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Free Mars Resource For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign - Barsoom! From Heavy Metal Magazine By Richard A Lupoff

  This is not the article's artwork but its a favorite classic Amazing stories cover featuring one of my
favorite Burroughs stories

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With the Warriors of the Red Planet retroclone due any day now I need a fast way to reintroduce Barsoom to a few jaded old school friends. Some of these folks had never read the Edgar Rice Burroughs classics of Barsoom!  I didn't want to get into a whole lot of hassle but how to give the highlights and put my players in the spirit of the books?
Heavy Metal Magazine had exactly what I needed with this article about Edgar Rice Burroughs and Barsoom. All of the highlights are touched on and there's some excellent old school artwork by Clyde Caldwell in the article as well.
According to the Internet Archive :
Article about author Edgar Rice Burroughs, published in September 1982 issue of Heavy Metal magazine. Illustrated by Clyde Caldwell.
 All of the quick highlights of Barsoom are touched on and the artwork covers most of the major characters, creatures, and Martian races. All in all its not a bad introduction to ERB's Barsoomian adventures and it's a quick read as well. So I thought I'd share with you folks. 

This post is for entertainment and educational  purposes only and no violation of the author nor the artist's trade marks or copy rights is being implied here.
Thank you. 

Review and Commentary On the Pay What You'd Like Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Adventure - The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children On The Dark Corner Blog

 Strap on your sword, your pistol, and grab your armor we're off to look deep into the Doom  Cave Of  The Crystal Children for the Lamentations of The Flame Princess Retroclone
 Right Over
The adventure is on 'Pay What You'd Like' at the moment. So we take a quick view into it on the Dark Corner Blog. 

Review and Commentary On Beneath the Ruins (Psychedelic Fantasies #1) From Geoffrey McKinney For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

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This is the first in the line of Psychadellic Fantasies adventures and its sort of like Robert Howard's Red Nails on crack in a good old school sort of way. The ten page adventure really shows the direction that Geoffrey McKinney  wanted to take with this line of adventures. There's a single level and two sub levels to this one. The encounters are very old school and might work well with an Arduin style of OD&D game play but any retroclone rules set should work well with this one. The play here is balanced but very much in a science fantasy vein. I loved the no frills take on these adventures so far. They hearken back to a time of shag carpeting, lava lamps, and crayons for your basic D&D games.
This is the first in a series of location based adventures and with a bit of imagination, I can see dropping this set right into any place from the post apocalptytic wasteland to Carcosa outback . Everything about this adventure has quick insert into the mid part of a campaign to really liven the action up.  
The Blurb From DrivethruRpg : 
Beneath the Ruins is for low-level adventurers. It is a single level (with two sub-levels) of the author's larger dungeon of Kihago. Never fear! This level is 100% complete as-is, but I hope we can convince Alex to submit further levels of Kihago. This particular level is dominated by two factions. Dull players will try to wipe them all out, and will find themselves on the short end of the stick. Smart players will befriend one or both factions, and then play one against the other.
The dungeon is weird. It has a lot of, dare I say it, psychedelic environments to explore. That is pretty much what the module is: A bizarre, site-based adventure that the players can explore simply because it is there.
Using Beneath The Ruins For Your Old School Campaigns

This is a pure site based adventure and there for can easily be stuck into the wastes of any old school game but because of the nature of the rooms, encounters, monsters, etc. most of this adventure comes under the science fantasy banner. This isn't a bad thing in my humble opinion. I can easily see using this adventure in the vein of Lamentations of the Flame Princess or the Carcosa setting. Blend it into the Unknown Island for a expansion of that book seamlessly for more thrills.
The fact is that this adventure  is really right along the lines of some of the more gonzo aspects of Mutant Future and could be used as part of a more adult Heavy Metal style of Thundarr adventures. This adventure could be used as part of a series of psychedelic mini campaign games.
There are several hooks and lures throughout the adventure for added play and more fun if the party wishes to go further afield and that's a nice plus in my book.
This location could also be used as part of a failed colony on some other forgotten world for X plorers or one of the other science fiction retroclones but the science fantasy would have to be turned up.
All in all this isn't a bad little adventure and its on sale for 2.00 and something with Drivethrurpg's sale. I liked the no frills element of this adventure and the ideas within. 

