Sunday, October 25, 2020

Giant Mutant Lemurian Ripper For Your Old School Campaigns - Revamp


The swamps and waterways along the coast of  the former country of Lemuria hide some of the most dangerous of monsters. Lemuria is a now cracked,broken seething serpent men haunted shell of itself. Dark occult forces haunt the waterways and moss haunted forests. But adventurers and outlaws of all stripes come here for it  houses some of the richest relic and treasure peppered ruins that are to be found across the planes. But's also the home of the Giant Mutant Lemurian Ripper, a reptilian horror that once served as the Lumerian military machine's mascot. Now this horror has answered the warped call of the serpent men priests who have arisen from the depths of the Earth. They have come to serve as the reptilian watch dogs to their ancient and twisted serpent god priests.

Giant Mutant Lemurian Ripper
Frequency: Uncommon 
Number Appearing : 1-4 
Armor Class: 4 
Move: 15"
Hit Dice: 10
% In Lair: 3%
Treasure Type: D
No of Attacks 3 
Damage /Attack : 1-6,1-6,4-16
Special Attacks: Mutation 
Special Defense: Nil 
Magic Resistance: Standard 
Intelligence: Low 
Alignment: Neutral (Evil tendencies)
Size: M (14''long)  
Psionic Ability: Nil 
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

Giant Mutant Lemurian Ripper are greedy dangerous and incredibly cunning hunters of the Lumerian woodlands and swamps. These apex predators are capable of bringing down prey animals three times their size and move with incredible cunning. Because of the magickal run off and dimensional sludge run off  these horror often sport 1d6 minor mutations that only add to their fierce reputations. 
The ancient Lumerians through genetic manipulation and selective breeding of the species increased the mental capacity of these monsters and the serpent men have continued this program. These reptilian horrors are capable of coordinating actions, using pack tactics, and out maneuvering even seasoned warriors.
The monsters have been known to take a victim lop off a limb, take the victim to an isolated location, and lure other party members into ambushes. Giant Mutant Lemurian Ripper love human and near human man flesh above all else. They maim and murder prey as it suits them often taking trophies to be found near nest enclaves to lure prey into close quarters where the packs can easily take down victims to be dragged back to the nests. 
The bite of these predators can piece soft metals quite easily and they relish the taste of blood and gore across their gums. They can quickly rake prey for 1-6 points of damage with powerful bone like claws and their speed enables them to hit twice in a round followed up by a powerful bite for 4-16 points of damage. Their jaws sport powerful bites from animals bred over thousands of  patient and careful applications of alien Lemurian super science.

The Giant Lumerian Ripper is equally at home in the fetid waters of the swamps as the land but prefer hunting across the landscape of their jungle homelands. They have been spotted anyplace that the strange and deeply disturbing operations of the Lumurian serpent men have been encountered. These horrors are also known to guard the ancient ruins and assets of the alien Lumurians that the serpent men have reclaimed in the name of their goddess.

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