Wednesday, September 3, 2014

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Finds Table Inspired By Cult Classic Science Fiction Films

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Finds Table
Inspired By Cult Classic Films 
  1. One stealth glider rough shape, wings and tail fins messed up. 
  2. United States police force wrist band, eagle head insignia actually a long range homing beacon. 
  3. Pink Girl's hover board made by the Kenner toy company @2015 small chemical cell needs to be replaced.  
  4. Ark II science vehicle with the skeletons of three crew members and the skeleton of a gene modified monkey. The solar batteries need to be replaced and the computer core is off line. 
  5. Nuclear Rocket ship pilot module completely water damaged and missing some equipment. The stasis pods contains the skeletons of three pure strain humans. 
  6. Half assembled laser sword missing the focusing crystals, the power source is intact through.
  7.   Forty five caliber pistol missing the magazine otherwise in usable condition 
  8. One tie fighter interceptor wrecked, the solar panels and ion gathers are intact. One laser cannon is salvageable. 
  9. One pure strain skeleton in full classic Roller ball armor with the number 4 emblazoned on the chest. 
  10. A strange motor cycle decked out to look like a fantasy medieval knight's steed. Near by a pure strain human in faux classic knight's armor can be found with a sword slash wound in his side. 

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