Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hartford Beta Max Black Edition Stars Without Numbers Actual Play Mission Part II - Enter The

The crew of the U.S.S Leonardo a DY 1000 deep salvage ship  was able to solve a bit of the mystery of the Orion class Space plane that they were doing  salvage work on from  last week's Stars Without Number Beta Max Black Edition game mission. They were able to defuse the Romulan A.I. mine after several tense rounds of rolling and skill checks. Those things are insidious and left a bad taste in the crew's collective mouths. They destroyed the thing after rolling, checking, and using several robotic drones to explode the antimatter horror several light years away from the plane. 
The crew found several items aboard that including the data core of the  A.I. P.A.L. computer system. 

The crew of plane had encountered something massive in its travels and gotten sucked into the hyper space wake of this massive object or object's gravity well. The crew of the plane had a close encounter with a group of alien humanoids that the crew of the Leonardo had encountered before. A quick check of the sleep pods and several items found on board including an energy clip from a heavy stunner had confirmed the worst fears of the adventurers. The crew of plane had encountered a Darian generational factory ship(more information on these people right overHERE ), the Darians are a tech level four race of ancient astronauts that the salvage crew had encountered two years ago. They barely escaped the eternal race of semi immortal aliens with their lives. This particular ship and the Leonardo have a history. This factory ship is part of a ghost fleet that the Lemuria is the head of. The crew turned the Orion plane over to the Talon system Travel Authority and then sent word out to meet up with their mother salvage ship. The party communicated with primary ship via FTL communication and set up a meeting point in a neutral trading system. 
The Leonardo docked with their salvage partners and began to follow the last known coordinates of the Darian factory ship and the ghost fleet. It took the better part of seven months game time to reach the dimensional universe where the fleet was. 

The party of adventurers approached the heavily shielded Darian factory ship and heard the familiar transmission from the last time. 

 ‘Emergency...emergency...this is the commander of the spaceship Daria. A major catastrophe has occurred..'
The party's resident computer hacker  began the data deck cyber process to the carrier wave just below the transmission and gained control of the shields and a  hanger aboard the ship. The crew opened just enough of a hole in the shield to sneak in. After a few tense moments they found themselves aboard. A tractor beam slowly automatically pulled them into a massive hanger filled with hundreds of relic ships from all kinds of eras all within the cotton candy glow of the artificial gravity dry docks. 
There were several Eagle Transports, a flying saucer or two, several Colonial colony transport ships, and hundred other ships all within the weird docking station. Many of the ships were in various states of disrepair and had missing parts or systems. The whole scene looked like some obscene high technological junk yard. The party hacked into the A.I. for this hanger to get a lay of the land and sell exactly where their 'old friends' were. Last time the Darians had tried to have the party processed in the food recycle systems.  
Here's a small selection of some of the technological baubles that the PC's found whist examining the hanger.

1d10 Random Darian Finds & Artifacts Table 
  1. One massive work robot with a missing chest unit & a bad motivatior.The unit is in bad need of repair and there are 1d8 minor systems missing. Able to normally carry over 100 kilograms. 
  2. Artificial gravity generator able to lift heavy space craft parts and be moved in any direction. Mostly used for proto industrial applications. 
  3. Three kilometers of wire and relays. 
  4. A single tricorder with over three years worth of data and sensor readings. The thing is running on minimum power. 
  5. A decayed humanoid skeleton in a 1940's era SS uniform which is just about falling apart. 
  6. A vibro knife stuck into the wall. Power unit is fried but other wise in good condition. The handle is coated heavily with alien sulfur based blood. 
  7. A single atomic light unit, still good and able to light up 2 klicks worth of range. The light element is still good in this piece of equipment. A bit of carbon scoring on the side of the unit. 
  8. Laser rifle in relatively good condition but it needs new energy clip. The weapon is +1 due to the careful alignment of the ruby lens crystals. 
  9. Carved image of an ancient space god, made from ancient asteroid rock. Can be used to repel certain Mythos creatures. Very, very old piece of history. 
  10. A fully functional A.I. core unit, missing about 90% of its robotic body. Otherwise this piece is prime shape. 

The party has managed secure the temple computer complex for this level of the ship. The A.I. is running on minimum power, and might have had a nervous break down, the power is spotty at best, and the party's engineer is going to be very busy. The party fought a running pitched battle with a group of space parasites and minor energy leeches. But for the most part they've only just arrived and need to access the situation on board the Darian ship.
More coming up!  


  1. Sounds like it's time for the Star Wars mantra, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

  2. This is actually going to be one of those megadungeons that keeps going for
    quite awhile. A mini campaign unto itself actually. Last time they were almost fed to the a 'god creature' of the station. A planar Medusa was going to suck dry some of the PC's. So there's a bit of a vendetta here. The ghost fleet of Lemuria is a nasty campaign glue that weaves in and out of my space based games.


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