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A Single Small Cut From Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Adventures For Your Old School Campaigns

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Micheal Curtis is one of those authors and designers whose work I admire and follow when I can. I do love his DCC adventure work and I have use as well continue to use his Lovecraftian work for Goblinoid Games Realms Of Crawling Chaos. So when I stumbled across his effort for The Lamentations Of The Flame Princess rpg, I was eager to check it out and review it. I had the opportunity to get my hands on a physical copy today after my buddy Peter ordered it from Drivethrurpg.
This book clocks in at just under eleven pages of weird horror and the adventure is meant for third level PC's . After reading through A Single Small Cut I can honestly say that while it can be adapted this is one adventure that throws the PC's into the deep end of the pulp oriented weird horror pool. Bring a few extra characters to the party for this adventure. 

Michael does an outstanding job of setting up the background of the adventure with the introduction of the Order Of Kites and their machinations as the plot revolves around their efforts to stamp out a local cult of heathens with a magic bell and an planar monstrosity known as the Corrector of Sins. The bell and the Corrector have not been seen for a very long time as the knowledge and power of the order was buried with their leader. Now a wizard and his band of rogues have uncovered the bell. They're willing to murder an entire congregation of a church in order to gain the power and horror that are associated with the monster as well as the bell.
This is a three way circle jerk of an adventure in the grand tradition and the writer does an incredible job of balancing the elements of this LoFP adventure. There are three things that A Single Small Cut does well, one it showcases many of the LoFP systems strengths and introduces many weird elements into play within the context of a very concise package, two this adventure well thought out and keeps the situation of the adventure interesting for the PC's, and three this adventure has some major Lovecraftian themes presented within its bounds in an entertaining presentation.
Did I mention that this adventure costs less then a meal at McDonalds and that it does exactly what it says on the tin namely that this is a weird and well presented adventure with one hell of a monster and magic item. The options for how the party are going to handle this adventure are going to be right out front and if played incorrectly this one could easily present the DM with a TPK. But this is an old school adventure done under the LoFP banner and its one that I can see players talking about for years to come if done right. Michael Curtis knows his material and this Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure is one of my new favorites. It showcases everything I really love about LoFP and does so without bogging down the adventure and it does it with style and gusto.
That being said I could see this adventure being adapted to your favorite retroclone such as OSRIC or even 1st edition AD&D but its going to be a Lamentations of Flame Princess adventure because of its sword and sorcery elements. These are never in the background of this adventure they are always present throughout the background and history of this adventure as well as the twists and turns of it.
All in all I was pretty happy to get a chance to check this adventure out and to take a look behind the great Lovecraftian cover of A Single Small Cut. Not bad for an eleven page adventure and the maps as well as the entire package echoes with the ethos of the LoFP system.
This is one to get and one to play in my humble opinion but as always your mileage may vary. 

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