Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hartford Beta Max Black Edition Stars Without Numbers Actual Play Mission - Last Flight Of The Flight 428 The USS Hera

Last night's Stars Without Numbers game had the crew of the USS Leonardo a DY 1000 class deep space salvage probe ship finding the frozen remains of Flight 447 The USS Hera an Orion class space plane  passenger  deep space flight ship from  the Delta Space line. Besides being a highly valuable collectible space craft, the ship was in deep decaying orbit around a gas giant. The ship originally was scheduled for a run between Earth and the planet Orion territories . But it has since disappeared from commercial records.  

 The Delta flight's atomic ion drive impulse engines were shot and the Spike drive seemed to be offline. The crew of the Leonardo were highly skilled experienced space salvage adventurers with thousands of hours of deep space time and approached with extreme caution.
They accessed the ship's computer manifest and crew compliment whist dropping a claim beacon.  The ship was from early in this universe's Romulan War era. The sleep pods were still intact and valuable high yield cargo might still be aboard the Hera. The PC's had done very well in the past with several antique Yo Yo Dyne  propulsion units from that era with collectors in the past. 

The medical officers watched for any unusual readings or any anomalies from the sleep pods, whilst the rest of the crew busied themselves with probes, drones, and moorings on the ship. They encountered a leak in one of the main reactors but the ship's Weyland energy cells were intact and powering most of the passenger sleep pods aboard. The process to secure the ship was a bit nerve wracking and there were lots of dice rolls. There was lots of carbon scoring on the sides of the ship and a good bit from the cargo manifest missing as well. Operations were halted when a cargo box was found on the side of the ship! 

 A Romulan A. I. mine from the war was found on the Delta Flight and now the salvage expert  of the crew had to go and manually attach mini sensor pods because the mine had a special field that interfered with any hacking attempts through radio or transmission.The mine had not awoken but has a full compliment of sensors. Salvage operations have only just begun.

Deep Stars Without Number
Campaign Background

This adventure is the set up for this Winter's SWN campaign and relates to last year's 1972 Silent Running Mash up series of adventures. Background can be found right over HERE

 Flight 428 is a loose salvage mission from last year's game and one that needs to be put to bed in this campaign. The crew of the Leonardo have their work cut out for them and they've already got a prize in the form of the Orion space plane but this is the same ship that they let slip through their other PC's hands. There's more coming up next week. Stay tuned. 
Here are a few of the random finds from last night's game.

1d10 Random Finds Table
Inspired by 2001 A Space Odysessy 

  1. Moon globe from Clavius Moon resort worth about 40 credits to the right collector 
  2. Landing pad from an Aries space craft worth 100 credits to a dealer 
  3. Memory core from a Hal 3000 A.I. brain wiped worth 200 credits for the storage capacity. 
  4. News Pad unit worth 30 credits with news from ten years ago. Battery unit shot and data capacity maxed out. 
  5. Moon bus passenger shuttle battle damaged from disrupter fire and missing pilot unit. 200 credits to a collector or restorer.
  6. Emergency space pod smaller unit never deployed or used. Yellow in colour and worth 400 credits to the right collector. Batteries drained and needs a new hydraulic arm system. 
  7. One gross of Clavius Base tee shirts brand new and still in box. 50 credits to the right collector  1994 issue.
  8. Orange space suit completely burnt, 1994 era worth 100 credits to a collector. 
  9. Carbonated corpse human in space suit, several entry wounds across the body consistent with disrupter fire. 
  10. Small black brick style paper wait worth five credits. 

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