Friday, November 6, 2020

'Its In The DNA' Secrets of the Mutants - Using Cepheus Atom By Omer Golan-Joel From Stellagama Publishing & The Mutant Epoch Rpg In An Epic Interstellar Campaign

 "The bombs fell. Nations wielded varied and monstrous weapons against one another. Fires, clouds of poison, and worse have swept the world. Now only the savage Wastes remain: haunted by mutants, deranged robots, and genegineered monstrosities. But from the fire, heroes and villains rise: tribals, survivors, mutants, all the warped remnants of Humanity. Armed with primitive weapons, pre-Collapse artifacts, and afflicted by strange mutations, they set forth to conquer the wastes, or at least to survive them. By spear and laser, they shall prevail – or die a horrible death."

So lets do a thought excercise tonight with 
Cepheus Atom By Omer Golan-Joel William McAusland's Mutant Epoch rpg..  This isn't the first time that I've used the Mutant Epoch rpg as a source book for a post apocalyptic game but this is specific post apocalpytic game campaign setting. This whole thing began with Mr.McAusland posted the following artwork on social media;"

"System Gunboat

So this was painted with acrylics, although I changed the exhaust output in photoshop.

How is this mutant Epoch related?
Well, if you played through ‘Beyond Red Crater’ you’ll know why. There are inhabited orbital, off world and moon colonies in operation in the year 2364 AD and so ‘spacer’ involvement in the lives of your muties on earth is possible."

So what happens if the spacers in question are actually on an exoplanet Earth style world but are not aware of the fall of mankind ala some of the scenarios that we've seen in various classic Traveller rpg modules?! That's where 
Cepheus Atom By Omer Golan-Joel  comes in.

The PC's are actually young cadets from the moon who awaken from a cash in 'The Ascent' from Mutant Epoch's rpg pay what you want 'one day digs' adventures. 
The cadets are on this exo planet that may or may not be Earth. This adventure situation is something that we've seen in a couple of Star Trek Next Generation episodes. 

If the cadets decide to stay in the wasteland to access the situation in the wasteland then pick up the action with Lilac Towers


This adventure location could reveal that this exoplanet might actually be a replica of Earth build for some alien purpose by the mighty Reticulan Empire from TSAOThese Stars Are Ours! by Omer Golan-JoelRichard HazlewoodJosh Peters. But now with the empire fallen & the mutants just starting to recover from the Fall of the Empire there is lots of opportunities for the humans to exploit this Earth. The Star Law might have plenty to say when the events of Mutant Epoch's Beyond The Red Crater are revealed.. 

The events that created this might have been lost in the Fall & the humans of the former Rictulan Empire are in the dark as much as the mutants & humies of the wastelands. Cepheus Atom By Omer Golan-Joel  has almost everything eluded to in the Mutant Epoch rpg. But its really These Stars Are Ours  setting that has the deep campaign setting material. 'The Secrets of the Liberty' might be something that the mutants stumble upon within the wastes. This means that mutant PC's might be valuable resources for the humans of Terran Borderlands. 

Mutants might be an exploitable trade commodity within themselves, their genetic data & their abilities are perfect templates for all kinds of products, military applications, & much more. 
Remember your only limited by the universe that you choose to exploit as the dungeon master with the Cepheus Engine rpg . This exoplanet may have a very different destiny in the interstellar scene.. There are literally thousands of worlds that may have been affected by the Fall of the Reticulan masters.

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