1d10 Weird Commercial Finds In The Deep Wasteland Ruins Table For Mutant Future Or Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Out in the Wastes your PC's stumble into the middle  of a commercial warehouse and find some thing very odd. Here's a table to help up the level of high weirdness.

1d10 Weird Commercial Finds
Deep in the Wasteland Ruins Table 
  1. A three  meter box containing a giant clown android used for kids parties before the apocalypse that has been reprogrammed with an unknown A.I. module. There is also a brand new power cell and all it needs is to be switched on. 
  2. Half assembled untra light plane with weapons but there is no way to get it out of the space and there is a corpse nearby with a full aviator's suit on. Nearby a deactivated android sits in a chair with a machete. 
  3. Two hundred and sixty two mini toy dolls sits on a work bench. They each carry small weapons, toy replicas of working torture devices, and there are a number of them that resemble the party members in your group. 
  4. Twenty four different cybernetic limbs all the limbs are different and a torso of an android eyes you menacingly from a nearby work bench its vocal apparatus and mouth deactivated. There is a look of vile hatred and horror from its eyes as well but is merely a head and torso. 
  5. A sleep pod containing a flash frozen teenager from some pizza joint whose not supposed to wake up for another seventy years.. A sort of stupid looking red head human. 
  6. A hairy humanoid monkey like claw perfectly preserved with the last three fingers open and the thumb and first finger touching. 
  7. A nuclear powered arch wielder looks like it was just dropped and nearby is the carbon shadow of a very large humanoid. The thing is humming and active, the shadow is warm. There is the psychic imprint of some one who just vanished and nothing more. 
  8. Twenty seven androids each built to resemble famous pre holocaust serial killers, each with the weapons their famous for. Did that one just move? Each one is built with max hit points and is powered by nuclear pellet cells. 
  9. A blob of glowing mutagen compound has been spilled on the floor. The stuff glows with an evil purple and green glow. Make a mutation check here! 
  10. A strange three dimension printing device which is active and is pouring out living humanoid flesh by the gallon. If not deactivated the stuff will fill the room with hungry hair humanoid flesh with nasty teeth capable of doing 1d8 points of damage to anyone within reach. 

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Spider Bait - A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

This encounter takes place around the wastes of New Jersey, the PC's are called in by the Mutant Underground to help escort a very special cargo. They'll be meeting an armored currier/guardsmen transporting a much needed plague serum to the main Jersey city state. Where it will be used by several up lifted mutant species to control a bio plague that has been released on to the general populace by a Black Knight operative working within the city state.
At least that's the story that John the mutant rat humanoid  MU contact that speaks with the characters. He's offering the PC's one major artifact, a map with scavenging rights to a rich set of ruins just outside the former city of  Atlantic City. In addition to 300 gold pieces in cash.
The players are to meet the courier knight in power armor Mercy and her climate controlled serum vault. Mercy is wearing standard old army power armor and armed with an assault rifle, heavy stunner, and several other weapons systems. She's friendly outgoing and completely professsional. She makes some small chitchat but is every inch the 4th level fighter in her armor.
File:US Army powered armor.jpg
The route to the city state through the wasteland will be frought with some heavy encounters and Mercy will save the PC's to try and prevent damage to them.
1d10 Random Jersey Wasteland Encounters Table 

  1. A band 1d8  of 3rd level fighter ratoid mutant bikers on armored bikes and wielding assault rifles.
  2. A flock of 1d6 mutant raptor dinosaurs  hell bent on eating the PC's 
  3. A group of 1d10 cultists on a hover speeder armed with twin mounted laser cannons. 
  4. A band of  1d20 mutant raiders in scrap automobiles armed with laser carbines looking for easy pickings. 
  5. A flock 1d8  heavy carnivorous mutant flying monkeys looking for artifacts and their next meal 
  6. Six giant mutant slugs blocking a section of the road. These bastards regenerate as trolls and there's a twenty percent chance of some large chunk of one of these things developing into a whole within a couple of rounds. 
  7. A robotic drone armed with hell fire mini missiles working for a local A.I. warlord. They'll try to take your PC's out. 
  8. A giant protoplasmic blob blocks half of the road and will dissolve tires and flesh in equal measure if one of these can get a hold of a PC's vehicle\
  9. A band of 1d10 organ leggers on motor bikes armed with heavy stunners and laser swords so they can get your PC's as after market parts. 
  10. A star spawn of Cthulhu bursts from a nearby temple/ruin complex and there is a 40% chance of this horror attacking the PC's and causing major disaster to the nearby mutant population.

