Thursday, November 5, 2020

The War of the Worlds Godzilla 1898! - A Troll Lord Games Victorious rpg Campaign Session Report Nine With Imagine magazine #12 ~ TSR (March, 1984)

Now besides an excellent cover by Rodney Mathews, Imagine magazine #12 ~ TSR (March, 1984)  has quite a bit to recommend it. But we're only concerned about one loose end. Taking care of some of the campaign  ends that over the years have come outta of various Sword & Sorcery games isn't easy. This is especially true if your dealing with experienced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons players playing a game of Victorious rpg with the big G man in it. But we've got an easy solution or two, now subscribers to this blog know that we've been running Castles & Crusades rpg as one of our house systems. Now because of the recent Castles & Crusades Codex Egyptium by Brian Young, one of our players is more then a bit familiar with the book.

Now instead of getting frustatrated, pissed off, etc. we turn our attention to an older source. In this case its  Imagine magazine #12 ~ TSR (March, 1984) which has the brief but satisfying adventure called 'The Mound In The Ring' by Graeme Morris . This is a clever little adventure that is easily adaptable to your own home brew campaign. In my case the Egyptian flavors of Castles & Crusades means that this adventure can come center stage. 
In fact that's what the 'Brief Encounters' articles or adventures were meant to do, showcase a brief but extremely useful session encounter that outlines everything that a DM needs to do. From basic adventure plot, random encounter tables, etc. 'The Mound In The Ring' by Graeme Morris  takes the DM through the whole cloth process if the reader looks past the obviousness of simply running the adventure. 
For my purposes this adventure is going to be dragged & dropped into a whole campaign with all of its moving parts & pieces. For me I'm interested in taking several already in play things that are happening from past campaigns & bringing them forward. Yes I'm talking about my Marvel Super Hereoes/Carcosa campaign & my Marvel Conan material here. Sorry but historical accuracy isn't on my agenda. 

Here in this campaign world 'The time between when the oceans drank Atlantis' is a historical fact. The job of sorcerer supreme was recently taken over. The events of   'The Mound In The Ring' by Graeme Morris could easily be moved near the Nubian ruins on the border of Africa or even near present day Alexandria. The undead from 'The Mound In The Ring' by Graeme Morris is going to be an adventure 
encounter coming upare prefect add ins for my on going Victorious rpg  The campaign  application here is rooted in 'The Jewel In Seven Stars' By Bram Stroker.

Margret is actually the possessed by the spirit of Queen Tera whose hired the adventurers after some of the on going events in New York City from last game session.  DM Steve has been on hiatus with on going health issues. We've been left with our neck up in it with Martian war machines running around & now the appearance of various Kaiju. Things are getting very heated in the game sessions moving forward. 

Now with Godzilla on the move in the game things are about to get very interesting indeed. With the recent 'Road to Adventure' Kickstarter on going there's pressure for me to bring in some of those books into this adventure campaign. 
We've already got a paladin based on this piece of artwork from the kickstarter. 

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