Friday, September 26, 2014

Review and Commentary On Issue #43 Of Wisdom From The Wastelands Optional Combat Rules Part II For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Grab It Right Over
This issue of Wisdom From The Wastelands addresses some of the fundamental problems with the Mutant Future retroclone, the relatively formal lack of certain combat systems in the retroclone. This issue addresses those concerns and then adds in a whole boatload of new and optional systems all within a five page package.
According to the Rpgnow blurb:
As a weary game master, nearing the end of a long session and faced with a sudden, sticky conundrum, have you ever looked across at a table full of your eager/irate/meddlesome players (taut  with the expected wisdom of your decision), and thought: “Man ... I wish there was a rule for this”? For many of these unexpected cases, now there is. This issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands introduces mechanics for things like charging, recoil, variable firing stances, cooking off ammunition, and grappling while waving sharp pointy objects.

Some of these issues of combat systems and rules to cover certain situations have been around since the inception of the MF game itself but its only when players go cover certain actions that certain failings in the system are evident. For example the idea of the 'snap shot' within a game or black powder rules for the Mutant Future system. All of these issues are easily covered with a bunch of optional systems that fit seamlessly into the background of the MF system. 

The Skirmisher publishing team does a nice and solid job with these rules without taking away from the established MF magic and post apocalyptic vibe.
If anything this issue is pretty fundamental and one that I think that we as DM's need for our old school games. Part of the issue is the 'cross over game' between MF and say Labyrinth Lord. This issue goes a long way toward filling in a large variety of gaps that crop up in such games. The question isn't if you need these systems if your playing MF but when? There are some simple, elegant, and well done optional systems here that while not apparent from first glance are essential to the Mutant Future game. All in all this is another hit with me as a DM. Everything here is solidly done, easily adaptable, and part of the WW whole for the Mutant Future game system.
In my humble opinion these optional systems add a whole new dimension to the game without over burdening a DM with yet another useless optional system or two. These are solidly done and elegant rules that deserve a place at your MF game table. Grab this one and watch your PC's going to town over the course of a couple of days embroiled in combat and mayhem as the monsters try and close in. 

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