    What's really going on is hat there is a corpse within the serum vault box and the eggs are about to burst open. Mercy will try to open up the cell  on the PC's. The PC's are actually to be he little ones first meal and are to be kept alive as the PC's are going to used to hide several egg sacs within the party's remaining still living corpses . They will serve Eros far better this way and will have a purpose that few in the wasteland can experience.
    Mercy is actually one of the Ero, mutant spiders who know use others to spread the corruption of their species. Mercy has chosen the PC's carefully because of their  success with other mutant menaces in the wasteland. 

The ERO 

 Find Out More On The Ero Over At Chris Van Deelen's Blog 

No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90” (30’)
AC: 4 (0 in armored form)
HD: 10
Attacks: 2 stingers or 4 stingers or by weapon
Damage: 1d4 / 1d4 + poison or 1d4 / 1d4 / 1d4 / 1d4+ poison or by weapon
Save: L10
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: I, II, III, VIII, and 1d4 various weapons (high tech, melee, primitive left up to the Mutant Lord)

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons, xenomorphism), clinging, dietary requirement change (blood) (d), increased physical attribute (strength), metamorph (modified), toxic weapon (class 11 or class 17 poison), web
Source: Miss Arrow from the Spider-Man comics.

Free Swords and Wizard Setting - Doug Eastley's Swords Of Mars Setting From The Savage Swords of Anathor Blog

The planet Mars
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 The setting is a google doc. on the right hand side of the blog
under archives

This is an eleven page mini Mars setting that works with the Swords and Wizardry retroclone. While I await my Warriors of Mars book from LuLu. This micro campaign outline contains a wealth of little add ins that the author has included 
  • A full Martian sand box with plenty of room for expansion and a few old school adventure lurers for PCs 
  • Tribes and variants to play with with and add as the DM sees fit  
  • Details and add ins on culture, religion, technology, and more old school style tropes to get the adventures rolling. 
  • Beginning city state location with just enough of an  outline to get the PC's motivated 
  • Fully customizable sand box  setting
    All of this material is free to use and done completely in the old school tradition and its perfect for an OD&D campaign set or a Swords and Wizardry game. I got a chance to take a look at the Warriors of Mars game on Friday and while the material will work with that book. There is going to have to be some work on the DM's part to modify and adapt certain features. Mars is a huge planet and this shouldn't pose a problem to any old school DM at all. This setting like all of the Savage Swords of Athanor material is well done and of a very nice old school quality. All in all this is a really nice free old school sand box of Barsoomian goodness just waiting to be used.
    The Savage Swords of Anathor blog also has a ton of support material for the Swords of Mars setting as well waiting to be utilized. This is really nicely done free OD&D setting. 

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Review and Commentary On The Free Charlton Comic book Classic Outer Space Issue #18 For Your Old School Space Opera Campaigns

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Way back in the late Fifties and early Sixties, space exploration was a very trick thing in the public imagination and television such as the Twilight Zone and comics reflected this. Same as this cover with a test pilot getting his cock pit widow punched in by a sky ogre something related to that gremlin thing that terrifies William Shatner's character on that famous plane right through the skies of the Twilight Zone.  And a much slicker version later tortures John Lithgow's  character in the Twilight Zone movie which brings us to this issue of Outer Space issue #18 by Charlton Comics.
Outer Space was a comic that was chalk full of science fantasy anthology goodness in the Charlton comics tradition. Now free in the public domain this issue can be used as fodder for any number of  mini adventures or quick encounters for your old school campaigns. This issue starts off with 'First On Mercury'. the story starts out with some vintage comic book rocket sci fi porn. Love the design of the rocket ship, it looks like an atomic drive or an ion drive for inter system planetary exploration. We get a look at a pretty nice little Mercurian life form that could be used for any number of encounters but this story makes an excellent 'quick encounter' for Xplorers.
'The Old Robot" introduces an obsolete robot and his upstart replacement, things don't go well for the upstart as the original unit Robbo gets a new body by story's end. If you need an experienced robotic NPC unit then Robbo just might be your unit. According to the story he served a variety of masters and might come into your party's hands. He might also be out in the wasteland of some lost post apocalyptic wasteland. Not bad NPC style characters but the story is a bit insipid.
" For  Amusement Only" introduces a quick mutant plant apocalyptic world wide event, this might make an excellent alternative Earth encounter point or as another Prime Material plane infested with a variety of mutant plant menaces. The story also introduces a nice generic planet of super science villains in the form of Zoba in the sixth magnitude. A whole planet that a DM could easily write in the background of his choice.
 Space Dictionary gives a whole cloth background of science terms and such from the comic book's astronomical background. Vintage but of little use to me except as a curiosity.
 'Assignment Treason' is perfect old school pulp sci fi fodder for an adventure encounter with a twist. The villain is vile if minor in this one and a party could make short work of the plot. This a good one for either a vintage Stars Without Number or an X plorers interlude mid game encounter.
 'Repair Stop' is an amusing little story with a nice little cross over potential with an old school D&D style adventure but it might mean breaking the story's actual premise. Shrugs. The other bit here is a nice design for a technological race in the form of the wooden faced humanoids. They might actually be a cool NPC race for players to encounter.
 All in all Outer Space issue #18 is a pretty good little download, the stories are not going to spark a science fantasy revolution.But they  make some clever and interesting mid level gaming encounters and minor adventure events between major action points in a science fantasy campaign. All in all not a bad download for a free comic book from Charlton. 

