Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dragon Foot's Free OSR Map Pack - Land's End Town For Your Old School Campaigns

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Need a place to plunder, a lair to lie low in for your PC, a set of towns to set your old school or post apocalyptic old school campaigns in? Well this set of five free maps from Dragon's foot it perfect for any old school or retroclone game.
According to the Dragon's Foot Blurb :
Maps of the town of Land's End and the surrounding area. Ready to drop into your game.

Five maps. Two town maps and 3 terrain maps.
These are some great little free maps to drop in and expand your old school campaigns. Not everything can be 'grim dark' all the time in your Lamatations of the Flame Princess game or even swords and wizardry. Your PC's are going to need a town or two to spend their loot, get taxed, drunk, and generate more mayhem. These make some great way stops between adventures or at least before they get raided three adventures in allowing the PC's to see the foreshadowing of the campaign villain.
Then there's also the fact that many of these locations could be used as Mutant Refuges in your favorite post apocalyptic setting as well. I see a myriad of uses for this map pack here are some quick highlights : 

  • As a possible set of piratical places for the villains to play marry havoc with and possibly as a loot location as well. 
  • For a sword and sorcery game I can see these towns being a refuge for outlaws and a hidden gem away from the prying eyes of the local sorcerer warlord.
  • These towns also make a very nice lair for a group of mutant pirates looking to loot and plunder the PC's homes or as the lair of a gang of deranged cannibals as well.  
  • For a post apocalyptic campaign these make a perfect setting for a zombie outbreak or plague hot zone. 
  • These towns might also be the lair of a retired adventurer who might act as the PC's patron and uses the towns as cover for their adventuring activities. 
  • I've used several towns like this as the fodder for a mind flayer who controlled the population from below and used the citizens as fodder. 
  • For Stars Without Number I've used locations like this as star ports and as focal points for the start of alien invasions as well. 
  • These towns might also be used as a 'West World' style vacation spot filled with androids to terrorize and kill your PC's 
  • I've also used these locations as tourists attractions for jaded spacer royalty and interstellar trash as 'cheap' vacations spots where they often seemed to need the PC's help also in the same SWN campaigns. 
  • I've also recently used these maps as a Roman style holiday resort towns in Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. The local ruler was a vile wizard of a very slimy disposition 
  • I've also used several of these port towns as points of landing for Spell Jammer games as well.
    With a bit of work these maps make great launch points for adventures, as adventure fodder, and as the rest points or focal points for your old school campaigns.  

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