Friday, October 2, 2020

Tegel Manor Crashes Into Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis Session Report Two - Fang & Super Science

  "Above its domes the gulfs accumulate.

Far up, the sea-gales blare their bitter screed:
But here the buried waters take no heed—
Deaf, and with welded lips pressed down by weight
Of the upper ocean. Dim, interminate,
In cities over-webbed with somber weed,
Where galleons crumble and the krakens breed,
The slow tide coils through sunken court and gate.

From out the ocean's phosphor-starry dome,
A ghostly light is dubitably shed
On altars of a goddess garlanded
With blossoms of some weird and hueless vine;
And, wingéd, fleet, through skies beneath the foam,
Like silent birds the sea-things dart and shine."

Atlantis  (1912) 
by Clark Ashton Smith

There is a ton of stuff going in last night's Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis  but check out August 30'th session report why?! Because the player's PC's have run into some cultists whilst searching for a cure for one of their own. There's a lot happening so let's dive right into it.  Tegel manor itself is caught between two campaigns right now stretched beyond its limits. 

The party is trying to find a cure for Sir John' vampiric kiss & John has started to dream about his 'lover'. He longs for her but the party's thief has staked him out in the desert & put him under the noon day sun! The other player has been quickly making rolls & making a new PC. The party meanwhile has been going through several back water villages & visiting priests. They had a very nasty parley with general of the forces of chaos. Although they did get to speak with several lesser Brain lasher leaders the general' wasn't around. 

Now the party  started to head back to camp but were attacked by an elite group of human cultists. These cultists were sporting Khepri artifacts & were backed up with some very dangerous giant ants! Shades of Them! Things got weirder 

The party of adventurers were not happy one little bit but they were rescuced by pig faced orcs! The orcs sported long guns & several volleys later on there were some dead cultists. The Orcs sporting black powder weapons wasn't a surprise to the party because they came via front & center from Guns of War

The orc chief explained that this alliance was in its words 'temporary' & they could offer a temporary cure for Sir John via the infinite mercy of their mistress. A strange potion of green & jade coloured liquid flowed in a vial could restore Sir John to almost full strength but there would be strings attached. Any interfernce with the liquid via sorcery or magick would nullify its effects. The chief laughed like a squeeling pig knowing he had the party over a barrel. 'Do you accept the deal or not?!' My mistress has little patience pittiful humans?' Squeelll 

The chief of the orcs was Otherworld Miniatures 
HT3n - Pig-faced Orc Sub-chief

The orc warriors looked very nervously around the wastelands & there seemed to be 'calm before the storm' moment. The orcs made piggy squeeling noises that passed for nervous laughter & they withdrew very quickly. Their guns were ready! The party noticed the enchanted shot being pasted out! And that's when the ground erupted! A tanker bug exploded into view from below the ground! And it was barbacued pork time! 

The party ran and didn't look back! They didn't even look back! Just in case your wondering the forces of chaos are in a protracted war with the bugs & I'm going to be pulling from Night Owl Workhop's Colonial Troopers. The Terrans are in an all out protracted war with 'the bugs' as well! 

The party got back to Sir John & gave him the potion. He quickly recovered & all his hit points were restored! He was back into action within a few hours. But there were a lot of questions about whose pulling the strings of the party. There were jokes about Venger from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon?Umm Hell no folks! 
There's a ton of connections via the Terrans from The Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu setting sourcebook.

The party was followed but their not sure whose following them in the wastelands at present. They have to get re equipped now & get back to Tegel Manor. But the player's general sense is they want to get Sir John straightened around. There was also some sense about whose pulling their strings so for now its time to find a major city which means the port of Atlantandria. 
In the villages they heard rumors about the ancient rulers of the wastelands who might know of a cure. But a very small hireling called 'Herdus' who seemed to be a human/grey hybrid warned them not to seek these ancient kings for they are pure evil. The party hired  'Herdus' for twelve coppers  a day plus meals & medical attention.  Hedrus knows of a powerful healer of his people who might be able to help Sir John.. But that's a game for another time.. 

Alright what's happening is that the player's PC's have met some of the forces & factions of  Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis. The big bads behind the bugs & their rulers are the Khepri from the Ack's Lairs & Encounters books. But their not the only ones! 

Khepri hold the desert & good chunk of the wastelands but their grip isn't as tight as it seems. Why are the Terrans so scarred of what lies out in the desert & whom do the Elves have alliances with? 
There's far more going on bubbling beneath the surface of 
 Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis. 

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