Review And Commentary On The Jester Dragon's Random Tavern Generator From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns

The Jester Dragon's Random Tavern Generator

Grab It Right Over
For Pay What You'd Like 

Taverns are the life blood of every single adventure in every edition in D&D! I have a love/hate relationship with taverns in OD&D style games. For me they've become the end point of an adventure and not the beginning unless they're actually the focal point of an adventure.
I've been in plenty of taverns in my time having a pint and no one really wants to be disturbed while trying to quietly concentrating on their drinking. This has in the past been grounds for murder. Look to the American Old West for plenty of examples.
 That being said because of the trope of every single adventure beginning in a tavern, a DM can use this to his advantage. This is where The Jester Dragon's Random Tavern Generator comes in very handy. With this 'little pay what you'd like' set of tables a DM can whip up with a few percentile dice 'the establishment' of their dreams.
The term tavern here can mean anything from modern bar to post apocalyptic still cell and distrillery. This set of tables can handle it all. With a toss of a few percentile dice the DM can easily add in a place where adventurers can spend their hard earned coin and get a room for the evening as well. Here's where you can add in a game of chance or two in some of the back rooms for added colour.
With a bit more imagination this product could generate an 'Old Earth' tavern aboard your favorite space station or FTL station and refueling point. A few more tosses and there might be a connection to the local space pirate guild. Because of the system neutral nature of the Jester Dragon product you can use or break the player expectations as you want or need to as a DM.
The system neutral nature of this generator makes this a great tool to play with. Regardless of edition or style of game , you'll have the drinking and social center you need, right when you need it.
For sword and planet games, taverns and bars are more then a passing fancy, water bars in desert planet games are one of the most over looked elements in game campaigns sporting a Frank Herbert Dune or Barsoomian aspect. These establishments offer the weary traveler food, water, drink, and more. A few tosses and you get some solidly otherworldly offerings that will actually fit the local back drop.
The whole eight page product is more of a tavern tool kit then simply a set of tables if you need or want another set of tables to play with. Personally a DM can't have too many monsters or old school tables. Grab this one, some dice, and a bit of paper for some notes and instantly you've got the making of someplace different for your old school games.
 All in all this was a great little  product to play with. 

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Blood On The Pavement - Mutant Epoch Rpg Post Apocalyptic Campaign Adventure Encounter- An Actual Play Interlude Part III

Tonight's game saw the PC's running into the underworld right off the Global Highway and facing down all sorts of vermin while shadowing some rather nasty half Skullock road pirates and performing a snatch and grab on one of their prisoners. They dealt with the road pirate strike force and retreated as quick as they could out of the underworld while making not of the location for future exploration of this close by megadungeon. It took some solid sneaking around and quiet killing to not get nailed by a family  of mutant ogres living near the exit to
They found out that the skullock victim was a member of the nomad pack that they had done trading with two games ago and was the cause of a whole pack of trouble in the first place with the Skullock Nation between Boston and New York.

