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Fourth of July Carnage - A Warlords of The Outer Worlds Campaign Update & Actual Play Event

So here comes some  Fourth of July carnage over the weekend,its already raining at a good clip here in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut. So here's what's going on for tonight's game. The party is going to have to deal with a bunch of slavers for tonight's game. These mercs have been hired to collect slaves for experimentation by a patron of weird aspect. Now its off into the woods of Canaan while ducking Voltamen patrols and trying to free slaves. Then there's dealing with the various alien merc forces as well.
The PC's have been burning through treasure to cover ammo, taxes, places to stay, etc., the campaign has taken on a French resistance meets old school wasteland post apocalyptic survival in the wilds of the Connecticut wasteland. Fantastic Heroes and Witchery's pulp rules have been very well received.

Neo England's Connecticut has been a mix of pulp, gonzo science fantasy, post apocalyptic wasteland material, HP Lovecraft, New England folk lore, precode Planet Comics, Venger Satanis,  
& even more bizarre bits from various OSR products. Especially  Lusus Naturae by Rafael Chandler
& Gennifer Bone's  strangely grotesque and evocative artwork. The pdf book has bunch of appendixes that have been updated. If you already bought the pdf, then do yourself a favor and discard the old one and grab a new copy. This book has been too damn useful to me to simply just use it as a monster manual for LoFP which it was never meant to be, the book is a primer in NPC creation with at its heart a methodology of over arching relationships between vile NPC's and monsters. Its very hard to know which one is which in this book. Lusus Naturae is the type of book I wish I had four years ago running back to back Carcosa and other LoFP titles, but its damn useful for villain and NPC design.

Meanwhile the classic precode Lost World Planet comics aspect of this world plays merry havoc with the PC's lives. The Lost World is probably the biggest influence and I've used whole cloth chunks of this series from Planet Comics for years. According to Wiki :
The Lost World - The Red Comet was replaced by "The Lost World," which appeared in issues #21-69, as the lead feature (becoming one of the longest-running strips) featuring Hunt Bowman. The first episode was drawn by Palais, with Viscardi taking over for issue #22.[1][2] Set in the 33rd century, Bowman was a guerrilla-fighter (alongside Lyssa, Queen of the Lost World) against the reptilian Voltamen, conquerors of Earth. (Miller notes that "[i]n #24 Hunt and Lyssa returned to Earth... [and] never returned to the Lost World.") In issue #36, the duo were joined by "3 more Earth people," named Bruce, Robin, and Bonnie.[1] Later episodes were drawn by Ingels (c. #24-31), Lily Renée (#32-49), and George Evans (#50-64).
The other series which has been mined and pillaged over and over again has been Auro, Lord of Jupiter. This series had a weird Flash Gordon, Tarzan, and post apocalyptic alien jungle tales feel to it making it perfect fodder for my game campaign add in the weird alien races and it's been a win/win for me.  Here's more information on Auro Lord of Jupiter
Auro, Lord of Jupiter – Two different characters of this name appeared in Planet Comics. The first incarnation was the son of Professor Hardwich, and appeared in most issues between #1-29. He was essentially an outer space version of Tarzan, where Auro was "befriended by a saber tooth tiger," stranded on Jupiter with "muscles... as strong as steel" thanks to the higher gravitational pull of the planet. The best artwork on the first series of Auro stories was, wrote Miller, "by Raphael Astarita,"[1] whose name Jerry Bails and Hames Ware spell "Rafael".[7] Auro's second incarnation started 11 issues after his first ended, in issue #41, when a young scientist named Chester Edson "crashes on Jupiter," and his "spirit is transferred into the body of [the original] Auro," who is thus resurrected as a Flash Gordon-esque hero.[1] Miller names Dick Charles as the main writer of both series; Bails and Ware list only Richard Case and Herman Bolstein.[3] Auro was illustrated by a number of different artists, among them Doolin, Graham Ingels, and Astarita.[2] Miller suggests that August Froelich drew the appearance in issue #41, and says that Ingels "was the last artist."

