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Happy International Gary Gygax Day & James Ward Update

Happy international Gary Gygax day! July 27th - A day for Role Players throughout the world to celebrate the man that helped create one of the worlds greatest hobbies. I've been drinking tea and trying to put the legacy of this man into words. Every time I get together with my friends and have a game, write or design something. Pick up a Dragon magazine or do something related to OD&D or AD&D its a bitter sweet thing. Someone whom I admired along with so many others is gone. While I do hold games to celebrate the life its at times bitter sweet. There are so many things I would have liked to have said and asked of Mr.Gygax. And I'd love to have played a war game or two with him. Even more so then D&D, I'd love to have played that imaginary war game with miniatures with him. A game that in my mind has gone on for 30 plus years with different forces from history.

I also find it sort of weird that my friend James Ward went into surgery. James is the creator, writer, editor,etc. of Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition and Gamma World. And so much more.
He's probably had as much influence on me as Mr. Gygax. Right now he's been into surgery two hours and change ago.
From his James Ward's facebook page," Monday July 27th
In just two hours I'm having a medical procedure to put stints in the veins of my leg. My amputated foot isn't healing at all and they want more blood flow. A very nice nurse named Kim just came in and tried to cheer me up. She said I need to be a patient patient (sp). I'm always a little frightened when they put me under that I won't have all of my brain power when I wake up. It's not in my hands today. I really appreciate all the outpouring of thoughts and prayers. I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer and thank all of my facebook friends for sending up good thoughts. I worked on some miniature rules and enjoyed that yesterday. I also have a great Camelot adventure I'm writing right now. Thank you all again for being there."
James Ward and the Ward family along with all of his friends are in my thoughts and prayers today. Yes I will be getting together with friends this evening and celebrating the hobby that I love so much. Positive thoughts, prayers etc on International Gary Gygax to everyone.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hainitugobae A New Narcotic Menace For Your Old School Campaigns

There is a new menace that has reared its head in the back alleys of the cities of accursed Atlantis. Hainitugobae is a brand new menace to the mages, wizards, and practitioners of the dark arts, this liquid grey green glowing distillation is the latest menace from the forces of Chaos that threatens the magick stability of the plane. Many times practitioners of the dark arts are pushed to the very edge of existence and beyond by the demands of adventures.  Hainitugobae is sold only in the most unsavory alleyways and black market locations of accursed Atlantis. The drug has been created from the very soul run off from the Damned from the endless suffering and torment , after enduring the very worst that Hell and the Abyss this blackish material of torture is refined and processed by a certain guild of demons.

This run off is collected and put through certain esoteric processes then it finally becomes a black green goo that has particular effects on wizards when smoked or injected into the user's body especially after a day when the powers of the wizard is put to the test. Hainitugobae temporarily adds in 1d4 temporary wisdom and constitution points are added in as the user gains incredible cosmic insights. The drug never quite lives up to the reputation the stuff has among black magicians. If the wizard has exhausted all of his spells for this day; the wizard after taking an injection will gain 1d4 magickal spells but these are temporary at best. The user of this material must make a save vs poison after injecting this stuff or become addicted to the drug and dependent upon the high of power and damnation that comes with this infernal materal.

After taking this drug the PC's should roll on the random 1d4 effects table as
the powers of the Abyss rage through the poor fool's system! Each hit of Hainitugobae will cost 1000 gold pieces per hit and is meant to be taken by injection or smoked in a blessed water pipe. There is supposedly another version of this drug that allows the owner to access certain weird or menacing powers. This version fo the drug is rumored to be sold in certain star ports and other black market venues.

1d4 Random Hainitugobae Effects Table
  1. The victim gains back his spells as if he rested for a full day but he also generates a horrid sulfur smell in a 20 foot radius. 
  2. The victim's skin erupts in six hundred and sixty six mini faces that will talk, spread  rumors, and generally make life a living hell for the users. 
  3. The user can see 1d6 undead spirits around them. These spirits expose weakness and dangerous circumstances. There is a 60% chance that the owner will drag some weird thing from the depths of Hell and it will haunt the owner. 
  4. The user's stomach is infected with a giant Abyssal tape worm which will attempt to open a gate within the body of the user into the Abyss.

Review & Commentary On The Fantastic Heroes And Witchery Rpg System For Your Old School Campaigns Part One

I've been playing around with Fantastic Heroes & Witchery's hardback now for a few months and its been my default house retroclone since it made it through the door here. Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is one of those clones that ticks all of my buttons for a retroclone system. But why? Well right off the bat let's go over dollar value, if your a DM then you've probably got a ton of  3.0,3.5,D20 Modern books, Pathfinder books, etc.. All laying around in your closets book shelves, etc. that you keep meaning to take to the used book shop. With this gaming Rosetta stone you can get the most out of your gaming from 1st edition right up through fifth because of the way that Fantastic Heroes and Witchery is set up. Everything is right under the one hardcover.
Fantastic Heroes and Witchery is a trimmed up and spruced up version of AD&D  which  provides a streamlined game engine with a myriad of options that is broadly compatible with any edition of the world's most popular fantasy game. You get things ported over from the 3.0 era and more like unified experience table, Base Attack Bonus instead of THAC0, or a saving throw system(a single target number, starting high and going down with experience, combined with bonuses/penalties of the targeted attribute). Saves are based on abilities, alignments are cosmic forces while character can pledge their loyality to and existence with an allegiance system. There is a complete reworking of the Cleric as well.