The party met up with the Neo Caravan that they'd be traveling with since the first game and dealt with a whole pack of trouble as they got caught in the cross fire between the Road Pirates and nomad pack of fifteen vehicles. By the time it was over the nomads were in bad repair and the party managed to explode a good portion of the scrap motorcycles the road pirates were using on their raid.
There's been an on going series of battles,revenges, and minor blood feuds with the cannibalistic mutant bastards since this campaign started and while the party were trading, repairing, and sharing notes with the nomads they found out why. The nomads had stumbled upon the road pirates raiding the ruins of an old National Guard armory and did a 'smash and grab' on the booty of the pirates.
It seems that road pirates were looting old military hardware and one of the PC's detected a minor radioactive signature coming from an atomic energy cell the nomads had that had been hit by a stray bullet. The energy cell would run the laser cannon that the nomads had back at their base but it seemed that it would also power a nasty laser weapon the road pirates have. So began the running battle with the road pirates. The PC's were given the location of the armory ruins as payment which takes them deep into the Skullock Nation territory and more deep wasteland exploration but first they've got to do some repair work on their own megatruck.

So now its a matter of repair, plan, and move along back down the road.


Fish Wife Games Waste Land Nomads Set One
The NPC from last night's game are actually from Dave Woodrum's Fish Wife Games Wasteland Nomad's set one. This group of adventurers was chosen because they're  a party of adventurers living on the edge.
 That's available right over

Wasteland Nomads, Set 1

This group of NPC's has crisscrossed paths with my PC's multiple times and helped the PC's out of several minor jams as well as been a source of trade to help the PC's spend their cash, trade items, and more.
There have also been several minor trade bazaars and markets where the PC's have had a few dust ups with these NPC's. Here's the Rpgnow blurb:
Set 1: An Unnamed Group Of Survivors
The first set of nomads in this series is an unnamed group of 15 different post apocalyptic survivors. Originally compromised of a handful of folks merely seeking out a peaceful, resource rich location to settle down in and call home, the group has grown to include a number of unsavory characters with greedy, lustful, and/or bloodthirsty intentions. Led by a man named Jonas, the nomadic pack wanders the major highways as they seek out resources and hopefully a permanent location to settle down into.

Pages: 8

I've done some major overhauls and customization to this group including making some members mutants, adding cybernetics, and killing off some minor NPC's to really get the players involved with the storyline. My modifications fit the style of this post apocalyptic campaign. As always your mileage may vary. 

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Blood on the Pavement - Mutant Epoch Rpg Post Apocalyptic Campaign Adventure Encounter- An Actual Play Interlude Part II

In tonight's game my players are going to be going through an underworld hell, in an huge underground parking garage that has been hollowed out and into three other buildings as a huge underground mega-dungeon setting of interconnected ruins below the ground just outside of Boston And New York city.
They'll also  have deal with a road pirate strike team that's looking for a relic in this Skullock infested hole in the ground as well. There's a museum, several high end stores, and perhaps a mini mall here as well. What could the road pirates be looking for and have they called in back up?

Of course! There are several smaller groups of muties living inside this mega dungeon not to mention vermin and worse living six feet below the wasteland surface along the Global Highway! There's bound to be road combat as well as a 'fortress mega truck brings in much needed numbers of vile scum and barbarian warriors to wreck our heroes day!
 What the PC's don't know about is an ambush from the road pirates down the road from their present loot spot! 

Warriors Of The Red Planet Rpg System Ordered & On Its Way!

For months I've been following the Warriors Of The Red Planet blog posts across the blogsphere here and there.  I love everything I read about the game book.So much so that the fiancee ordered the book from Lulu for my birthday! Big thank you honey!  But what about the game system and background. The whole book is one big love letter to the major science fantasy authors who made Mars the home for their characters.
 Even though this was a Beta edition, a ton of hard work went into it. The game system seems to be a variant on OD&D according to the Platemail forums:
"WotRP is OD&D reimagined with Sword & Planet content. So Imagine - the exact same rules (with some minor simplification and clarification) but all the flavor: classes, spells, creatures, treasures are replaced with Sword & Planet themed content.

It has a new system called Weird Science (which functions much like a unique form of magic), and it has a fast-playing ship-to-ship combat system inspired by, but not exactly like anything from OD&D."

