Monday, September 29, 2014

1d10 Random Spectral Events Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Because of the deaths of so many millions of souls during the apocalyptic events of the end, holes and cross dimensional anomalies occur on a regular basis. Some of these doorways are mere pin pricks in fabric of reality but others are horrific encounters with an overburdened Afterlife that yawns to release its charges back into the wastes and drag the living back into a hungry abyss beyond time and space where the dead and worse await. 

1d10 Random Spectral Events Table 

  1. The sky turns a lime green colour and the wind seems to howl with the sound of a million dead crying out at once for the blood of the living. All creatures under two hit dice must make a save vs spell or be at -4 from the deafening sound that echoes across reality and rattles through the psychic plane as well. Telepathic mutations will suffer its effects for addition 1d8 rounds. 
  2. Weird whisps and almost shapes of humanoid ghostly things seem to ebb from the ground and soil. There will be 1d10 partial undead things churning from the ground as they reach for an uncaring stark sky. These things will reach for any living present and they will be hungry for the living's life force. There is a 30% per round of a complete minor undead awakening. This event will last for 1d6 hours. 
  3. The PC's will be assaulted by visions of the Afterworld and may see former comrades, family, or others in the flames of the holocaust that was. These visions will seem almost too real and the heat, horror, and worse will rattle them. There is a 10% chance of some damned soul attaching themselves to a PC and causing bad luck for -1 on all dice rolls until the character makes amends for the unfortunate soul. 
  4. The sky turns blood red and yellow as the doorway between worlds cracks open for an instant and the PC's suddenly come face to face with a group of 1d4 damned souls. Lemures and some random minor hell spawned ghosts are vomited into the wastes. The PC's must dispatch them back to their eternal reward. They will wither and return to the Afterlife in the light of the sun. 
  5. 1d8 zombies stumble from some ancient ruin and wreckage as the forces of the Afterlife twist and turn in the winds of the wastes. They will be hungry and seek the meat of the living. 
  6. The PC's will be nearly hit by 1d8 pieces of random wreckage and debris that has been tossed back into the world of the living after being swept into the lands of the dead. There is a 5% chance of some minor item or artifact being within the cold hell fire burnt remains. Anyone coming into contact with these metal wrecks will be burnt for 1d4 points of damage from the cold weird flames that still cling to the sides of the wrecks. There is a 2% chance of a soul maggot or other horror still clinging to some frozen scrap of decayed flesh. 
  7. The PC's will stumble into a field of random face less tome stones, the world will suddenly grow deathly silent as these stones erupt with 1d8 random undead horrors. They will try to drag down the PC's. There is a 30% chance of a random PC seeing their names on one of the stones in common. They must make a wisdom check or be haunted by the possibility of their future foreshadowed death. 
  8. The PC's are assaulted by a banshee wind storm, a weird wailing wind from beyond the grave itself and storm that will seem to last for 1d4 hours. It will seem to tear at the very fabric of their souls. There is 20% chance of encountering a banshee who has been ripped beyond time and space at the center of this storm that travels across the trackless wastes of the post apocalyptic worlds and planes. A PC might be dragged from their own world in this violence and all consuming storm. 
  9. The wastes erupt in a violent magnetic storm that rips apart time and space. Distances become weird and terrible, the distortion plays marry havoc with the PC's bodily functions & there is a 10% chance of the character's soul momentarily separating from their bodies. Hungry and lean Lovecraftian horrors may be waiting within the storm to feed. Make a Save vs death to avoid such horrors. 
  10. A storm from the Negative planes erupts across the sky and suddenly the whole scene is one of horror as ancient and dead gods battle one another. Strange radiations bath the landscape and horrors beyond death may be unleashed. There is a 40% chance of powerful ancient undead horrors awakening after this storm passes. Details are left to the DM.

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