 The hardback is gorgeous and really nicely put together, each traditional race has its own racial classes as well as their own twists. Let's face it this game has been put together with the express purpose of  being used by experienced DM's who've been running OD&D & AD&D games from college on. This isn't a beginner or inexperienced DM's game. This a game that takes race, class, and racial class mixes them into a way that makes perfect sense to me.

While its friendly and open, the game favors not the pretentious but the experienced. You can run everything from high fantasy through pulp hero games, the author knows his stuff and the artwork provides a gritty and weird fantasy feel to it. There's even a post apocalyptic back door slip in with artifact and relic rules as well as science fantasy classes all within their own sections. The science fantasy and pulp elements including the classes get their own sections in the game.
 Right out of the gate do yourselves a favor and spring for the hardback, its well worth the price of admission with the pdf being a nice option with the huge Christmas in July sale from Lulu. For me given my eyes the hardback was the only way to go. The material here is crisp and friendly for OSR style gaming. There is a huge amount of free on line content which is growing by leaps and bounds. The science fantasy and pulp sections gets their due with a ton of on line support right over HERE.  
Don't think that the traditional high, dark, and low fantasy elements of D&D don't get their own sections either for online support.  Things like this free pdf :
A free 20 pages document with 11 classes to use in FH&W. This is a major update and expansion of a former document that proposed the Agent of the Gods (i.e. cleric), Spellcasting Bard, Paladin, and War-mage, as they were found in older editions of the game. But now, this new document adds the Draconic Sorcerer, Shadowdancer, Swan Maiden, Warrior Monk, and others. The classes as they originally appeared, but still with a FH&W twist! Eleven Converted Classes – PDF
Available right over HERE
 The alignment systems are completely reworked with an eye toward magick, religion, a complete retake on the divine and the planes as well as huge sub working of the spells all six hundred and sixty six of them. They're done with twists so the players and DM should read them because these are not your standard fare here. There are differences in the way the flavor and effects have been done.
 Details such as binding, paper quality, and how the book is put together are well thought out with an eye toward actual use. I love this fact and I know that my book has stood up for several months now and shows no sign of wearing down at all.
 I'm a detail oriented person and FH&W ticks all of my buttons as far as having everything I need under one hardback instead of twenty or thirty meaningless splat books that take up shelf space. There isn't a day that hasn't gone by when I haven't had this book sitting right next to my Lamentations of the Flame Princess hardback or my copy of AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide. Yes its that damn useful to me as a DM.
 This is a game that takes race and uses it as a complete system of rpg palette, all of the standards are there:
Dwarf, elf, halfling, half-elf, gnome, halfling, half-orc and of course human with racial classes thrown in to boot. Then some ties with the author's twists on tieflings, &  dark elves. Then some weird tales and pulp races with Tainted Humans, Exotic Humans, &  Earthlings along with Primates (ape-men), Reptilians, Revenants(undead as PC's), Winged Folk, and Witchlings (humans mutated by sorcery). All of these are slightly stronger then standard PC's. This all reminds me of Michael Moorcock's dark fantasy fiction in places as well as standard tropes from D&D editions over the years. But this is all done with an eye towards the modular nature of the game. This is a DM's game straight up, the game doesn't have a set campaign world, thank God. Seriously there is enough under the hood that a DM could write up their own campaign world in a heart beat.
Mr Dominique Crouzet  knows his material and provides the DM with more then thirty classes and spells, then back tracks on itself with a boat load of additional appendix for things taking level play above what's in the standard sections. Then you get city, town, and additional PC backgrounds, fighter options,etc. all provided with an intuitive and instinctive feel for the DM. Skill checks are based on a d20 roll plus bonus vs. difficulty with none of the skill points from third edition.
 The game has an expansive but by no means exhaustive equipment list but it provides the DM with a nice bench mark of material, there are even pulpy and science fantasy equipment here but by no means the Rifts rpg level of over glut. There is enough here to provide the DM with everything needed to run a John Carter of Mars games to a pulpy space adventure all under the same hood along with material for running a Conan style sword and sorcery game or combining all of this together. This is a game that treats OSR gaming as a whole and does it with wit and style in a system that makes senses. But this is a four hundred page book that I've been using for months now. So this review may take a part one, two, or three.

End of Part One

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1d4 'Random When The Door To Hell Is Left Open' Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The planes of accursed Atlantis are the subject of demonic and infernal magick all of the time as cults try to gain power over one another and more then one would be wizard or despot makes a pact with powers from beyond the gates of the Abyss or the Outer Darkness. But there are always traces left behind and elements of weirdness that linger after a demonic summoning.