So tonight our intrepid crew of murderous adventurers make their way into wilds of Canaan to tackle this latest threat to their freedom!
Happy Fourth of July folks happy old school gaming with your family and friends this holiday!

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Fire Cracker Goblins For Your Old School Campaigns

Some of the most hated monsters from Fairyland who  appear around the Fourth of July are the Fire cracker goblins, these monsters have the glamor guise of charming  childlike humanoids dressed in Nineteenth Century children's garb or costumes. These little horrors want to cause the maximum amount of carnage and chaos, they often tempt others to do their dirty work for them. Maiming and murder are two these goblin species favorite games
They have the ability to produce a seemingly endless array of fireworks, fire crackers, rockets, and roman candles up to seven times per day from behind their backs. These little twisted bastards may charm person up to three times per day, this is often used to create accomplices to their fiendish activities. They often tempt small children and teens into helping them in their wanton acts of destruction. They leave at the first sign of trouble.

There is something not quite right about these creatures and they have a pyromaniac's gleam in their eyes. They also have the ability affect normal fires, produce flame, fairy lights, create fire balls, and cause a delayed fire ball reaction within their fire works.

Fire Cracker Goblins 
Frequency: Rare 
Number appearing: 1-12 
Armor Class: 6
Dex: 8 
Hit Dice : 1-7 
% In Lair: 30% 
Treasure Type: Individuals: M 
Trophies taken from victims 
No of Attacks: 2 
Damage/Attacks: 1-6  or  By Weapon or Ability 
Special Attacks: See Below 
Special Defenses: Glamour disguise 
Magic Resistence: Standard 
Intelligence: Low To Average 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size: Small (4 ft tall) 
Psionic Ability: Nil 
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil 

Fire Cracker Goblins are drawn to events of celebration and good cheer, they prone to mayhem, murder, and merriment. They also moonlight as saboteurs, assassins, and  fifth column operators for hire. They will work for the promise of blood shed and horror. They're true face reveals the dark twisted underpinnings of their existences. As Fire Cracker Goblins drop their guise and rough, twisted, faces of not quite finished beings of evil are revealed. Those who these beings as they truly will be subject to fear as per the spell.
These goblins are known to torment and torture animals and family pets taking great delight in cats and dogs especially, so much so that some communities have standing bounties of  fifty or more gold pieces per goblin corpse. Fire Cracker goblins are well hated by fey kind, who regard these beings as terrorists and the worst examples of Fey kind to grace the unreality of fairyland itself.
Due to the dark and evil outlook of these pint sized little horrors fire cracker goblins have found employment with wizards, wasteland warlords, and other monsters as mid tier agents and guardians. They're brand of murder and mayhem works very effectively in certain twisted dungeons and ruins where the firecracker goblin's talents are appreciated and encouraged. They're true calling is for the July Fourth holiday when the explosions and merriment of the wasteland communities draws these horrors in by the score. Many adventurers play cat and mouse games with these twisted Fey only to lose as these twisted bastards draw the adventurers into traps where these monsters operate with impunity.