Grab It In Print

There are Four PC classes : Fighting Man, Scoundrel, Mentalist, and Scientist. As well the optional Sorcerer of the Black Gate ( a sort of Conan sword and sorcery homage with a good bit of Jack Vance thrown in).
There are also four races as well : Human, Exotic (natives roll once for color, once for distinguishing trait such as plant based, four armed, and more.)Unliving, Ancients, And Elevated (Uplifted beasts) 

From what I've seen it looks like this can easily be run with Swords and Wizardry as the preferred OSR game engine or original Dungeons and Dragons. What really got me going on this one was the description on Lulu :
A roleplaying game in the tradition of classic 70's style RPG's also known as OSR. Warriors of the Red Planet captures the "Sword and Planet" genre of science fantasy romance, inspired by the works of Burroughs, Vance, Moorcock, Kline, Norman and others. This is a Beta edition. Which means it is a fine working RPG, but could still use some playtesting and editing to polish it.

Review And Commentary On The Jester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns

The Jester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator

Grab It Right Over
For Pay What You'd Like
To be honest with you folks as a DM about 90% of my adventurers have ever met in a Tavern. They've mostly met in the common rooms of brothels. These establishments of ill repute are the life blood of every single old school adventure campaign I've run as a DM. The reasons are simple - every town in the Old West had one and their great sources of information. On my Post Apocalyptic Mars games, cat houses were in every single city state and these places were where the information/assassins/thieves guilds all had contacts and operated under the surface.
You'll also find cat houses operating in sci fi locations as well such as various space stations and the like where they provide medical services for wary spacers as well the usual paid favors.
In sword and sorcery games these places are not only the norm but expected places where adventurers men and women are separated from their loot. Many are underwritten by various cults and religious organizations having ties to thieves guilds and other less savory organizations.
 Even in the Mutant Epoch games these houses operate for mutant adventurers on the roads between towns providing various valuable services to their customers besides the usual bevy of sexual entertainment.
 Skirmisher Publishing has a wonderful little system agnostic random generators which can easily manufacture such places from the ground up in eleven pages. This makes coming up with everything needed for the brothel of your dreams a snap.
 According to the Drivethrurpgblurb:
From worlds of swords-and-sorcery to libertine space colonies, a lot can happen in a brothel. Intrigue, romance, murder, and all extremes of pleasure and disappointment wait behind the green door and under the red lanterns of seedy fleshpots and high-class seraglios. If you want to bring a little exoticism, eroticism, and bawdy fun into your campaign, you go straight to the brothel. But who has the time to invent an all-new house of ill repute every time the adventurers stagger into town, heavy with coin and flushed with blood? Lucky for you, the Jester Dragon has brothels on the brain. So get out your dice and let the sweaty hand of fate create the brothel for your campaign needs!

Using the 
The Jester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator
 From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns
The Jester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator
As I said above this is a great little generator that you never knew you needed. This one can provide you with everything you need for a wide variety of campaigns and allows you to keep the tavern as an unexpected adventure location as well as meeting place. Here's everything you need to generate any number of such establishments and go from there. With the name generators for pimps and madame there's endless possibilities here.
I've used madame as the heads of Thieves and assassin guilds numerous times and every single time the PC's never saw it coming. This list allows a greater sense of depth to be given to such NPC's which is one of the reasons that I love this product. Its the sense of depth that allows a DM to really create their own customization piece of sleazy low life goodness for their campaigns.
 Another thing that these houses allow one do is fill in bits and pieces of history, technology, etc. for their campaigns. Need to know what happened during the establishment of that space colony? Look to the red light district for multiple generations of adventurers and spacers who passed through the halls of this house or that place.
Where could that powerful artifact have gone in the sword and sorcery campaign? Has it simply vanished into wasteland surrounding the city state taken by a wizard? Nawww it was used as payment by the barbarian warrior to his favorite little strumpet and she in turn sold it to the pawn shop down the way or has it in a vault as part of her 'retirement' fund.
Brothels can provide endless adventure opportunities and this is a sold generator list that can be used to craft and create adventure opportunities on the fly with a flick of the dice or as part of a series of careful rolls that can craft the house of sin of your wicked imagination to twist PC's in knots. 

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1d10 Random Minor Artifacts From The Deep Wasteland Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Your PC comes across an item of minor power that will give them a slight advantage in the wasteland but will not upset the balance of power. Here is a table of a few minor treasures to tease and cause mayhem to your PC's in the wastelands.