After the dust, sulfur, and demonic fringe elements have fled back to the Abyss or Hell by being dismissed by the wizard or magus are there other demonic elements that can linger and exploit the crack or pinprick in reality as broken damn or dike holds back the waters of an ocean? The answer is unfortunately yes as the powers of Hell itself seek to break down the gates of our reality and charge in taking with them all of our existences as one might snuff out a candle. Dungeons and isolated ruins make the perfect venue for such things as summonings where the deeds of darkness will not easily be observed in the wastelands of accursed Atlantis. There is a 40 to 60% chance of these left open doorways developing into full blown Hellmouths

1d4 'Random When The Door
To Hell Is Left Open' Encounter Table
  1. A 4 hit point slime made up from the souls of the damned and the fragments of dreams collected by the dross of disappointment pooled into the thing's half existence. Weapons only do half damage as the thing will seek out the nearest wizard to pour itself through every available orifice and open the gateway to the Abyss. Knows 1d3 spells including the open portal spell of seventh level by instinct. 
  2. A harpy like half human demonic thing made from the left over bits of various sacrifice victims. The thing will worms and worry its way over to the nearest fighter of first level or greater so that it can make a claw attack for 2d6 points of damage and lay eggs that will develop into horrid imp like creatures  to crack open the doorway between worlds. 
  3. The sacrificial dagger has become a living weapon of +2 intent but has been corrupted by the Abyssal forces. The thing has a demonic ego of 30 and intends to murder the next fool to pick it up and use their body as a living sleeve to open the door with the pinprick already here. 1d4 demonic insect like imps already serve this thing. 
  4. A winged demon undead thing waits just over the Threshold to pry open the doorway to the abyss for already a demon possessed hag who was the sacrificial victim awaits any fools blundering into this place. She has a bio mechanical spewing weapon that eats flesh as acid with a range of 40 feet and an agenda of her own. Her undead demonic state can be concealed as an illusion and she loves her new state of being and power that comes with it. She will play the victim for as long as it takes to seduce the party into a vulnerable position for sacrifice and murder.

1d6 Random Weird Salt Flats Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The tumbled down ruins that surround the marshes of  the port cities of accursed Atlantis are prime breeding ground for all types of mutant monsters, invasive species from Beyond The Outer Darkness and the perfect spot for adventurers & relic hunters of all stripes to go picking and hunting through these ancient and time haunted places. Tumbled down stone structures and alien ruined temples hide unknown as well as dangerous terrors.

Here then are 1d6 monstrous and weird encounters within the Salt Flats and marshes around the wastes of ancient accursed Atlantis.

1d6 Random Weird
Salt Flats Encounters Table
  1. This tumbled down pyramid temple is the meeting place for 1d6 deep one hybrids who are members of the Cult of Cthulhu and will sacrifice anyone who tries to disturb their rites and steal the ancient treasures of the place. There are several unique species of giant mutant lamprey hybrids that guard the place as well two of which are semi humanoid. 
  2. A large double hit point marsh kraken has its lair within the ruins of ancient Atlantian temple complex. It is served by 1d8 1st level fighter of near human aquatic aspect who are armed with energy weapons, they will capture and kill anyone who gets to near to the structure. 
  3. Several huge tidal pools conceal a vast underwater maze of deep sea caverns home to a cult of crab men who worship a star spawn of Cthulhu of unique aspect. The place is concealed under miles of marsh grass and sea weeds. The crab men raid passing trade ships.  
  4. This place is the home of an ancient crumbling fortress of Old Atlantis, it is the home of a giant sea dragon and his cult of salt water piranha men. The place holds a fortune in Atlantian relics and gold. The fishmen are lead by 8th level wizard who makes sacrifices of passing boats. Unique schools of carnivorous sea weed fish guards the place. 
  5. A downed giant alien mother ship sticks up out of the briny mire that is the grave of this ancient ship whose undead crew still haunt the place and use a functioning death ray that has a 1000 yard range on it that does 2d8+2 points of damage to bring down any passing ships so that the alien crew in their mini hover saucers can round up the sacrifices. The place conceals a fortune in alien artifacts and gold. 
  6. A giant temple complex sticking out of the water is the home of a lich and his hellish cult of aquatic half demon things. The lich is a 20th level bad ass who believes himself an ancient god and given that he has a vast store house of super science artifacts he might be a demi god of the wastelands. He has ancients all over the coast line of the mashes.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Elven Tribes of Accursed Atlantis & 1d6 Elven Random Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The Elven clans of Accursed Atlantis are dangerous, mercurial, and move across the surface of the wastelands with regular cycles on giant floating super science constructed cities. They raid settlements for slaves, goods, equipment, and see this as partially a religious rite of their insect gods. A trait they inherited from their Selenite ancestors and creators. Other Elven races conform to the roles set out by the insect god of the woodland fulfilling a niche set out in both ecological terms and religious ones since the dawn of time. Violent and dangerous ritualized warfare has been going on for eons in Fairyland a matter of some surprise for travelers to this supposedly idyllic land. Weird lights, disappearances by locals, odd paranormal activity, and fairy lights are all part and parcel of the appearance of the flying cities in the skies above the wastelands of Atlantis.  The largest concentration of half elves are in these areas around cities and such.  The solar energy based technologies, magnetic weapon systems, and other super science systems used by the elves are facts of life here as are the religious warfare rained down from the skies by the these inhuman creatures. The appearance of these beings cities is a cause for alarm and much concern among the wasteland dwellers. Slaves are taken, sacrifices to inhuman elemental insect gods from across the planes are made and the cycle of life continues.