The Machine Men of Ardathia Faction of Neo England For Your Old School Campaigns

There are particularly loathsome examples of  exo-humanity that have taken full advantage of the dimensional and time space anomalies of Neo England.  The Machine Men of Ardathia are one such faction of beings who think nothing of using their advanced super science vast mental powers to  begin experimenting on the unsuspecting peoples of Connecticut. They have a very difficult time relating to mutants and humans as individuals, have very little regard to the 'primitives' around them. To them all of the world around them is a laboratory for experimentation and a Petri dish full of experimental chattel. They have moved far beyond the mere bounds of time and space as we know them and come from an alternative Earth 37,000 years in the future. They seem to have a fixation upon the Elves of Canaan Ct at the moment but these whims could easily change at a moment's notice.The Machine Men of Ardathia  are a race of highly evolved and mutated species of human who are enclosed in a special tube proto-matter that exists outside of normal space time. This tube is where they will live throughout their long lives and it contains a vast array of super science devices including ray projectors capable of disintegrating and damaging matter or flesh in a radius of sixty feet. A save vs device is needed to halve the damage of these insidious devices effects. These beings have a 60% chance of  having a super science device to simulate many of the common effects of black or grey magic spells. Should they be killed their crypto occult super science systems will explode  in a flash of radioactive energy doing 3d6 points of damage to anyone within a 20 foot area. Unless the proper saves are made.
Sealed within a tube of trans energy proto-matter, these beings are immune to spells or the following attack forms : charm, sleep, enfeeblement, polymorph,cold, electricity,insanity, death or death spells or symbols. The Machine men are only recent travelers to the local space time continuum and are still new to the cross dimension exploration. These beings have a very difficult time relating to other life forms as truly feeling and thinking beings. They are curious,methodical, and utterly without conscious or morals, they view other life forms as experimental fodder. After a lengthy telepathic investigation or cross examination in the native life form's tongue the Machine Man will experiment, kidnap his victim or there is a 40% chance this being may try to exterminate the being. Seeing such a primitive life form as nothing more then a pest.

The Machine Men of Ardathia Faction of  Neo England

Frequency: Very Rare 
No Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 0 
Move: 6" telekinesis movement
Hit Dice 11+1 
% in Lair : 90% 
Dex :6 
Treasure Type: A
Mostly artifacts and
treasures of the era the machine men are observing and manipulating
No Attacks: 2 
Damage/Attack:1-10 Energy Base Weapon Attacks
Special Attacks: See Below 
Special Defenses: +1 or Better weapons To Hit 
Magic Resistance: 45%
Intelligence: Genius to Supra Genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil 
Size: M
Psionic Ability : 101 to 200
Attack/Defense Mode : B,C,D

The Machine Men of Ardathia are a highly dangerous and truly unpredictable race almost totally alien to the human and mutant races of Neo England. They will only be encountered singularly and very rarely at that.They have been found within dungeons,ruins, and other adventure locations researching, plotting, and investigating such locations as though searching for some lost or ancient fact. There have been reports of  The Machine Men of Ardathia coming into conflict or having rivalries with the Titans of legend. 

They have employed a wide variety of adventurers and outlaws to carry out their alien and rather twisted goals in Neo England. These beings have been seen acting as patrons for mercenaries, road pirates, outlaws, and other criminals as they find such inimical enterprises stimulating as though it was part of some twisted and sick game. Vastly psionic these beings often experience the violence and evil of their minions. Yet why such powerful beings would even bother with 'lesser' life forms remains unknown. There have been those who have reported finding these beings working for the Lords of Order but to what end is unknown. The Machine Men remain a very dangerous and bizarre faction in the world of Neo England.

The Machine Men of Ardathia are from a story by Francis Flagg, 1927 from Amazing Stories Volume 02 Number 08
Available as a free download from the internet archive and are public domain.

1d10 Random Abilities Table For Domino Mask Relics For Your Old School Campaigns.

They have always been with us and used as part of the burger's or thieves adventuring gear but Domino masks are gaining in popularity with adventurers in the world of 2889. Because the items are light weight, easily used in combat, and have a certain charm for those who are a part of the adventuring life style the Domino is being seen in the wasteland and highways.

   The Domino mask has become the adventurer's choice for adding in special abilities,magickal effects, and small super science devices to the mask itself. All of the while allowing the adventurer to maintain their identities. Here then are a 1d10 table of random effects for the domino masks that frequently pop up in hoards in the world of 2889.

