Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review & Commentary On Cat Calls For The Swords Of Kos Setting and Your Old School School Campaigns

Grab It Right 

Cat Calls from Skirmisher Publishing is a nice OSR style adventure taking place deep within the heart of the Swords of Kos Setting. The adventure takes the PC's deep into the heart of what the swords & sorcery setting while leaving plenty of room to survive the adventure. The Skirmisher development team pull out the ideas here to flesh this short and sweet adventure to wet the appetites of the players. This adventure only clocks in at twenty four pages, this adventure is almost a mini overview of everything that makes the Kos setting interesting and in some respects unique.
The Drive thru rpg blurb goes into more details :

It’s evening at the Jolly Hippocampus tavern. Locals who frequent the place work
on the nearby docks and the establishment is well known among them for its
low-key and quiet nature and is perfect for the down-on-his-luck adventurer. But
something is skulking in the gathering darkness and the tavern has a secret that
is about to shatter its unassuming image and take away the tranquility it has
thus far enjoyed.
"Cat Calls" is an OGL adventure designed for four to six 3rd-level characters. It is an official
Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting adventure and can be used with it or any other traditional fantasy milieu. This scenario includes six pre-generated characters that gamers can use if desired, and three separate 11x17 maps with 1-inch squares that can be used in conjunction with miniatures.

Using Cat Calls For 

Your Old School Campaigns 

Part of the appeal for me as a DM with Swords of Kos is the unique Minoan basis for this campaign  and how its been integrated into the background of whole Kos product line. Skirmisher knows how to weave the elements in and out of this fantasy setting which can be used with a large variety of retroclone and old school systems but can be tapped for both Fifth edition AD&D and Pathfinder.
But that's fine but this is a great stepping stone into the world of Kos with very little prep and this will provide an evening's entertainment.
 This is a very nice overview and adventure to introduce the Kos setting as part of a viable world and campaign location. The maps are well done and suited for a variety of minis and make very easy references thorough out the adventure.
All in all this adventure is perfect for an Osric or Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea campaign introduction adventure for using the locations of Kos as a part of an on going campaign. This adventure puts the focus upon the PC's while allowing room for them to shine against the background of the world of Kos. All in all not a bad introduction with room for customization of the adventure into the fabric of your own campaign world all for the ticket price of three dollars. 

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