Many of these flying cities use a combination of anti-gravity technology and magnetic propulsion technology gifted to them by their Selenite ancestors. They're inhuman and weird ways cause much concern among their trading partners for they will only deal with the strongest of clients who can meet both their demands and they're prowess in both business as well as super science and magick. In this the elves of Accursed Atlantis follow directly in their ancestors foot prints. Elven cities such as Pari's, DQuir'i, are among some of the most traditional and dangerous to encounter. There have been reports of warlord city states ripped to shears by the magnetic and psychic weapon systems of these cities for violating a letter of a trade agreement

Violent, dangerous, and amoral elven warriors are used extensively in off world campaigns of  interstellar and planar warfare. These mercenary forces are in high demand throughout the cosmoses but the role of these forces is often to scout out the next region of conquest for these military forces. These aliens are still some of the least understood beings within the planes.

The flying elven cities often dispose of their trash, waste,etc. when raiding areas. This often includes other dimensional biological material as well leading to the proliferation of giant invasive mutant species of insect, fungus, and other dangerous life forms. Many think that this is a way spreading both a psychological mechanism of a  form of ecological warfare and a primitive system of terra-forming some of the wasteland landscape to be more suitable for the elven races. There are several crack teams of adventurers who follow in the wake of these cities picking up relics, finds, and other magick as well as super science artifacts left behind by these flying cities.

These flying cities are known to be so bold as to raid other powers of the wastelands such as warlords, wizards, mutant overlords, and others with impunity and little fear. These beings are not to be trifled with. They live up to their reputation as alien and dangerous warriors of the wastelands.

1d6 Elven Finds of  The Wastelands

  1. 1d4 psychic crystals worth 400 gold pieces on the open market to the right hedge wizard. 
  2.  1d6 super science metal threads capable of supporting hundreds of pounds of weight. 
  3. Worth 200 gold pieces per sixty feet. There are hundred of feet of single super strong threads but only six are worth getting. 
  4.  A partial spell scroll with 1d3 spells on it. Worth 600 gold pieces to a dealer. The right dealer.  
  5. A ring of teleportation that will teleport a fool aboard one of the floating cities. 
  6. A small elven dagger cursed. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

1d4 Random Spiritual Guardians For Your Dungeons Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Wherever a treasure vault or other repository of relics or treasure are uncovered in the ancient wastes of Accursed Atlantis there is a good chance that some ancient spiritual guardian watches over these treasures. These spiritual guardians can be very dangerous and tiresome to adventurers because of the dogged nature and sheer will power of these creatures. They will sometimes keep watch over the areas of their charges long after the treasures or relics that the guard sometimes have turned to dust. Here then are four random guardian spirits that will test the metal, minds, and patience of your adventurers with these encounters. 

1d4 Random Spiritual Guardians
 For Your Dungeons Encounter Table
  1. This guardian was an ancient warrior whose ghost has been bound to this area, he guards what he thinks is a cache of ancient weapons and relics of the ancients. He apologizes even as he drains away your PC's life force. He is polite to a fault but very dangerous as he will pursue all over the Earth those who plunder his charges. Manifests in full armor and with weird weaponry.
  2. A bound Jinn for this area when it manifests it glows with an unearthly light and stands for the soul as it reaches to murder a PC for the sheer malice over his treasure and space being violated. Violence will result over trespassing over its charge. 
  3. A shadow spirit of the darkest type that resembles an undead thing of weird aspect when encountered. The phantom thing will manifest when the dust, and power of its status and attack those who came to prey upon its charges of treasure, relics, and items of super science. 
  4. This guardian is a form of ghoul who manifests as per an ancient necromancer's curse. The ghouls will act as per the treasure encouter table and its where they can find those who have violated its charge. This will cause the ghoulish guardian to track those who would sell its charges and murder them.

1d6 Random Mi Go Surgical Alterations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Mi Go by Khannea SunTzu

Deep in the wastelands of  Accursed Atlantis alien powers fight ancient wars using surgically altered slave soldiers in their sick wars of attrition and decadence. The ancient Martian warlords and wizards fight a four sized war against the Mi Go for control of territory and control of valuable resources using slave stock who live and die at their alien master's hands. Loss of life from their slaves is tallied and the slave stock continues to flow into the hardened alien city state fortresses of these uncaring masters of super science and alien sorcery. The alien mercenaries continue to bring new slaves as the wars continue under the alien uncaring suns.Life and death means little to these creatures whose strange alien chess game has gone on for centuries with new war machines added or some new weapon of war making its way onto the battle fields.

 The true masters of the deserts wastes of Accursed Atlantis has been the ancient Martian warlords whose grasp once extended over vast dimensional holdings of a plane spanning empire. Their empire was held in check by their genetically altered creations among their holdings populations such as the unique ecological and religious cycle of the Therns and The First Born on Barsoom. Cycles of history that play out in Accursed Atlantis as well. 
"Like men, and yet not like men; combining the human and the beast in their appearance, it required a steady nerve to look at them.... In our eyes their moral character shone through their physical aspect and thus rendered them more terrible!"

The wastelands ring out with the clash of cybernetically and surgically altered slave warriors playing out bloody and dangerous games of blood and dust in the wastelands.  The Martians keep a gaining and losing ground against the Mi Go with no clear winner yet. The Martians continue to push with their alien troops and war machines however.