1d10 Random Abilities Table For  Domino Mask Relics

  1. There are lens within the mask that allow it to have dark vision up to sixty feet when this ability is used the eyes of the wearer have a glowing witch light quality to them. 
  2. Once per day the wearer may call upon a skin tight force shield that will lower their AC by -5 points and the shield is bullet proof but will only last 1d4 rounds 
  3. This mask allows the owner to change their face's appearance for 1d4 rounds three times per day. 
  4. This mask has a fear spell that can be activated once per day. The face of the owner contorts and changes to the view's subconscious fears. 
  5. There are super science lens within this mask that allow the owner to truly see into the near by Astral plane or the deeper Outer Darkness three times per day.
  6. This mask has a set of super science lens built into them that give a +1 on all trick shots or called shots because of the micro targeting system built into the lens. 
  7. This mask has a set of circuits built around the eyes that allow the owner to change or minic the voice of anyone within 30 feet of them three times per day.
  8. A strange mask that will change the owner into a hulking brutish version of themselves once per day +2 on all physical characteristics and -3 on all mental characteristics. 
  9. This mask has been enchanted with the blood of innocents and the owner will be driven to solve the murders of anyone within a 30 foot radius. The mask shows the owner the death of the victims and their spirits haunt the poor fool in his dreams. The owner gains +3 to all combat due to the fury of these spirits. 
  10. This mask is enchanted with wisdom of the Ancient Ones and the owner will be able to recognize the works, items, and magicks of the Cthulhu mythos and not give into the sanity shattering visions of the aura of madness they project.

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The Starry Wisdom Cult Faction Of Neo England For Your Old School Campaigns

The Cult  of Starry Wisdom sect has risen in power in the world of  2889 throughout Neo England, this cult boasts over twenty thousand members from all strait of society. Their worship of a particularly loathsome aspect of Nyarlathotep, the so called Haunter In Dark who is tied to the occult artifact the  Shining Trapezohedron. According to the ancient scrolls and occult grimoires;
   The Shining Trapezohedron was discovered in Egyptian ruins, in a box of alien construction, by Professor Enoch Bowen before he returned to Providence in 1844. Members of the Church of Starry Wisdom in Providence would awaken the Haunter of the Dark, an avatar of Nyarlathotep, by gazing into the glowing crystal. Summoned from the black gulfs of chaos, this being could show other worlds, other galaxies, and the secrets of arcane and paradoxical knowledge; but he demanded monstrous sacrifices, hinted at by disfigured skeletons that were later found in the church. The Haunter of the Dark was banished by light and could not cross a lighted area.
Pentagonal trapezohedron
The Shining Trapezohedron is a window into all of time, space, and dimensions. Those exposed to its weird and dangerous energies as well as those of its master will sport some type of weird mutation after 1d10 days. The newest incarnation of the Starry Wisdom Cult operates out of the ruins of Providence Rhode Island. And has infiltrated Neo England society at all levels. They operate as a fifth column within  the post apocalyptic societies to bring about the conditions for when the stars are right for the return of their master. Villages, lone settlements and the travelers  are slaughtered and disappear in the night. The corpses are found weeks and sometimes months latter with weird acidic burns on the corpse's rotting flesh.
They are often 3rd level fighters of incredible zeal and weird faith who are fanatical in their beliefs of their demonic alien god. They are lead by occultists or black wizards of 4th level or better. These expendable members of the cult are often used in operations of terror and maximum chaos to cause as much carnage as possible. There is a 60% chance of the cult's agents possessing a weird super science device, energy weapons  or artifact for the slaughter of innocents. Another faction of the cult is the 'hooded hexmen' a gang of  8th level insane super scientists who often use 'occult tech' devices to steal or transfer mutations or powers from mutants, adventurers, and others to give their operatives advantages in battle or on missions. The hexmen are particularly hated by mutant communities and their operatives,agents, etc have been found hung from trees as warnings to others. When they've rarely been caught.

Lodges of the Cult of Starry Wisdom operate in small serpentine cell fashion, often under the guise of fraternal organizations or seemingly innocent occult groups, only the inner core members are aware of the group's true missions. These of course are expendable and true lodges keep an eye and maintain their own flocks. The Starry Wisdom Cult also trains its operatives in several ancient esoteric combat roles to be better instruments of terror. These operatives are often used as scouts or as infiltrators within isolated communities which are later attacked. These nick named scary monks have been used for centuries as isolated travelers, lone agents and instruments of terror often ahead of the larger cults.

