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1d10 Random Lovecraftian Horrors From Beyond The Pale Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalpytic Campaigns

There are horrors that come into the wastes when certain cults and worshipers of ancient terrors from beyond seek the eternal favor of things best left alone are disturbed. These horrors watch and wait outside our worlds and where they stride men shake in horror, blood runs cold, and men of extreme courage are called upon to deal with the results. Here then are a list of encounters for a minor roster of horrors and things that wait outside. Use these things wisely. 

1d10 Random Lovecraftian Horrors From 
Beyond The Pale Encounter Table
  1. A partial amoebic minor demon prince thing waits brooding and has come in search of souls and worship. The thing is armed with a cold rod of iron meteor ore inscribed with the twenty two guardians of the greater gateways. In OD&D terms this thing will conform to a pit fiend with several weird powers including division and chaotic corruption. 
  2. Astral demonic reptilian wolf things pack of 1d10  has come through looking for easy victims to take with them back to the Outer Darkness. They sort weird tendrils upon their flanks and to look upon them is to see into other places outside of our reality. They seem to grow and shrink as you gaze upon them. 
  3. A formless shape shifting blob pack  comes through. The remains of some thing that might have been a group of humans has come through already adapting and adjusting itself to our local time space continuum. The horror will telepathically rape anyone's mind it comes across. It will have the stats of a stout warrior with the ability to induce madness and horror in its victims. These horrors will want to devour the souls of those they come across. But they will strike in secret and use guile to try to draw prey in. 
  4. An ancient lean and hungry demon rat thing like predator that is looking for fresh meat and its wizard master who has accidentally teleported it into this location. The thing is armed with dagger of iron and has a belt holding the scalps of previous victims. All of them were heroes of renowned. 
  5. A weird cybernetic lifeform that floats several feet above the ground and twist as well as turns on metal and glass organs. The spaces between it are made from weird regions and anyone caught by it will be ripped apart by the angles that it is made from. It will impart forbidden knowledge to those who contact it telepathically but there is a price in blood and souls. 
  6. A strange bag of organs and demonic tendrils that rolls along the ground leaving tracings of blood and slime. The thing is a weird mix of several collected corpses held together telekinetically by sheer demonic will power and malice. The thing seeks to add anyone it can and grow in sheer mass of gore and horror. The thing will soon erupt in a division of blood and gore into nine separate little horrors. 
  7. A pseudo life form made from several cosmic slimes and fire filled star things held together by a body of nothingness and blackness reeking of insanity and soul searing horror. The thing seeks the minds of humans and hungers for what they contain. It will attack and strip a victim in seconds in a grasp that corrupts and erodes anything it touches. It can be bought off with the tears of a maiden and a very touching tale or it will devour the wizard who runs across it. 
  8. A weird spinning collection of bone dust, cosmic debris, & bits of weird sonic stuff held within a rolling ghost like shape. The thing seeks esoteric knowledge and wisdom from the Ancients. They worshiped the thing in ancient times and it has come looking for them. Now its angry and bitter at their destruction. The thing might share its wisdom for worship and a bit of super science. The thing can age anything 1d100 years in seconds if it envelops the thing within the field of its body. 
  9. An intelligent coloured being from outside space and time. The weird coloured spirit thing is made from the nightmares of ancient dead universes lost eons lost. The thing will drain anything it runs across to fuel its escape from our local time space continuum. It will trade a a map of neighboring universes for several children's toys. It is playful but very dangerous. 
  10. A star spawn alien priest of some ancient lost world, this thing is a worshiper of Cthulhu and wishes to find its master. It will disappear in a puff of dimensional smoke only to attack any fool it can. It will leave behind a victim's liver and a symbol of futility and insanity.  