The Martian warlords controlled Earth 7500 BC and their handy work still resonated with the events of their genetically created super soldiers invading Earth in 1998. The wide spread terraforming efforts of the invasion almost succeeded in turning the Earth once again into a playground for these terrible beings. They're efforts throughout the centuries clashed with the alien Mi Go and has been a source of conflict ever since. The conflicts played out in the back wastelands of Accursed Atlantis only heighten the tensions between the two alien powers with neither side gaining or losing much ground. There is speculation that these wars are merely for the alien spectacle and entertainment of their benefactors. The Mi Go are the leaders in sheer super science and cybernetic surgical skill however. The Martians employ alien and demonic surgeons to match the Mi Go. But the stalemate continues.  Here then are 1d6 Mi Go random surgical alterations for your old school campaigns should your PC's fall into the claws and nippers of the Mi Go

1d6 Random Mi Go Surgical Alterations Table

  1. Energy projector hand that does 3d6 points of damage to its target at a range of fifty feet. There will be 1d6 charges at the dawn of each day, the weapon charges with the light of its alien sun. It appears a jeweled ruby hand and continues to function as would a regular hand but its surface crawls with alien energies from time to time.
  2. The victim's body holds a swarm of alien things that act as a swarm of vermin and will fly to their target biting, scratching, and eating their victim for 1d6+3 points of damage. The owner of these cyber bio things will experience all of the target's senses of violence and violation on a telepathic level and there is a 10% chance of this driving the owner mad.  The alteration may be used three times per day. The things are housed in special bio mechanical cells within the owner's body, the things nurture themselves on the blood and body fluids of the owner as well as those of the targets. 
  3. The slave becomes a spotter and their cranium,eyes, and mind are altered with oversized bio cyber eyes with dark vision, ultravision, and telepathic projectors so that the Mi Go can see through the eyes of the slave. All attacks are at a +3 for damage as the bio computers feed the the fool all possible  suggested weaknesses of their targets. The slave may be driven mad by the telepathic buzzing and binary alien speech patterns of the aliens in their heads constantly and the alien impulses of the implants in their bodies. 
  4. Existence Skin is implanted on the victim's muscles and flesh is replaced with a bio synthetic living thing. The implant allows the slave to take only half damage from all physical attacks as they are slightly out of phase with the local space time and existing in the astral  allowing them to have a half like ghostly existence. They take full damage from certain types of magic spells that effect demons and the like. There is a strange purplish hue to their existence and a 3% chance of a demon or some other astral parasite eating them. They can phase through doors, bars, etc. as a ghost but escape is never an option from their Mi Go masters.
    These poor fools can do +3 damage because of molecular disruption to physical targets but they will phase out completely after a successful attack for 1d8 rounds. They're physical existence yanks them back into our universe so escape into the astral completely is impossible because of the Mi Go implant. 
  5. The slave is given 1d30 alien mouths over their entire body and these will do +3 damage bonus to anything the slave attacks. They a +3 to hit on all attacks because of the small alien eye things that pass for senses for the mouths. The victim will have chunks of their existence eaten by the implants and the resulting holds in the reality of the victim will leave them open to all types of astral and Outer Darkness horrors that will quickly devour them. The slave is given over the psychic alien thoughts and horrible impulses of these semi living things. 
  6. The slave is given over claws, fangs, and alien sensor spikes as a living weapon of melee and warfare. The slave gains a +2 to all to attacks their bodies drip with weird bio molecular acid. Seven times per day they may spit up to twenty feet with a goo of acid for 2d6 points of damage. The stuff will continue to do 1d4 points per rounds. 

Two Demon Weapons - Chance & Seven Eleven For Your Old School Campaigns

These two weapons have passed through an ancient family's hands from a time when the world was young, when they were won in an archaic dice game played with the family patron's dice made from the knuckle bones by a particularly nasty demon lord. They are the ram headed  hilts enabling these knives to summon back their former glory with little effort. They are +3 weapons but their real power enables them to have their ram headed demonic patron's strength and power flow through the wielder. No power on Earth nor in Heaven may move the wielder and they're AC is lowered by a factor of four temporarily as their body cracks with a thunder like clap of infernal power. This effect lasts for 1d6 turns and can be called upon three times per day. The knives 's power can also be called to heal light wounds twice a week but this is a risky prospect. For the essence of the pair of knives  is fickle at best and there a 40% that a random minor demonic mutation will result. For many this mutation  comes in the form ram's eyes  which glow raw and red as the power of the knives  is called on. The knives were forged from the steel remains of the Titan's cage and they remember the rage and power of their former prisoners enabling them to have their owner bellow and scream out an effect similar to a fear spell once per day causing panic in lesser creatures. The owner will be short tempered and very cross after using this ability for 1d6 turns.
 Chance can once per day enable its owner to re roll a failed combat roll unless a one is rolled. But there is a price to be paid, the owner can not refuse a bet. Seven Eleven has a bit of a diabolical streak as well, the owner must make a small  bet once per day, the blade enjoys the fact that this will torment the owner in a minor way. The blade can effect luck once per day bending chance in the favor of the owner as per a luck spell.  The swords will be found in scabbards of demonic leather and appear to be worthless, it is only when the command word 'Hexterious' is said that the blades will shed their coating of rust and green decay in one turn. But this effect is only temporary at best and in 1d4 turns they will return to their former condition.