1d10 Random Minor Artifacts From The Deep Wasteland Table
  1. A large man's ring with a cut ruby like crystal, the ring is a minor computer that contains a record of every transaction by its owner. The computer displays its images with holographic screens. Worth 200 gold pieces. 
  2. A cut prism crystal that contains the Beatles entire record collection. The prism displays the contents as holograms and data as interactive holograms. Worth about 300 gold pieces. 
  3. A lady's ring that contains the complete genetic mock up of that person including a full medical work up and detailed records. The ring is worth 500 gold pieces for the information to the right buyer 
  4. An android hand that has seven fingers and a small laser diode weapon capable of doing 1d4 worth damage per shot and a total of  ten shots. A range of forty feet and a small solar cell built in for recharging. Worth 200 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  5. A small pocket watch that actually contains a satellite link up, the watch has a sensor suite build into it. Worth 400 gold pieces on the open market. 
  6. A small wrist watch device that projects an exact holographic replica of the user. Capable of being projected over 100 yards from the device. Worth 200 gold pieces with 9 charges built in. Takes a single dime sized power cell for 4 years. 
  7. Crystal telepathic device capable of telepathic communication over a ten mile radius.  The device is usual by anyone. Those with psychic telepathic mental mutations are capable of tapping into the device. These devices are often used by pro mutant groups with super science ties. Worth 100 gold pieces, these devices are sort of uncommon though out the South Western Altered States. 
  8. A hover skate board with a full charge. Capable of being electronically being linked into other boards. 400 gold pieces in value. 
  9. An electric flash light with crystal lens built in that allows one to see hidden and invisible objects. This power drains the battery of three charges each time it is used. The device is capable of turning on its ability with a turn of a ring.  Worth 300 gold pieces. 
  10. A pair of sunglasses with the ability to track and see spirits and other psychic entities. The glasses will attract the notice of any Lovecraftian horrors who can also be seen with these. Wearing the glasses for 4 hours or more will cause  massive migraines. The user will be at -1 on all rolls as the unreality of the local space time continuum messes with the wearer's mind. Worth 200 gold pieces. 

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Neo -Trader Encounters Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

File:Newar caravan in tibet.jpg
When adventuring in the deep wastes of the post apocalyptic world, one never knows who or what a PC will come across. In the wastes of the Altered States, Neo traders ply their trade along the ancient former highways and byways of  'Merica. Here's a very small random sampling of some of the wanders of the waste.

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Neo - Traders Encounter Table 
  1. A small family of mutant reptilians trading in electronics and bullets for all caliber of guns. They also have a fine selection of water filtration units as well. These folks are Orthodox Set worshipers following the rolling storms of the wastes and making the occasional quick buck in the name of trade. There are a family of 1d8 traders and first level fighters. Very patient and friendly, they don't push their religious views only their goods. 
  2. A  mutant/cyborg robot slave trader moving along with his highly specialized group of 1d10 androids who think nothing of moving groups of robotic slaves of all types. Willing to trade parts for units. Specializes in former sexoids and smokes highly dubious hallucinogenic substances from a water pipe as well. 
  3. A humanoid fungoid man wrapped in deep white robes who specializes in medical spores and cures for all types of wasteland medical issues. A 3rd level cleric of the Shroom god and his attendants. Trades for skin samples and urine from humanoids for services. Loves gems as well. 
  4. A strange demonically seeming mutant who trades arms and armors, enjoys trading stories of bloodletting and combat. Smiles with a mouth full of needle like canines and uses his retractable tongue to clean his face of sand and grit. Rides upon a giant mutant insect, he is served by several other weird cloned riders who ride similar mounts. Surprisingly friendly and outgoing. Trades for artifacts and some jewelry on the side. Loves candy. 4th level fighter and good with energy weapons 
  5. A strange pure strain human mount man on a cybernetic mount who loves old electronics and gold. Works on all types of mechanisms and watches. Has a facial tick and a slight limp in his left leg. Swears in English and Binary code from time to time. 
  6. A flock of mutant birds of an evil disposition who are actually some of the most accomplished jewelers and toy makers. They love to trade small bits of plastic and crystal for minor artifacts but they must be small. Very easy to get along with but with very nasty dispositions if cheated. 
  7. A strange mutant slug/humanoid combination who trades in cloned parts and cybernetics. His slime is a preservative and germfree medium. An accomplished surgeon as well and a 3rd level cleric of the 'Mutant messiah'. Rides a mutant donkey and every fighter, adventurer, etc. owes him a favor so harming this being would be unwise. Very easy going and friendly. 
  8. A troupe of actors and mutant mimes who are also information brokers and telepathic traders specializing in dreams and memories. They trade small artifacts and move about on giant mutant dragon flies. They trade information for horse flesh for their mounts and know this area well. 
  9. A giant multi armed and handed  mutant humanoid who trades pre apocalyptic sheet music for trade goods. He plays four instruments at once and is a popular draw at local watering holes. Rides a very large mutant mount with an ugly disposition. 
  10. A trader specializing in dangerous substances for mutant pest control. This trader is always on the look out for poison glands, tendrils, etc. from the most dangerous of the wasteland's creatures. Sells antidotes for all kinds of critters and is willing to trade favors as well. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vault #16 - A Mutant Future Encounter or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

