Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland 1970's Science Fiction Television Inspired Artifact Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Deep within the wastes one never knows what sorts of treasures one my run across, here's another random list of classic television inspired treasures and artifacts that your mutant adventurers might find in the deeper parts of the wastelands. 
1d10 Random Deep Wasteland 1970's
Science Fiction Television Inspired  Artifact Table 
  1. Wreckage of a Roamer science exploration vehicle solar powered, the drive train needs extensive work and a new electrical system. 
  2. One 1970's Ford camper with a full array of rocking Seventies cloths and a hidden storage compartment full of automatic weapons. There are several human skeletons scattered throughout. 
  3. One jet pack fully charged but without the control helmet, this is a science model without the extended array for flights more then one hundred kilometers. 
  4. A Star Command communicator and stun pistol both in need of extensive repairs 
  5. Star Command Shuttle with two skeletons aboard in weird uniforms, there is a severe radiation leak from the core. Roll save vs death or be over come by the gamma radiation hazard. 
  6. Laser pistol with a very worn trigger assembly, +1 weapon on all damage. The weapon is very effective against robotic and cybernetic entities. Comes with a synthetic heavy holster. 
  7. Mechanical  web caster with a full cartridge of web fluid, able to spin webs up to forty meters away. Effects same as a web spell. 
  8. A Cylon Centurion head, this malevolent cybernetic entity harbors a very dangerous and crafty intelligence that will try to possess any computer network or cybernetic equipment it is attached to. 
  9.  A green glowing chunk of crystalline meteorite from distant and long forgotten planet. Able to power an artifact or device that uses an atomic cell. Mildly radioactive. 
  10. A strangely wrought  heavily armored motorcycle with a heavy motor which runs on an atomic cell. There is a heavily armored rider's skeletal remains nearby with a broken neck. There is also a  +1 sword nearby and a finely wrought shield with a missing emblem. 


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