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1d6 Random Negative Planar Entities Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

They're names are legion, they are all that remains once Chaos has had its way with men and near men's souls. Sometimes these things find their way back into our reality, a bit of space time flotsam and jetsam that continues to circle the drain of entropy and reality. Often times these horror escape from the Outer Darkness, the Abyss, or other place oozing their way between the cracks of our world. The damned find their way shadowing our world and hungering for the lives that we lead here are all that remains of those who have slipped their bounds and escaped into the world of the living once again. Often times an angel of Death or a bailiff from The Beyond comes to fetch these creatures back to the border lands again. But this can take months, sometimes adventurers and freebooters are the best hope against such entities.

1d6 Random Negative Planar Entities Encounter Table

  1. This robed entity only half exists in your world and the smell of sulfur as well as damnation cling to its weirdly seen frame. The thing flashes a bit of a half wind blown face whose eyes are pits into the deepest abyss at the end of the universe and the thing is hungry for your soul. Only silver or a laser sword may harm it. Because of its half real nature this horror can't be turned.  Only destruction assures its hunger will be destroyed.
  2. Once the leader of a cult of Chaos this entity knows 1d4  spells of 3rd level but can not remember its name or purpose in existence. Still it serves its ancient demon god masters murmuring their praises even as it pathetically pulls itself along the ground leaving an ectoplasm slime trail of its own digestive juices. 
  3. This collection of 1d4 damned souls were gossips who ruined many a man's reputation in life, in death and change their minds have been scrubbed clean by the hellish winds of eternity.  They're non existent tongues murmur with the forbidden gossip of ages long forgotten there is a 20% of them dropping some minor cosmic truth otherwise they are in your business spreading lies about you and your lives. There is a 4% chance that these things may now a spell or two of 2nd level and they love to open with magick missile. 
  4. These pathetic and slightly strange injured damned who seem to follow PC's and manifest at the most inopportune times. The half charred corpse thing will shift through realities and stalk PC's, always on the look out for fresh meat and they've somehow latched on to your party and will follow at a 100 yard radius. They also steal small objects such as keys, telekinesis enables them to move small things at a 60 yard radius. They seek to spread their own brand of depression, apathy, and horror in the face of entropy. These horrors have weird hooks for hands. 
  5. Weird gas mask like bio mechanical faces mark these damned, far too long bodies and odd black garment glistening skin cloth these beings. They seem as if they're partially awash in a storm that only exists for them only. They their rounded snout like faces are filled with strange sucking lamprey like teeth that tear out horrid chunks of flesh from their prey's bodies and souls. Their touch smells of burnt cinnamon and human waste. These things swim through space to reach their prey. Their claw like hands held in downward mockery of prayers until they reach toward their victims with wet sucking sounds. 
  6. These strange beings are clothed in black cloth like flesh resembling modern suits, these being's black glistening slime covered eyes resemble smoked glasses of the finest quality. They are not, instead these things are tall humanoids covered in pock marked flesh with odd alien eyes covering every space of flesh on their bodies. Two too wide mouths flutter with intense hungry sucking sounds as two tendrils wreath around their hands that can sense strong life forces which they will feed. But really their main meat is the moments of joy and happiness in life. They will drain 1d10 years from their victims with each touch. There are some varieties that level drain but these entities are mere rumors in space bars and brothels of spacers, adventurers, and some esoteric outlaws.

1d4 Random Infernal Thaumaturgist's Tools of The Trade & Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

So the summoning goes right and all comes off without a hitch for your magus and the pact is made for better or worse. Most assuredly worse my friend, thousands of gold pieces were spent for the tools, the man hours to make them, and the horrors beyond that pierced our so called flimsy reality. Real thaumaturgists make their own implements and are in fact women and men of incredible evil as well as resourcefulness. But what happens to their tools after such an diabolical operation such as summoning a demon, devil, or horror from beyond the pale? Tools of the infernal trade carry with them the burning, corrupting influence of the Hells. There are of course processes for getting rid of such taint but they are expensive,dangerous, and sometimes utterly futile. So here then is 1d4 unique tools for your adventurers to stumble upon for where else would a magus summon the powers infernal except in the isolated confines of a dungeon or in the wastes.