 Out in the middle of the New Mexican desert something has been stirring. A new super science group has been excavating out in the desert near the infamous Vault 42. The Alliance is a group of fringe super scientists who were looking for the Vault made infamous by the vile experiments that were performed there by scientists on some of the very first of the Neo Mutant species to emerge in the Shadow Years.
The PC's will be contacted by one of the so called Three AM Hunter groups, a loose confederation of mutant monster hunters and investigation groups that has emerged in the so called Altered States of  Merica. They lost contact with one of their cells operating in the area and want your group with the strike force that their sending in. They're willing to pay your group 2 major artifacts and 50 gold pieces each to the PC's for the mission.
There are several smaller underground communities clustered around the El Diago area of  the former state of New Mexico. Parts of the area have dug in homes where a mix of human, mutant, and pure strain live and work together. The homes are underground because of the harmful cosmic rays that bath the place frequently causing 1d4 points of damage per round of exposure. PH 9000 sunblock will help with the exposure but between the Mutant Giant Gila Monsters, the mutated Rattle Snakes, and worse. These communities hire groups of 2nd level fighter mutant monster hunter to help out with such problems. That was before Vault #16 was covered and the coming of the Feasters.

Photo by Wordbuilder - Own work
Travel down is by heavily armed truck and there will be an encounter with several different minor monsters including 1d8 road pirates as well as a mutant giant spider to keep things interesting.
 Things around the town will reveal a ghost town with mutant plants already taking over several businesses and establishments.

Photo by  Wordbuilder - Own work

A search will reveal several badly mangled vehicles, some wreckage, and the remains of several strange canisters. These canisters will have former USA markings on them. By night fall 4d6 adult Feasters will show up and begin to get up to their usual tricks. They are hungry and very horny. Another 2d6 will show up in a half an hour and try to slaughter everyone present. By dawn they will with draw to their nearby home. Vault 16 was a government funded proto type lab where the Feasters were originally planed to be stored for deployment. The Alliance triggered the activation of this vault with its secret uncovered. The Feasters are trained to return home to their secret base. The party has forty eight hours to wrap up all investigations in the community before a crack Alliance death squad of cyborg troopers is send in to wipe the monsters out, collect intelligence, and execute anyone it finds. 

Grab More Information Right Over On Chris Van Deelen's Blog
No. Enc: 4d6
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 120’ (40’)
AC: 5
HD: 8
Attacks: 1 bite and two claws
Damage: 2d4+3 / 2d6+3 / 2d6+3
Save: L8
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: None

Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism, natural weapons), bizarre appearance (d), dietary change requirement (meat) (d), toxic weapon (acid vomit)
Source: Feast 1, 2, and 3.

 Vault 16 is a high tech state of the art hole in the ground located not to far from the communities. There are extensive labs, and enough science equipment to make the PC's rich unfortunately the place has become a slaughter house/ breeding pit for the monsters. The equipment and artifacts are mostly intact. But a death squad of Alliance officers will come to slaughter anything that they find.
The vault is a three level location with labs, accommodations, and generally enough to survive any apocalyptic event. There are 1d30 Feasters nesting in this location currently. Remember the clock is ticking on this vault. There are  a set of small nuclear devices placed at key points through out the complex to cause it to self destruct. The PC can not let a single Feaster live or the cycle of depravity will continue.