Monday, October 19, 2020

1d10 Random Encounters With A Revanent or Zombie Horde Table For Your Old School Campaigns

 Its that time of year when the leaves have fallen & death comes swiftly on the suffling feet of undeath. Adventurers seldom expect them but the un dead travel swiftly. They come for the living to feed & feed well indeed. 
“From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent.”
― H.P. Lovecraft, Tales of H.P. Lovecraft

These things lurk around the crypts & forgotten places waiting for their chance to strike down the living. Seldom is the hand that finds or keeps treasure from the undead things at the edges. 

The revanent or  zombie  hordes lay like thick locusts waiting to strike down the living. Powerful magicks & horrid practices of cults often leave energies waffling through cracks in reality. These energies often animate the dead into the mockery of life known as undeath. 
The most frightening & dangerous are those damned souls who forget that they were dead. They have the semblence of life but it seldom lasts for their baser instincts of unnatural hunger & violence take over. 

No adventurer who encounters one of these horrors should take it lightly for the energies that animate these corpses are unnatural & dangerous in the extreme. 

1d10 Random Encounters With A Revanent or  Zombie Horde Table

  1.  1d20 former adventurers who have been drawn together with negative planar energies just enough of their minds remain for these things to carry swords, clubs, and swing them in memory of their former lives. AC9 Hit Points 2 
  2. 1d10 revanents who pass themselves off as monks but their stench of decay lingers on their cloths. They move three times faster then a normal zombie & their free willed. The horde mentality draws them together. AC7 Hit Points 3 
  3. 2 fast zombies that have a hive mind between them AC6 Hit points 2. One will strike while the other sits back an takes a secondary bite attack 
  4. A former cleric whose body houses 1d6 smaller dwarf zombies. This thing commands them but with 2 hit points it seems hopeless. 
  5. A massive body builder that houses two dwarf revenants that can move up walls & strange surfaces. These things sport AC8 Hit Point 1 
  6. 1d50 for this incredbly large horde of zomnies who want to actually take the head off any one they encounter AC7 Hit Points 3 
  7. 1d8 former victims of a vampire these things are hungering for the blood of the living. AC6 Hit Points 5. They have recently fed on several near by adventurers. 
  8. 1d6 fast moving zombies that are actually former adventurers who went to a local dungeon. The things are now on the hunt for anyone they come across AC4 Hit points 6 
  9. A small horde of 1d20 zombies that made their way into a movie that the director is making. These zombies are sharp & intellgent AC7 Hit points 3. 
  10. A group of 1d20 former cultists who have been turned into a horde of undead. AC8 Hit points 2 their incredibly juicy. 

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