1d4 Random Infernal  

Thaumaturgist's Tools of  The Trade Table

  1. A wand of twisted metal that smells of sulfur and whose metal seems to crawl feeling of sweaty skin, the thing is cold to the touch. 1d4 partial impish spirits of chaos cleave to it as downing sailors to a piece of wood in the ocean of our reality. It is bad luck and cursed unless taken to a witch or wizard of at least fourth level or better who can pull these infernal things from it. They can be made to serve for 1d4 months of service in exchange for blood or bile from the owner. As imps in the monster manual with extra 1d4 chaotic features, this wand will eventually infect an area with its taint and there is 20% chance of a hell mouth opening in the area.
  2. A bellows of blackest and softest calf skin ( no not human flesh), that allows one to stoke the coals of a the brazier of summoning. This bellows carries with it the sweaty,slime, and bile of the Abyss because of the act of summoning. Several minor undead spirit of the damned are within its confines only a magus of  7th level or higher can bind these spirits into service even then they will be the least of the damned. For 1d4 months they will serve their owner damning their souls as well. The bellows can be used to summon a minor demon and the spirits used as payment to the twisted thing but the owner will pay with one wisdom point and their mind twisted by the winds of Hell and the Abyss. These minor demons are used in matters of scrying and prophecy of utmost importance. But then demons are liars are they not.
  3. Used Candles made from high quality wax that bare the scent and taint of the Hells burn with the soul stuff of the damned and allow one to see beyond the vale of death. 1d4 ghosts or damned will come forward across the vale. The owner will have no control whom or what comes to the light of the candle. A circle of protection will insure the fool using these candles will not be harmed but there is a 5% chance per candle of attracting the attention of an angel of death who guards the passage between life, death, and Hell. For Death is the final judge. 
  4. The book of the spells is a partially burnt up document that contains one spell of summoning, the thing is like a breathing, living thing now.Partially existing in this world and now a thing of damnation. It now acts as an anchor for the other side allowing its magickal words to become twisted into the names, cries, and pleas of the demonic, damned, and chaos. As one would expect of prisoners there are numerous names,graffiti of the damned and other knowledge that changes daily as the book vexs and shifts its existence as a living gateway. There is a 30% chance each day that the thing will burst into flames consume its unholy life and open a hell mouth.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Followers Of Nolan & Johnson - A New Post Apocalyptic Factional Monster For Your Old School Campaigns

The Followers of Nolan and Johnson are alien humanoid travelers from a distant dimension whose home plane was the subject of a sub quantum echo disaster in their own dimension after an attempt to tap into the Beyond as a power source for  time travel to prevent a possible apocalyptic event failed. The attempt resulted in the collapse and annihilation of their own universe and time line as well as the scattering of these beings across several alternative space and time lines; now they are nothing more then mute witnesses to the events across dimensional space. But even in their undead state they have a plan, a dangerous and highly insane plane. Like bugs circling the drain of a sink even as entropy has its way with them, the Followers appear at random times in post apocalyptic wastelands as figures in tattered uniforms of unknown militaries and armed forces. They're pathetically reach out to hold the hands or touch their targets, communicating telepathically pathetic partial messages of impending disaster and horror. Those who respond to their touch often have their higher consciousness and souls absorbed by the sub quantum echoes of the Followers resulting in the birth of another Follower.

The Followers Of Nolan & Johnson
Frequency : Uncommon 
No appearing: 1d4 
Armor Class: 3 
Hit Dice: 5+4
Dex: 7 
% in Lair: 20% 
Treasure Type: E 
Number of Attacks: 2 
Special/Attacks: Energy Drain
Special Defenses: Silver or Magical weapons to hit  
Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft., daylight powerlessness, incorporeal traits, +2 turn resistance, undead traits, unnatural aura
Magic Resistance: 10% 
Intelligence: Very 
Alignment: Lawful evil 
Size: M
Psionic Abilities: low level telepathic abilities in a 40 foot radius 
Attack and Defense Modes : Nil 
There is speculation that there actually only two real followers, and that those souls that they drain an absorb are being used to fuel their attempts at resurrecting their own original universe and timeline. Those who have survived the chilling touch of these beings have gotten telepathic glimpses of their mad plans;very little hard information exists on these beings. They appear when, where, and how they wish, what is known that because they anchor themselves with negative planar webs to local space time, clerics can turn these beings as they would ordinary wraiths. The Followers of Nolan and Johnson notices and locates living creatures within 60 feet, just as if it possessed the blindsight ability. It also senses the strength of their life force automatically, as if it had cast deathwatch.These abilities are automatically on always. Only a holy word may banish these beings from the local space time but they may eventually creep back in to the ordinary universe as a bug under the cracks between dimensions. Demons and other higher or lower dimensional beings loath and fear these beings but will not reveal why. The followers of Nolan and Johnson remain a hateful and dangerous presence within the post apocalyptic wastelands across many dimensions but they seem to especially infest the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis but why is not known.

1d4 Random Demonic Pacts Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Demonic pacts are binding contracts between demon, or devil, and damned fool. But once the contract has expired it doesn't mean that the infernal business is ended. No these deals are sealed in blood, darkness, and the darkest magic for each and every pact has a binding clause, a demonic horror tucked between the small print just waiting for some fool to try and undo the binding of such a heinous agreement will be fair game for these terrorists of torment, the horrors of hell itself. For no man may stand in the way of Hell, the Beyond, or Eternity for those are Death's domain. Here then are four random pacts to harry your adventurer's with, dare they destroy such a document and release the powers of the Abyss upon themselves?

