Thursday, October 1, 2020

Cha'alt & Breaking The House Campaign Session Prep - PC Death Breeds Opportunity ! Now With More Fiend Folio!


'So now you've made a fine mess of it!' this was the conversation at six A.M. from DM Steve. But DM Steve was in 'idiot mode' so we'll let him go for the moment. Let's fade back several months to when the  Godbound/Cha'alt campaign set in Las Vegas was in full force before Corvid 19 hit & hit hard. Back then I was quietly using several original Dungeons & Dragons third party books this included Dragon Tree Press's 'Amazon Mutual Wants You'. So why is this important?! Because this '82 book's premise was simple & very effective its adventure hook;"Amazon Mutual Wants You!: Volume One consists of four adventures in which the player characters are hired by Amazon Mutual Life Insurance to recover bodies of policyholders'. Is it a good book? Its up to many of the books by Dragon Tree press during the Summer of '82. 

Here's the problem? Rick's Godbound paladin had a contract with Amazon Mutual's god division. Or in his case the demi god division. His soul is now part of Hel's underworld or more specifically The Wilderlands of High Fantasy version of Hel.So now his contract is pending & I'm gonna tap Terrence to grab his soul from the Underworld. But how did we get here? Well Rick's PC was made using James Mishler's Demigod PC rules & then ported over to the Godbound rpg. Was he unbeatable or unkillable? Hel no! 

Now was I a complete bastard for killing off his PC?! Well in a way no! The roll of the dice determined the outcome! Is the player complaining? Nope this was in the cards when we started this campaign. But the PC's death breeds adventure opportunity. In this case his patron goddess wants his soul back & Terrence is the hired gun to get it back! 
But now its time to bring up the big bad Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fiend Folio.  Rick's paladin PC soul is in the delicate han erm claws of  Hel's mezzodemons.

And what's this got to do with Cha'alt?! Well there's a gang of half demons who happen to be a hit squad  working for the Elsyium corporation who want not nothing more then to murder any godbound they come across. There are number of mezzodemons among their ranks. 

The Chaos hit squad of NPC's is taking shape as we speak. This Halloween prepare to get your demon on! The Nalfeshnee-Kin Racial Class for Labyrinth Lord is perfect for the sort of bastards who will be on Terrence's trail coming. I've talked with Terrence's player already & he'll be on the trail soon! 

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