Friday, November 6, 2020

The Continuing Outer Realm War Round Two - Godbound/Cha'alt Play Session Six - Narcosa,The Fungal, & the Cartels!

After camping, refreshing their spells, & re equipping themselves our 'heroes' set off insearch of large prey to gather up some new 'treasure' after losing their literal shirts in last game session. The party had been crammed into NPC Lisa's van & used it camp out under the wasteland sky. Everything went off without a hitch for sleeping. Morning brought encounter with a giant Cha'alt alien scorpion but the party rode off in search of easy pickings. They didn't find it.

So last night's Godbound/Cha'alt/Stars Without Number Session  things went from weird to worse for the players. They spotted a group of non discript black military unmarked trucks traveling through the Nevada/California/Arizonia  wastelands. And they discided to mess with this convoy! They straight up attacked it & bare in mind that this was after the last session with the angel hit! There was nothing written up for this convoy or caravan at all?! So I needed something fast?! There's been rumors flying around the campaign of an on going war between the  alien Mega-corporation, Elysium, & the cartel lords of Narcosa! The players saw my copy of Narcosa laying out & assumed that this is who these NPC's were & so that fast they came into reality using the 
 Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise  coupled with Adventurer,Conqueror, King rpg. 

And that's when the ray guns came out of the trucks.But it was the regular guns that took out the wizard!  The player's wizard leaned out of the van & let loose with a fire ball! Things got really ugly from there as the cartel enforcers killed the wizard with an expensive spray of machine gun fire! But he wasn't completely dead just mostly as Lisa the metal head NPC lead singer of 'the Craigs' brought him back with the four level spell 'Kill or Become'. This spell calls the soul back for a bit of unfished business for 1 month from the pits of Hell  & they become a revenant ala the Fiend Folio. The souls they kill become food & fuel for the god or goddess of the cleric casting the spell. If the revenant doesn't commit violence or kill at the start of the spells effects then their soul goes straight into the lowest levels of the Pit. The cleric class is  
straight out of  The Metallic Tome. 

The party just managed to get away before they had Narcosa demons on their tails in hot pursuit! Now the adventurers wanted one of those trucks badly. This time they managed with a roll of twenty to take down on of the drivers & caused it to roll over! They were sorta of sorry they did the trucked rolled out dropping its cargo of Narcosa Violet Fungus! The fungus was pissed about having been rolled out! The fungus acts like normal Violet Fungus but causes hallucinations that will cause the victime to fade over to the Narcosa plane. There to be devoured by the Fungus Mother for eternity all the while hallucinating about the most pleasurable moments of their existence. Only to be thrown into the pure agony of their undeadlike state as they decay in divine torpor. 

 That's when the demons closed in! These damned  things are nasty serving the cartels as extended operations over their turfs. The party's wizard destroyed the remaining fungus with two more fireballs exhausting him by using the word of fire from Godbound. The party managed to take out two other demons with improvized tactics. 
And that's when they heard mecha coming their way 
 the  alien Mega-corporation, Elysium's mechs wanted a piece of those demons. The party of adventurers found itself between two different factions & decided to retreat! 
They grabbed boxes, ammo, supplies, etc. anything they could get their hands on! Now with explosions in their review mirror they peeled rubber!

The party wants to get this van customized with weapons, armor, & their on their way to meet the NPC's band  before tackling 
 Simon Forester's AX4: Ruined City of Cyfandir The party is stuck out in the middule of nowhere near the California,Nevada, Utah, & Arizona deserts odd Cha'alt ruins, dungeons, & cityscapes have appeared. One of these has been my campaign's  version of Simon Forester's AX4: Ruined City of Cyfandir. This dungeon plugs nicely into Cha'alt's  Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise 's tattered & corrupt Elven empire. 

  1. The party is now on the hit list of several factions. They need to resupply for they don't have enough sundries to survive in the wastelands. 
  2. They have Hell to deal with because of their dealings last sessions. 
  3. Cha'alt continues to degenerate around them as the planes seemlingly are merging. 
  4. There are two major original Dungeons & Dragons artifacts in play. And should they cause more destruction its gonna be on the party's heads. 
  5. Even though I went all in on the Castles & Crusades  kickstarter I'm keeping these campaign separate. The backbone system is still highly modified  ACK's ! 
  6. Did I forget to mention the dragon king would like a word with the party!? 

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