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1d10 Random Treasures & Finds Left Behind On The Battlefield Of The 'Gods' Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are mysterious items that sometimes get left behind on the battlefields where ancient gods clash and still do battle after the end of the world. Some of these old and ancient terrors don't realize that their time has past and they leave traces behind in some of the old places and forgotten haunts of the Ancients. Some of these are fabulous treasures and others are weird relics left behind after all have left the fields of the gods. Here then are a small selection of some of these these items which can be stumbled upon by your mutant adventurers in the deepest wastelands and deserts.
 1d10 Random Treasures & Finds Left Behind
On The Battlefield Of The 'Gods' Table
  1. The smoking remains of a wizard's warship that has tangled with something ancient and terrible. There are smashed combat androids and 1d4 of these mecha horrors still functioning. In the center of the ship is a giant sword of unusual aspect. 1d6 bits of celestial metal can be recovered, these will function as +1 swords. The screams of the wizard can still be heard echoing on the wind, his final fate unknown. 
  2. A field of glowing cracked glass and crystal each shard shows a separate scene of carnage and bloodshed. The glass will weep blood every three days but it will also glow with a spectral light showing a scene of danger to come for the owner. There are wizards who would pay handsomely for these shards. 
  3. A glowing gold hand ax that is mildly radioactive and while this is a weapon of the gods. Exposure to its weird energies will cause the owner to make a mutation check and possibly be the target of ancient demonic fury. The weapon is surrounded by an aura of sadness and anger. 
  4. A ring of unknown metal created by super science that contains tightly packed information and esoteric knowledge. The thing is actually an information virus that will add a few points of super intelligence to the owner but they will be a carrier for an information virus that will strike others with a curse of madness.The owner will be the target of assassin bots and androids who know that the owner carries the cure for this weapon within their own mind.  
  5. A golden crystal  rod that contains the trapped soul of an ancient demonic god and this weapon will glow hot with the violence and fury of its prisoner. The owner will be subject to a berserk rage as per the OD&D monster. There is a 20 % of the ancient thing trying to possess the owner. The owner will have limited telepathic and psychic insight when holding this thing but it will do 1d4 points of damage as the horrid energies of the thing course through the owner. 
  6. This golden disk contains the super science blue print for mankind and is sought by ancient angel like beings of fury and horror. This thing is mankind's only real hope for survival as a viable species and the gods feel that his time has passed. The owner will know the full history of his origins and possible future. The gods want this item back, wizards want this disk for its esoteric secret. 
  7. This knife contains within its crystal blade the slime and blood of a god thing. The blade will produce 1d4 ounces of the stuff which acts a mutgenic toxic material. There are 1d8 minor demons after this thing and the undead hulk of its owner is trailing it across the wastes. 
  8. This small claw of a demon like horror has been bound into the shape of a small sword and has within it several mutant powers of its previous owner include create darkness in a 10 meter radius, immunity to normal fires, and the ability to regenerate as a troll ala OD&D. 1d8 combat robots working for a wizard who stole it from its demonic master seeks this item. The demon prince of the wastes who owned this dagger seeks it as well and even know is hunting for it. 
  9. This small computer gauntlet contains the last legacy of an ancient god of technology and apathy. The thing contains his genome and is sought by a team of super scientists who wish to use the thing to create a better souless drone mutant slaves. Once per day the relic can act as a symbol of insanity, cast understand machine on any piece of ordinary technology, or cause a field of apathy to surround a 10 meter zone around the owner. 
  10. A small silver ball contains the remains of a god and will allow  one to access the god mind up to three times per day. The human mind was never meant for such things and doing so will have the owner stunned and their mind trapped within the confines of this chaos inducing artifact. The owner will be telepathically held within the confines of this horrid little silver paper weight sized sphere. The effects may hit up to 1d8 fools within the 20 meter zone of this thing's influence. Alright a bounty hunter is seeking this item. 

Quick Shout Out For Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terrors Horror Anthology Comic Magazine

As an independent and self employed guy I'm all about the DYI comic book movement and the OSR. A good example of this is Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terror. A self published horror anthology that hearkens back to the incredible days of the black and white comic magazines like Creepy and Eerie. This is a sold horror anthology genre comic magazine.
The intoduction on Facebook by Jason Crawley does a very nice set up on these horror filled wonders :
A self published magazine size horror anthology (not available in stores) Hosted by The Bloke, a Victorian Undertaker character of writer Jason 'The Bloke' Crawley. Remember when horror anthologies were printed in the glorious over sized magazine format? We do too and so we decided to produce this new anthology in such a format! Featuring painted cover art and a mix of retro and modern style artwork to cater to all tastes, along with a new host called The Bloke to entertain and encourage you to read these tales, Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terror brings back the good ole days with a modern twist to keep you entertained as you work your way through each page!

Grab Em Right Over

The layout is swift and tight, the artwork very well done for a black & white, the interplay for horror anthology is very reminiscence of the 1970's Warren style comics. 
The artwork and everything speaks mes to an even older independent tradition going back in time to pulp magazines like Weird Tales, and other lurid horror anthology magazines. There is a tradition of the lurid and haunting blood soaked stories among the magazine wracks that this title speaks with. 

 The artwork as I said echoes another time period and has something about that carries with it an old school vibe that comes across as part of this new school tradition of comic book independence.

There is a certain gut level appreciation that the author/artist has for his subject matter and that comes across here in spades. The attention to detail and subject matter is something that the horror reader would wise to look at. Jason Crawley knows his gut churning and blood filled subject matter. 