The cult of Starry Wisdom often dupes adventurers into working for them recovering certain forbidden or lost relics from ruins, military installations, dimensional zones or other wasteland locations. Many times this patronage is through false or third parties. After several jobs are done the cult removes its expendable asset in the form of a party of adventurers. The Cult of Starry Wisdom remains at best mysterious, dangerous, and something only rumored or whispered about and at worst one of the most insidious threats that adventurers can face.

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1d10 Random Dark Cargoes From The Global Highways Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Sometimes violent and dark items can pass through the lives of the desperate, dangerous, and deranged all seemingly within the blink of an eye. These dark cargoes seem to have a life of their own, and an aura that makes people wish to possess them. Freebooters, adventurers, and outlaws alike have their lives altered by these items.Here then is a random list of some of the most dangerous items that may pass through the hands of adventurers who chance the global highways.

1d10 Random Dark Cargoes From The Global Highways Table
  1. A cursed golden chalice that fills up with blood every 1d8 days and will animate 1d6 corpses as free willed JuJu zombies with psychotic murderous tendancies. Anyone killed by these zombies will have their souls consumed by the chalice.
  2. A steamer trunk with a Hellmouth in the bottom of it and it is guarded by the ghost of a blind woman who is searching for a successor. Type B demons will terrorize the owner of the trunk and attempt to murder his friends or family members. Dragging their corpses and souls off to Hell. 
  3. A chest filled glowing fungus that will consume anyone who opens it, the chest is a radiation hazard as well and will slowly poison those who own it. Save vs death or become infected with a rotting fungal disease. 
  4. A sword with the trapped soul of a minor god within its blade, the thing will attempt to possess those who own it and slay all those around them. The victims will be offered to the dark soul of the god who dwells within the sword. 
  5. A vessel containing the minor reflections of the greatest evils of mankind, they will attempt to increase the attributes of the owner by +2 or more but at the cost of warping the mind and driving the owner insane. The owner will be consumed by demons on the next full moon and dragged off to the Outer Darkness. 
  6. A hat pin that contains the true essence of evil, this pin and blade combo actually belonged to a alien assassin guild of shape shifters who passed through the dimensions murdering psycho paths and serial killers as a public service.The pin contains the essence of those killers. The thing drips with evil and can cast 2nd level necromancer spells three times per day. 
  7. This cleaver of alien design is used as part of a ancient rite that allows the owner to cut the limbs off of his victims and drain their power into him increasing his primary attributes by +3 for 1d4 days but then the effect wears off. The owner will eventually have their bodies filled with negative planar energies and mutate into a hulking undead thing of weird aspect and max hit points. 
  8. A wooden casket of child sized is not what it appears to be and is actually an infernal mechanism capable of bringing back a dead person to the land of the living within 1d4 hours after death. The machine's effects are only temporary at best and the person will die again within seventy two hours. The soul of the poor fool becomes the property of the aliens who built this device. 
  9. A sealed metal box containing seven hundred and seventy seven demonic contracts, this cursed object will not leave the owner's side and they will be infected with an alien form of  lycanthropy and change into a demonic humanoid bug of terrible aspect. They are now the guardian of these pacts and will kill to consume anyone who wishes to possess these documents of Hell. 
  10. A full shipment of 1d8   twelve inch glass tubes of mutagenic agents that anyone coming into contact with will develop within 1d4 hours, 1d6 mutations unless full saving throws are made. The stuff will even affect undead or demonic creatures

The Neo England New Haven Redoubt For Your Old School Campaigns

Adventure awaits around the corner in Neo England and opportunities abound especial around the grand New Haven Redoubt!

Hovering over the harbors of  Long Island Sound is the  Redoubt of New Haven, six miles of twisting bio mechanical steel, humming with the activities of cities within cities. This place holds  a mountain-sized building described to contain millions of people and feature vast farmlands underground, powered by the mysterious "earth-current."  There are over "one thousand, three hundred and twenty cities of the Pyramid." itself with the highest caste's living on the top floors of the place and having been bio engineered and mutated with an increased lung capacity.

