Saturday, October 24, 2020

Review & Commentary On The Free OSR module - 'HM6: The Equinox Demon' By Todd Hughes For Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition


"On the Equinox, a sacrifice of grain is offered to the Nature Goddess. However last year, during the ceremony, a horrid demon arose, demanding tribute. It did not want grain, but gold and gems! The friar made a stand, but it was not enough and now the hamlet is terrified! Will a band of heroes have the guts to face the Equinox Demon? An adventure for 4-6 characters, level 1-3"

You know over the years of doing this blog time after time we see tons of high end & high level OSR adventures. But a basic lower tier adventure for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons?! That's a horse of a different colour & that's exactly the what 'HM6: The Equinox Demon' brings to the table top level. 'HM6: The Equinox Demon' has a solid core of old school Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure that makes an excellent beginning adventure with its quick pick up hook;

"The Hamlet of Stallington is not preparing for the customary spring celebration even though it is nearing the spring equinox. Typically, a sacrifice of grain is made to the nature goddess, on the equinox, at the mouth of a cave in a forest glade. However, last year when the elders gathered to make the sacrifice, a great fog arose, and a horrid demon emerged from the cave entrance. The demon had many smaller servants with it, and they surrounded the elders. The demon spoke in a frightening voice that seemed to rise from the bowels of the earth itself. It demanded tribute or it would destroy the hamlet and slay the residents. The demon did not want grain however, it wanted gold, silver, and gems. The local priest Friar Dane went, along with his acolyte Tames, to confront the demon. The Friar’s body was discovered outside of town the next day and Tames was never seen again. The elders gathered the villagers together and it was agreed that the tribute must be paid. In so doing the village drained most of its coffers and the people were left with very little to pay for this season’s supplies. As a result, the people are hungry and have very little food and much of the livestock died over the winter from lack of feed." 
Everything within 'HM6: The Equinox Demon' is pure Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition goodness from its intinial encounters to the wandering monster tables. 'HM6: The Equinox Demon' brings quite a few good things to the table. 

So how does 'HM6: The Equinox Demon' do this?! By leaning heavily into both the twin old school monster pools of both the Monster Manul & Fiend Folio. This isn't a mistake & takes 'HM6: The Equinox Demon' & grounds it squarely in both the old school & reminds the OSR of its roots. 

'HM6: The Equinox Demon' only clocks in at thirteen pages but what it does with that thirteen pages is lay down a tight & well written module. Highly recommended as a quick campaign starter & a solidly done little module. 

Can it be adapted into the OSR?! Yes and this is a great module to begin a Castles & Crusades campaign. Everything is here to roar into the fight & get the players started into a campaign. 

'HM6: The Equinox Demon'  makes an excellent introduction into a campaign by giving the player's lattiude & actual chance to get into the middle of an important series of events that could affect a ton of folks. 

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