Now is one the best times to get on board with Terrible Tomb because the anthology title has collected many of the issues right under one roof. The artwork is some of the better black and white efforts that I've recently seen and echos the old school horror tradition of classic horror anthologies of the past. The artwork below has been used countless times for science fiction shocker stories but that's a good thing because its nice to see quality writing and attention to the little things like traditional comic horror. What we get here is the deep throaty roar of a 1960's and 70's horror magazine done to today. 
Comics like this are as exclusive to our generation as mom, Apple pie, and Famous Monsters of Filmland. This is exactly the sort of stuff I cut my teeth on for old school horror.

Titles such this one are as much homage as they are labors of love. You see nods everyplace in these comics to the greats of the past and Jason really does a nice job of supporting his audience with new artwork,communication and more with the Facebook page of his available right over

The artwork, covers, and ideas here are solidly done and very well thought-out but these are new tales and not rezip lined 1940's and 50's tales with new chrome and a slick paint job. 
Everything here is creator driven, owned, and published and so I throw my coin with this magazine. 

1d10 Random Mid Level Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Here is a quick list of mid level  post apocalyptic adventure locations with loot potential and a few quick twists to throw at your adventurers. Many of these can act as a line to hook your adventurers into some other twisted adventures further into the deep wastelands of your campaign worlds.
Remember these can be a bit more dangerous then your adventurers might be expecting depending upon how you create and fill in the backgrounds.

1d10 Random Mid Level Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table
  1. A vault like 'summer house' attended by 1d10 combat robots who maintain the grounds watch the residence and run the technologies of the place. There is rumored to many ancient and forbidden pieces of technology on the grounds. Very few adventurers though have returned from the place. 
  2. An ancient state park that is now the site of a band of mutant cultists who gather for the rites of the blasted and damned seasons. There is a museum where ancient and hungry god things gather from a crack in time and space. The cult has within its employ 1d4 security bots and ancient technology from the local police station. They have begun to recruit from the surrounding villages. 
  3. There is a nearby sky temple where hundreds of robotic horrors have been seen launching themselves into the sky. The place is patrolled by light security bots and is rumored to be a place of sacred and unknown super science. From time to time there have been weird and strange devices turning up in market places. Nearby villages of mutants and pures are going missing and only smoking craters are seen in their place. 
  4. An ancient National Guard depot is rumored to be someplace in the area and now their have been sightings of weird relic military vehicles upon the old Duralloy roads. These 'haunted' vehicles stalk the souls of travelers to take them back to the 'Hells'. There have also been rumors of odd 'ghost' soldiers seen in the fields and near villages. These things relate to the unknown levels under the 'depot' and the stories of people disappearing into this place of horror. 
  5. A mysterious ghost fair has been seen in the early morning hours upon certain hill tops. Its ancient and eerie music drifts down from the hills. Weird clown mutants and other strange horrors have been seen. People have been disappearing from the fields and odd bits of  pink confections have been seen drifting upon the wind. People are scared speaking of the 'Autumn Takers' coming to claim their souls but there has been the sighting a weird robot stalking the hills as well. 
  6. A strange underground military base has appeared and people are being kidnapped for horrid experimentation. Soldier bots stalk the land and only the most fool hardy hunt these horrors. There are always 1d10 bots armed with very dangerous energy weapons. Who are they and where do they come from. 
  7. An ancient robotic vacation house has appeared and spewed forth 1d10 horror bound plague zombies. Rumors abound of the treasures within but the undead things have begun to feed and move to spread their ancient curse upon the lands. There are rumors of an underground bunker that joins the place but none who have embarked on the place have returned. 
  8. An explosion has taken place in the hills outside of town and there are rumors of one of the sky chariots has come down. Yet it is almost time for the annual trade festival and none of the nearby villages have sent word. There have been weird bands of mutants roaming some of the lower valley 'deathlands' and ruins.  Odd bits of metallic junk and strange metal relics have been turning up in nearby fields and odd lights in the sky have appeared. 
  9. A robotic factory dormant for a hundred years has suddenly sprang to life and its A.I. needs help with another of its kind who has decided to make war upon it and the surrounding humanoid settlements. There have been seen patrols of 1d10 soldier bots in the area. Who will help? 
  10. A strange black temple structure has appeared near by and has begun sending out weird 'recruiters' for sacrifice and blood for their dark masters. Odd knives, radioactive bits of debris, and strange lights in the sky have been found, seen, and then there is the strange chanting that can be heard echoing through the hills.Odd artifacts have turned up at village trade meetings and market places and people have begun to go missing.
     What can it all mean? 

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Review And Commentary On The Pay What You Want Retro clone Rule book Blue Holme Prenctice Rules For Your Old School Campaign

This is no holds bar meat and potatoes Holmes Blue book Prencice  retroclone action that in sixty pages places everything you need to get started into one of the best of the best versions of basic OD&D that hit the market and its very well organized to boot. The folks over at Dreamscape have taken and updated their very own retroclone to reflect a few fiddly bits and changes. Very few but enough to make all of the difference with this version of the 'grand old game' or the world's most popular fantasy role playing game. All of the old favorites are here in this version of Holmes but there's one of the rubs. Its a bit more clear and concise on how it handles the game details and everything that your going to want is right under the blue and white rule book.