The earth current permeates every aspect of life in the redoubt, the place draws in the sea waters of Long Island sound to help fuel the vast underground fields that are really the redoubt's industry. A hundred miles below the redoubt are the Under Fields. "an hundred miles deep in the earth below the Redoubt" lay the Underground Fields. These fields produce food stuffs that are part of the bounties from Mars, Luna, and the other solar system satellites. According to the ancient scrolls,
"And of the Underground Fields (though in that age we called them no more than "The Fields") I should set down a little; for they were the mightiest work of this world; so that even the Last Redoubt was but a small thing beside them. An hundred miles deep lay the lowest of the Underground Fields, and was an hundred miles from side to side, every way; and above it there were three hundred and six fields, each one less in area than that beneath; and in this wise they tapered, until the topmost field which lay direct beneath the lowermost floor of the Great Redoubt, was but four miles every way."   These are protected by the bio grey steel of the city itself. And there are minor towns that are used as infrastructure for the desalination of the sea waters and the production of food across the world. The Redoubt of Hartford is attended by androids, robotic entities, and other cybernetic lifeforms who help in this process, many coming from the Rossum’s Universal Robots factories throughout Neo England.
Capek play.jpg

For many the threat of Abhuman tribes from the dimensional  Zones  have become a constant threat to life and limb. The ports of  Long Island Sound are the territory of ships of incredible destructive capacity to keep the giant mutant life forms at bay. 

The skies over Neo England are thick with air ships and planes of every description as energy weapons play across the backs of gas bag alien life forms that have flourished in the polluted stinking atmosphere of this world. They graze on hydrocarbons and other  man made pollutants and are a constant hazard to air traffic, their hides are valuable and are harvested for a wide variety of uses and industrial applications just as the American Buffalo were hundreds of years ago.
Air pilot outlaws, adventurers, and free booters have become part of the new normal for adventurers wanting to make a few dollars escorting air ship caravans across the skies. Air pirate warlords have also become a new hazard in the skies as well creating warfare,conflict, and the cracking vacuum sounds energy weapon reports. Fortunes are made and lost in the air as well as on the ground.

Bridgeport has become the up off point for the Trans global highway which encircles the globe and has become the new boom to transportation across the globe. The system has been one of the saviors of mankind and a prime opportunity for the unscrupulous, criminal, and various dangerous elements to exploit. It is an era of adventure and danger where fortune favors  the brave and fool hardy.

1d10 Random New Haven Redoubt Finds Table

  1. A necklace made from old cybernetic and robot parts, this piece is able unlock many of the lesser locks of the city. 400 gold pieces for this necklace 
  2. Dagger of unbreakable glass +2  200 gold pieces
  3. Mechanical robotic cat looking for a master. 
  4. Staff of lesser mechanical mastery able to identify may common repair problems, has a continual light spell on the other side. Slightly bent and broken, 600 gold pieces 
  5. Ray gun partially broken 3d6+2 explosion if used. Worthless. 
  6. A piece of volcanic glass from the elemental plane of fire able to see past many common glamors and illusions. 600 gold pieces for this part 
  7. Cybernetic Diesel punk arm and hand fully functional, 1000 gold pieces. 
  8. A lesser blade of slaying +1, called Alison and looking for a new hilt. The piece will talk PC's deaf and dumb. 
  9. An Abman arm with four inch claws on a seven finger hand. The thing twitches when picked up.
  10. A small cursed statue of a lesser god of lust. The thing cries out when handled for more then 1d4 rounds and is cursed.

