Sunday, September 28, 2014

Aliens Eternal Soldiers Hive War 2384 Part III Mutant Future Actual Play

After the events of Part II available right over HERE

Last night's game was very interesting with the PC's regrouping at the African Federal Security Agency mercenaries fortress helped to re equip them as well as get their own people back to their ship in deep Earth orbit. 

Things are pretty damn dire in Africa with the country divided along complex tribal and mutational lines as well as the invasive species influence of the cult of  the 'New Dawn'  'Bugmen' and humans lead by Avalon a charismatic Xenomorph, Human Xeno  that had been using the fusion reactors below Republica for years.
The FSA forces have had a running battle with this cult of fanatics for years and the leader of the cult Avalon has an Alien Queen as part of the cult's head. The hive has plans for a massive expansion and is at war with another hive about 50 klicks away.
This spells disaster for the mutants, humans, and tribes that are trying to scratch out a living in the wastes. 
Not to mention the extinction of the FSA forces in the area.

The Marine's mutant psychic received a massive assault from one of the Mutant Bugmen but was able to make some great saves for the the PC. A war began on the psychic plane though and marines became worried as the toil of the battle began to wane on their comrade. Finally the pitched battle went in favor of Marie Le Croy the Colonial marine psychic and scout. Before exploding the Bug Man's mind she was able to telepathically extract the current location of the cult and their base's layout.
More coming up! 

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