanted with NPC's Lisa's van including add on weaponry & optional extras. The 'salesman' explained that it could be done but it was going to cost. The cost in this case was a mission to a nearby town to recover a mystical chalice at a local church. The town in question was now a colony town belonging to  the  alien Mega-corporation, Elysium.. The party wasn't expecting this at all?! They expected to pay treasure & get the work done?! But this situation might work in their favor. They packed the van up & off they went to work on the issue to scope out Holdersfield. They still don't know who actually owns Gregory's Hunting, Ammo Supply, Marriages, Car Dealership & Garage. Holdersfield seemed like its own run down little town except that the whole thing was covered in H.G. Giger style bio mechanical works. There were Elysium mecha all over the place. Holdersfield is the site of a Cha'alt parasite god. The town has access to this entity via the rules article for divine intervention in 'The Dragon magazine issue#29 from 1979 by Craig Bakey. 

The party began to scout around the town sniffing out the fact that the whole place was the lair for a group of degenerate Cha'alt Elves with access to Cha'alt occult tech & mecha. These cults are modeled on my campaign's  version of Simon Forester's AX4: Ruined City of Cyfandir. This dungeon plugs nicely into Cha'alt's  Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise 's tattered & corrupt Elven empire. 

The party left at break neck speed after almost coming face to face with a mech & the Elven bounty dogs who were to report to their Lovecraftian master. They don't have the numbers yet to take on one of those things. They did find out that the Elves have a demigod locked up in the local jail & sealed up nice & pretty with Elven runes. They have his sentient mystic axe (guitar) locked up tighter then a drum in the local city hall. The rules for these dangerous objects are from  The Metallic Tome
So the party is now camped in a canyon right outside of town and trying to come up with a plan?! I went old school & used my old Mayfair Demons box set to create the parasite god of the Elves. 

Half of the party decided to look around the canyon & did a bit of exploring. They came across a tower of  skulls created by the Elves from the undead skulls of the former town's folks & residents. The tower wold not answer any questions  the adventurers asked. The wizard cast a silence spell on the tower backed up by one of the godbound characters. 
The party scouted further & came across a few survivors from the town's Elven invasion. The adventurers shared food with the former towns's folk. The party's demigod paladin healed a major portion of the survivors while the cleric & two of the fighters moved out of the home they had come across. They came across a demonic scorpion's nest & quickly retreated back to the home & camp. They've got their work cut out for them. 

A few points about last session: 
  1. The Demigods I keep talking about are not god bound but James Mishler's Demi God race available here adapted to Adventurer,Conqueror,King rpg. 
  2. We're now in the middle of this part of the campaign & I've got to rope in the NPC metal rock band/adventurers. 
  3. There's crossover with Judge's Guilds's The Wilderlands of High Fantasy. 
  4. The players hate guns & fire arms because their so deadly in  The Metallic Tome.
  5. There are Cha'alt Elven heavy metal bands/ adventurers possibly in the employ of the Elysium maga corporation. 
  6. Angels will be playing a huge roll coming up.  

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