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1d10 Random Lost Cargoes From The Global Highways Table For Your Your Old School Campaign

The world has echoes of ancient and weird treasures that pass through many hands; there are rather unseemly dealers in esoterica and relics of alien worlds. Often times these items are the target of road pirates and other far more dangerous outlaw freebooters who will stop at nothing to possess these items.
1d10 Random Lost Cargoes From The Global Highways Table

  1. Knocked together wooden box with the Arkham college archeological department logo emblazoned across it. Inside are three brass style figures with an outer coating of gold on them. The three figures glow together when brought within 1d4 feet of each other. A succubus guardian is bound to them and will murder anyone who takes possession of them with three full moons. 
  2. A crate of 1d8 pieces of Martian tripod technology, these materials are slightly radioactive and worth a small fortune on the black market. About 6000 gold pieces worth of material are here. 
  3. A strange lens assemble that is a part of special psychic viewer able to pierce the veil into other worlds and the Outer Darkness 
  4. A partially recovered Nazi war machine with the death ray still intact. The piece is being sought by SS men from an alternative Earth who will stop at nothing to require this piece, worth 10000 gold pieces and its a very rare system.
  5. The mummified remains of an ancient lich queen who has been hurled from here ancient pyramid on Ceres. 12th level lich and necromancer, now a long, long way from home.
  6. A sealed casket containing the remains of five separate brothers and warriors who were the servants of an ancient occultist and are now free unless awakened. These warriors are armed with energy weapons and sheer anger. They will murder anyone who disturbs their ancient slumber.
  7. A solid diamond statue of some ancient horror, an evil beyond imaging that will cause fear as per the spell in all who see it. The horror can make beam attacks for 3d6+2 points of damage. 
  8. A crate containing mutated killers and their queen, she will try to sting the guy who discovers and opens the crate. The jelly and honey these things produce works as a cure heavy wounds spell. Worth about 40000 credits on the open market because of the jelly's properties. 
  9. The claw of a ghoul king who has hidden in the pages of history. This claws is one of last remains of the king and it is capable of granting and twisting any wishes put to it. The thing will murder anyone who comes into possession of this item. 9000 gold pieces as a curio. 
  10. A piece of ivory inscribed with  the spell to summon Cthulhu from the watery depths of  his ancient and age old home. The ivory is worth 5000 gold pieces to a branch of the cult of Starry Wisdom.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Commentary on the new Call of Cthulhu Style Adventure Kickstarter From Venger Satanis - The Outer Presence

So there's a new Venger Satanis Kickstarter page up for a new adventure called the Outer Presence, the idea here is a slick investigative adventure in the style of Cannibal Holocaust with a twist of Cannibal  Lost, and  heap of H.P. Lovecraft on top. Now the bend in the road is that this is an investigative style adventure in the spirit of Call of Cthulhu, call me a glutton for punishment but I'm very curious to see how this is going to turn out.
Contribute right over HERE

An investigative horror scenario including a fast and easy, old school system allowing gamers to get on with it and start playing.

Another very interesting aspect of this adventure is that its not set in the Twenties or Thirties but the Sevenities. That brings a whole other twisted aspect to the table. Think about it, the Sevenities is a perfect CoC time. Civil unrest, ecomomic angst, the energy crisis, the occult revival all perfectly framed with the Mythos.
Now there are some clues already as to how this adventure might go down. You've got an entire play test entry right over HERE
But the bit that really grabbed my attention is from the play test of  the adventure;
'Onto New Guinea!  Their host was a piece of work.  I really wanted to push the envelope with what players and PCs might expect from the scenario's principle antagonist.  He pushed a lot of buttons and made everyone hate him.  PCs didn't actually vomit... but they wanted to.  Incidentally, the actor Sidney Greenstreet was my inspiration for Doctor Karl Steiner.

Exploring the temple!  Over the last few years, I've been on the jungle cruise at Disney World's Magic Kingdom probably a dozen times.  The part when the boat goes into that dark structure was the basis for my temple.  Could have been more detailed, but I think it was successful on the whole.'
I'm not rushing out just yet but I'm sure this will have the Venger flare to it. Given the fact that I've got at least three or four Satanis books on my shelf and the amount of Call of Cthlhu books that I'm in love with this looks very interesting to me. So in my humble opinion, drop some coin and let's get this pdf out of the gate.

Elves Of Neo England For Your Old School Campaigns

The Elven tribes of Neo England trace their roots back to Fairyland and are dimensional travelers who it seems have been with us since the beginning of recorded history. They're a factitious and dangerous set of races at best who trace their own twisted linage back to the Moon and their Selenite ancestors. They have vast magical and solar energy based technologies that they have inherited right down the line.

