Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aliens Eternal Soldiers Hive War 2384 Part II Mutant Future Actual Play

Last night's Mutant Future/ Alien mash up found the PC's in the wastelands of a mutated Africa, searching for survivors, equipment, and a power source that had appeared on sensors.

This part of Africa had been abandoned by Corporate forces after the events of  Alien Resurrection.
You can read the set up right over HERE

The capital city of  what was once Republica, a Con -Am mining city was nothing more then rumble, the space port was a complete wreck, the underground facilities were intact. They have yet to investigate those.

The PC's found the remains of a Con -Am mining cargo ship that wasn't what it seemed.
They were very careful and scanned the ship. The found traces of biological stasis pods, a full A.I. core capable of maintaining the cargo, and two ecology/biology  bots built into the ship itself to maintain the whole set up. They found some pretty heavy duty weapons and ammo aboard as well thinking that it was all clear. It wasn't! Some Xenomorph Lurkers (more information right HERE ) were hidden within the paneling and things went from bad to worse. One of the PC's was sprayed with acidic blood and had to stabilized by one of the other Outer Rim mutate marines.
The party's mutant psychic screamed 'incoming! ' after a particularly good solid roll! The team began to fight their way back to the drop ship point and use the explosives they recovered from the mining ship!
Info right over HERE

They found where the xenomorphs were coming from as Xenomorph, Boiler
 and Xenomorph, Spitter
spilled themselves over the sides of the ruin's walls and really began ruining the PC's days

The PC's heard the welcome sound of a  set of  XM99A Phased Plasma Pulse Rifles and were rescued as African Federal Security Agency mercenaries in M3 Pattern Personal Armor came to their add.


Seems that the corporation that owned Republica had abandoned the Marshals as well and they had a bit of Colonial Marine gear stashed from the last Alien Hive War.

It was time to leave however when a swarm of  Xenomorph, Crushers lead by a 

One of the PC's took the brunt of an acid spray from one of the Crushers and we mourned the loss of Lt.Henderson of Rigel Four. His Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun has a place of honor after his recovery of a P9 S.H.A.R.P. Rifle helped even the odds during this encounter. He always like to keep his shotgun for close encounters. 

The FSA personal got the wounded marines aboard their Land Master as the marines vehicle met with the drop ship and they rolled out of there under a hail of missiles and gun fire from the cannons of the master.

After the marines sorted their own wounded and two PC's are now up for cybernetic conversion therpy under the watchful gaze of their android medic and the Colonial Marine's Medi robot.

The PC's learned about the 'New Dawn' cult of 'Bugmen' and humans lead by Avalon a charismatic Xenomorph, Human Xeno  that had been using the fusion reactors below Republica to power the head exchangers and create the optimum conditions for her hive brothers and sisters. The hive is one of the largest underground hives within this section of Africa. The FSA had been able to keep her and her forces  in check  for years.
Note that 'Bug men' cultists gain the following mutations - Bizarre appearance, meta mind, minor telepathic abilities, and they are able to hear the telepathic siren call of the Alien Queens over interstellar distances. They advance as fighters and are mutated as a result of their extended dependency upon the 'xeno zip' drug  or exposure to the Alien Queen royal jelly which causes these mutations within certain individuals with the required genetic profiles.There is a 30% chance for those exposed to the Xenomorph derivative products of developing the bug men mutations. Bug men are extremely fanatical in their devotion to certain hives and Xenomorph queens who view them as they would any other sentient. Merely fodder for the Face huggers.

There were a ton of questions for the FSA at their fortress but those will have to wait till next week's game. 

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