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The Free Empathic Guide PDF Has Been Released For the Conspiracy Rules version of Dark Conspiracy Rpg System

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I'm a huge fan of the Dark Conspiracy and Conspiracy Rules rpg systems. Three Hombre's has just released the free Empathic Guide for those systems. The Dark Conspircy/Conspiracy Rules rpg system is a really sweeping horror adventure system that encompasses a weird mix of  alien invasion/pulp style horror game with its own atheistic set against the backdrop of the Greater Depression.
And now they've released a free version of one of my favorite DC books the 'Empathic Sourcebook'  the following blurb gives some background: 
Released just this minute, the Empathic Guide contains rules for creating and playing the career paths from the 1st edition Empathic Sourcebook–updated for the Conspiracy Rules version of Dark Conspiracy, of course. The Empathic Guide is considered Book 2 of the Dark Conspiracy III core rules.
The book adds careers for:
  • Neuropaths
  • Mystics
  • Psionics
  • Empathic Sorcerers
Characters can now access the Psychic Test subject career to become a Neuropath (if you are an unwilling test subject) or a Psion (as a willing subject). Included are new skill rules for each of these “careers.”
The Empathic Guide has 49 pages of text and graphics and is currently free from our online store at DriveThruRPG / RPGNow. Here is the link.
Our new products will all use “layers” in the pdf, so you can turn off the backgrounds to print just the rules. One day we will grow up and offer the book as a printed version, I promise."
The Dark Conspiracy/Conspiracy rules rpg system has a ton of support in the form of the free venerable horror pdf magazine protodimension of which issue #20 has been released with a ton of material. If you haven't checked it out? Why not now? 
Download Protodimension Magazine #20 Summer 2014

Grab it Right Over 

There are a ton of great articles in this issue! Check out some of the old school horror material : 
  • Dithering in the Dark, Words from the chief by Tad Kelson
  • Marburg Z, Contagion-the sincerest form of flattery by Jason D. McEwan for T2K & Dark Conspiracy
  • Prancing Ponies II, Black Rifle Variations, Covering the ubiquitous AR15/CAR15 by Jason D. McEwan for Dark Conspiracy
  • Random P-Dim Determination, Quick generation of alternate worlds by CW Kelson III (Tad) for Dark Conspiracy
  • The Istrian Affair, A Dark Conspiracy scenario by John H Godsland (1994 original) and Lee Williams (2014 revision) for Dark Conspiracy
  • Out Law or Outlaw, Life going downhill by Norm Fenlason Fiction
  • The Yakobi Island Artifact, An accounting by Jason Huls a Plot Hook
  • Ken and Protodimension Talk About Stuff, An interview with Ken Hite by Lee Williams
  • The Goblin Market, A Proto-dimension by CW Kelson III (Tad) for Dark Conspiracy/Conspiracy Rules
  • Hole In The Dark, Dark history fleshed out by Eric Fabiashi for Dark Conspiracy
  • Small Arms Instructor, A targetted career by Jason D. McEwan for Dark Conspiracy
  • Gulf Airstream Vardo, Semi-apocalyptic lifestyle by Jason D McEwen for Dark Conspiracy
  • Thunder Five, A firearm by Lee Williams for Dark Conspiracy and Call of Cthulhu
  • Call Of the Were Boar, A Study of the Methods and Operations of This Invasive Dark Minion Species, by Eric Fabiashi for Dark Conspiracy
  • What’s Your Emergency? High Tek and Folk Tek – medical gear for Minion Hunters, by Kevin O’Neill for Dark Conspiracy
  • No Longer Your Friend, Hand grenades by Jason D McEwen for Dark Conspiracy
  • From Under the Floorboards, Pod-people news by Lee Williams

    Feel like adding to the madness Protodimension is looking for gaming articles for the upcoming Holloween issue now. Contact them through the submission guidelines for more details. 

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