For Neo England, the Elven races are alien, weird, and very rare rarely seen except at trading posts. They solar and light based technologies to remain hidden in their settlements that border reality. The Cobble Hill Dimensional Warp leads directly to the  parallel world into Fairyland.
The former Houstonic State forest has spread its way through most of Canaan; parts of Cornwall and Huntsville as well as Lower City on the Cornwall border. There are lots of odd species of mutant fungus,and alien invasive species of plants in the area. The largest concentrations of half Elven populations are in this area. Weird lights, disappearances by locals, odd paranormal activity, and fairy lights are all part and parcel of this area of Connecticut.

File:Appalachian Trail Pine Knob Loop Trail section in Housatonic Meadows State Park scenic overlook of the Housatonic River.JPG
Stone man mountain, Bradford Mountain,Stone man Mountain, Barrack Mountain, and many others boast gateways to the Fey realms and healthy populations of many of the most common types of  Lunar fungus including Shriekers, Violet, giant mushrooms and many mutant strains of the fungal life forms.
There have been over the centuries tensions between the Elven colonies and Dwarven holdings on Rattle Snake Mountain, Hay Stack State Park, and the Dwarven strong hold and trading center at Canaan Valley itself. There is a human and Dwarven trading post in the center of town. The Dwarves are regarded with more then a bit of awe and some caution. The largest of the Dwarven strong holds being in Adirondack Mountains. Clashes over dimensional holdings and gateways have been rare at best but have happened.
There are rumors that the Elves of the Canaan region are the souls of British and Dutch settlers from eons ago returned to reclaim their ancient lands.
Whiteface Mountain from Lake Placid Airport.JPG
The Canaan and Norfolk areas are rife with invasive species of giant insects which were brought with the first of the Elven settlers centuries ago. Neo England Ankheg,
giant fire beetles , & many other giant insect species are all too common in this area and some sport mutations that have been specially adapted to the region. Many are responsive to the telepathic and magical arts of the Elves. Certain witch clans in the region also use these monsters as guardians or worse.
Super scientist speculation is that originally these monsters were part of the Selenite biological mining mechanisms and were simply adopted by their descendants. The same DNA records have been matched between species. As always the Elven residents of the area have been quite closed lipped. But the speculation remains among the locals of the area.
The same methods of control for the giants of the moon are used in Canaan and haven't changed for centuries.

Elven rites, communities, and settlements have been carried on for centuries right under the watchful eyes of the human and mutant populations of Neo England. It is doubtful that these alien settlers will ever fully reveal their ancient secrets but adventurers and traders are somewhat common in the area.

1d10 Random Neo England Elven Finds
  1. 1d4 psychic crystals that will respond the minds of the user each glowing with alien colours and once per day will act as a charm spell entrancing the owner. Worth 100 gold pieces. 
  2. Cursed Elven shot, this material will bring down a curse upon the head of those who own such things. Completely worthless except to those who use such foul things. 
  3. A piece of meteor crystal made into a +2 dagger of sharpness, worth 300 gold pieces. 
  4. Twisted piece of still living wood that can be used by a sorcerer to store 1d4 spells. 
  5. Elven staff of spun golden crystal and wire able to be used to store 1d6 minor telepathic or telekinesis abilities. 600 gold pieces
  6. Ring of Teleportation made from spun time and energy, spun from a moment of loss and regret. 700 gold pieces 1d4 charges when found 300 mile range 
  7. Dagger of glass and barbed wire spun from junk made into a +1 dagger, 200 gold pieces as it's not of the best quality. It will become useless after 1d4 battles. 
  8. A spun cloth of golden fabric that will hold the user's thoughts and project them as artwork. Can be used 1d100 times before needing to be recharged. 
  9. Mother's milk potion, heals 1d30 points of damage but the owner must sleep 1d6 days. 
  10. A crystal that shows gateways to Fairyland. 1d8 charges before it turns black.
    All material adapted from The First Men In The Moon By HG Wells Available right Here