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1d10 Random Ancient Lovecraftian Undead Encounter Tables For Your Old School Campaigns

 There are many ancient and highly dangerous monstrous undead horrors lurking in the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis. Adventurers are likely to encounter these dangerous horrors in the midst of searching for tombs and looking for the relics and rewards of  crypts that guard the remains of ancient royalty. Often these horrors are far more intelligent then the usual ancient scrolls and text would suggest. Some of these free will and intelligent horrors can use ancient Atlantian technologies and relic technologies to cause murderous havoc to  those that they meet.  Below is a list of 1d10 undead horrors simply waiting to encounter your adventurers. 

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1d10 Random Ancient Undead Encounter Tables
  1. Ancient skeleton warrior armed with decaying armor from Atlantis, and a +1 sword, he guards his long dead master's grave from outlaws and adventurers. He has small laser gun that does 3d6 points of damage and a range of thirty yards. 
  2. A pack of 1d8 undead horrors and ghouls rise up from the wasteland soil and come to find on the living. They are armed with short swords, and one has a laser sword. These horrors fight at 2nd level fighters and they are dangerously cunning as well. 
  3. A band of 1d4 powerful vampiric warriors move across the night and move about freely during the day wrapped in robes and sun blocking tribal masks. They are 3rd level wizards as well twisted by the energies released during the 'Destruction'. They guard their ancient catacomb vaults from all comers and hunt among the wasteland. 
  4. A twisted ancient  lich prowls among the ruins and wastelands seeking the souls of the living to feast on. He is armed with a variety of ancient high tech relics. A 5th level wizard of demonic aspect. 
  5. This ancient free willed zombie warlord controls 1d10 skeletons armed with short swords and wooden shields. These horrors are relentless but this ancient horror watches over the tomb of his deceased queen. But he is cursed to watch for eternity after doing nothing as plagues ate his people. He is armed with a laser sword and portable force shield. 
  6. An ancient wasteland spirit that watches over his family's hoard of rare artifacts. This horror devours the life forces of those he encounters and guards 1d6 ancient life force gems worth 400 gold coins each. Once per day this wasteland spirit may place a wasting curse upon a victim. 
  7. 1d4 ancient 4th level ghoul warriors armed with laser crossbows and short swords, these horrors ride small hover bikes and are guarding a massive nearby cemetery feeding ground. 
  8. 1d8 Juju zombie warriors who roam the wastelands looking for their ancient ancestral enemies and foes. The problem is they can not tell anymore who those foes were. There is a 20% chance of them trying to attack any adventurers that they run across. They have a small cache of 3000 gold pieces and a minor ancient relic. 
  9. An ancient Atlantian undead  prince and his routine of 1d8 wight warriors in ancient armor, they are seeking the reincarnation of their forgotten princess. There is a 20% chance of trying to track and kill the PC's for information and a possible connection. They will rob the party of any high tech relics they come across. 
  10. An ancient undead lich upon his nightmare along with 1d4 skeleton knights with him. He is on this plane looking for a pure soul to drag with him back to the cold and dark dangerous Hell he comes from. He has seventy two hours before the eternal winds of fate blow him back to his pocket hell of undeath and horror. He is armed with a laser sword, pistol, and silver shod +2 short sword. He is dressed in light chain armor and seems unconcerned about you. 

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