Monday, September 8, 2014

Details On Martin Hirchak's Batman Seventy Five Years Fanzine On Sale Now!

Martin Hirchak has been a friend of mine for some time and his fanzines are top drawer. His latest creation is an all Batman related zine that will celebrate all aspects of Batman's long and storied history along with some incredible artwork.
 Martin has been active in comic book fandom for many years.
I'm familiar with the quality,professionalism, passion and research that Martin puts into his products. His work on the various Fantasy Fanzines projects over the years have inspired and kept me coming back for more again and again. So this 'Batman Seventy Five Year ' fanzine is going to be a no brainer for me.

This limited print run, over arching history Batman extravaganza is going to feature some of the top talent in comic  books today including : 
Arvell Jones , Jim Johnson , Arlen Schumer, and many more.  Here are some of the details for ordering : 36 color and B /W pages of art and articles all celebrating BATMAN ! Some huge fans and pros , too , have contributed....Arvell Jones , Jim Johnson , Arlen Schumer and many more ! $12 postpaid in the USA ....Send check or Money order to : Martin Hirchak , po box 44678 , Detroit, Mi. 48244. This 'zine will have a very limited print run with NO 2nd printing planned ! Order soon !

He also maintains a great  
Fanzine Fantasy / Marty Hirchak Facebook group as well. A very nice little community of fans and professionals alike who discuss the ins and outs of fanzines, their history, and much more.
You can find that right over HERE

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