1d4 Random Demonic Pacts Encounter Table

  1. The Enerax Document
    A moldy half burnt sulfur smelling document between Enerax the Devouring Maw and some cleric of the light whose name has been burnt away meaning the contract has been fufilled. But a shadow demon guardian named Resobo The Darkened Presence guards it. He ill a double hit point shadow demon with several nasty abilities including the ability to bind mortal through shadow three times per day, Whisper the secret - Cause a mortal's greatest fear to manifest as a phantasm force spell, and the ability collect the whispered longings of a mortal's little sins from their day then let them torment the fool as a Fear spell ( this ability is useable three times per day). Enerax is a demon of thieves, con men, cheats, and princes he likes to eat the eyes of his victims and experience their greatest failures while receding poetry of the damned to them for eternity. Most often invoked for matters of money and power. 
  2. The Veltraxx Contract This book contacts Veltraxx The Wanderer a demonic agent and sorcerer of the lord of distant alleys and libraries. The wanderer is a mage and wizard of wealth and taste whose run of esoteric luck has led him into the study of dead and dying worlds where he claims the souls of great leaders, wizards, and intellectuals by promising them glimpses into highly charged sorcerous realms of the damned. They are changed for the experience and he dines on their souls for eternity but also rents his charges out throughout space and time as his own agents. The book contains 1d6 spells and rites that make sure that the wizard in question is up to the Wanderer's standards for consumption, these spells are tricky and dangerous as well as totally deranged.  A demonic ooze guards this book and will force open its contents for the victim to see and then comes the Wanderer.
  3. The Veridon Pornography
    The Veridon as its called has nothing to do with human perceptions of pornography but everything to do with alien and soul shattering perceptions of copulation and world creation by dark and sinister bio mechanical demons and horrors. The things seem to scuttle just out of perception right over there, 1d4 spells rest within the volume and a minor but hyper intelligent Vrock watches over this book. The thing will appear and ask three questions. Fail to answer correctly and the Veridon biological mechanism will appear to rip the body and soul of the fool apart and have their minds, souls, and bodies added to the demonic mechanical horror. Answer correctly and you gain a toe into the mechanisms of the very foundations of Chaos and the infinity of the Abyss. Mind and soul shattering stuff and you will be eaten later rather then sooner. 
  4. The Nun's Robe of Hyn
    The robe is a silk robe of the finest quality upon which is written the three thousand, three hundred, and thirty three secret names of the Hyn. The Hyn are a special type of hive mind demon that grants immortality of a sort. The Hyn devour their charges after thirty years of blissful service to the damned. The fool becomes a part of the Hyn hive mind mechanism and will live on as a party to the multidimensional never ending horror that is Hyn existence across the alternative worlds and realities of the dimensions in which the Hyn existence all of the time, ceaselessly and without rest. Only the pact maker's lives allow the Hyn to dream and for a bit of time release them from the tedium of living and hellish hyper-dimensional reality. The robe contains 1d6 spells one of which will be Summon Hyn, this is far easier then it sounds.

The Physical Copy of The OSR Adventure - Deep Carbon Observatory From False Machine Publishing For Your Old School Campaign

Deep Carbon Observatory is one of those adventures that gets under your skin and is both a disaster module as well as mini campaign setting all in one. The physical book is perfectly suited for the Lamentations Of The Flame Princess rpg. It's got three things going perfectly for it. The first thing is the adventurers against the weirdness that flows through this adventure like the dark rushing waters theme and the fact that the weirdness factor gets turned up to eleven, then there's the fact that the adventure is well written in an open ended fashion allowing the DM customize it to their DYI campaigns, and finally this physical product is a really perfect balance between the mid range of party adventure and deadly disturbing book. Scrap Princess's artwork is the perfect blend of all of these factors. You can see my review HERE

 The physical artwork is far more imposing onto the mind #@#$ that goes into desperation, malice, and nasty business that's been socked into this ninety two page adventure that leaks with the toxic weirdness that oozes out of Deep Carbon Observatory. This is an adventure in which adventure, opportunity, and murder all collide together in one massive toxic wrapped disaster adventure coupled with some strange monsters coming from the cracks of the pages.
A favorite paperback for size comparison.
 The random tables are easy on the eyes, the prose is very well written by Patrick Stuart, & Scrap Princess.
This is an adventure where opportunity abounds in the rising waters and events of DOC and sometimes those events can and do cut both ways. PC's are going to die in the waters, wastelands, and  
The text is very well laid out and the physical book is far easier to run then the pdf.
 From the encounters to the adventure's path mostly everything here pardon the pun flows together with an old school vibe of the tragic and malevolent in equal turns. I'm very happy to have a physical product instead of a pdf. The lettering is easy on the eyes and the book is well constructed. I do like the binding, its nice and strong.
 There are some nasty pieces of business between the pages and Scrap Princess's art capture's the fury and the power of the raging violence that boarders on David Lynch style energies in places. This is definitely a mid level party adventure with lots of strangeness just waiting to be sprung on your favorite PC's.
 I like the layering of the encounters, the way that the adventure lays itself out in the DM's hands and the style of the writing as well. The encounters here are both nasty but there's a sense of demented whimsy throughout the thing wrapped in a miasma of horror, menace, and utter desolation. Only certain Kult rpg adventures approach this level of strange.
 Graphically the thing is a nice blend of art, weirdness, violence, and old school DYI action packed old school adventure done in a core of Patrick Stuart's writing and design. This isn't a one hit wonder but a waiting hellish and brackish adventure compliemented by Scrap Princess's artwork. This is a completely different level of product then say the TSR era's adventures. This thing get's under your skin and haunts your brain at night whispering hellish secrets to you about the demise of PC's and taunts you to run it.
I love the maps the and the ethos that went into the
design of this little bundle of horrific art and writing. 

Do I think that Deep Carbon Observatory is worth the price of admission? Yes and having a physical copy adds to it's playability by a factor of  two hundred. All in all I can't thank my friend for the gift of this wonderful little book Grab this one before it get's away.