Grab It Right
 When I first looked at Blue Holme I really wasn't expecting much but really this is like coming home for me. Dreamscape did a faboulous job of bring back the magic of Holmes into a concise and well organized package with just the right amount of nostalgia and a better dose of old school gamesmanship that will take PC's from First level and beyond. And all of the old favorites from Wizard to Fighter along with Thief and Cleric are right here mixed in with Dwarf and Elf as well. 

There's something refreshing to me to look at the bang up job that Dreamscape did with this material. Although this rule book emulates the Holmes this re imagining of it brings with it certain amount of well thought out focus and design slight of hand.
This is a perfect game to let kids cut their teeth on or have your relatives who have never played OD&D get into. This version is one of the best emulators to come down the pike in a dogs age and the basic version of OD&D is one of a select retroclones that has a very strong core audience already for it. This update cements the deal and enables the retroclone to be both a Saturday night quick pickup set of rules or as another reference piece for rule booking.. 

I can understand if you think that this is simply another retro clone or why in the heck should the reviewer be excited. Well this edition incorporates all of the errata and changes from Dreamscape. They've got a blog for support of the game as well right HERE
According to the blog here what's going on in this latest incarnation : 

Yes, the long-awaited update to the Prentice Rules has finally arrived on your virtual bookshelf! As well as incorporating all the errata that has surfaced in the 18 months or so since the 1st printing, this edition has been reformatted for a cleaner typeface and to make it fully compatible with the upcoming Compleat Rules.

With everything you need in one rulesbook and not anything to get in your way as a DM or player its easy to see why this edition and retroclone of Holmes matters. There's now a complete version of Blue Holmes coming out in the near future making these rules a nice quick set of pick up and go weekend play through rules. I know that new players are not the ones who are going to look at these rules but the more experienced DM's and players who want to have a bit of that old lighting in the memories and a D20 between their fingers. You could do a lot worse then to download and go with this great little re imaginational retroclone in you DM's arsenal. A very nice retroclone rules set and one of the best basic set ups to come down the pike in a while. I'm looking forward to Dreamscape's version of the Complet rules.All in all this was a really nice trip down memory lane updated for a more streamlined version of Holmes style play.  

1d10 Random Quick Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are times when you need to get your PC's into the deep end of the post apocalyptic wasteland or a place to hang your adventure hooks. This set of adventure locations is found in the deeper parts of the wastelands and will enable a DM to pull these as a series of mid level encounter locations.

1d10 Random Quick Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table
  1. A reputedly haunted house that was used by the ancients as part of their war effort, legend has it that a fabulous treasure & artifacts are hidden within its walls. This ancient place of horror and weirdness still stands within the woodlands in the mountains. Bandits, mutants, and worse have used the place in the past. 
  2. This ancient bunker is the resting place of an ancient king and his body guards, the place supposedly holds his entire collection of artifacts and relics from the pre apocalyptic world. A wizard was recently killed trying to breach its secrets. Do we dare try to divine its search for within is a king's ransom of relics and who knows what secrets. 
  3. An ancient gas station just appeared out in the wastes. It has power, light, and everything that a community would need for years to come! Why hasn't this place been seen before? It is supposedly haunted and there are rumors about tunnels nearby that hold relics from the Other world. 
  4. There is an ancient underground garage nearby that holds a ransom in relic vehicles. A gang of mutant warriors looted the upper floors and has been using them to raid nearby villages. But the rumors say that the lower levels are untouched! Who knows there might even be a legendary Mercedes there! 
  5. There is an ancient water purifying plant nearby. A gang of mutants has no idea of the super science treasure sitting under their noses.The equipment there  can keep a community in clean water for years to come. A real haul according to a guy I talked with in a pub. 
  6. There was an underground National Guard depot I heard about as a kid, the place's top floors had been looted but there were lower levels that were untouched. It is said to be guarded by the eternal spirits of the Guards but that might just be hogwash. 
  7. There are a few skeletons of sky towers nearby and I there have been seen 'metal birds' flying around the place. They are worth a fortune to the right collector and who knows what other treasures may lay within the place. 
  8. There is a nearby 'Strip Mall' that was buried in the apocalypse. A gang of mutants uses the first level as a base but there are other levels and who knows what. 
  9. You know that temple that we heard about as a kid, well its no temple. Its actually an ancient military base and its still active! There have been rumors of metal soldiers seen coming from within it. I think there might be lots of hard ware there from the way the elders have been talking and its been sealed since the 'End Times'. 
  10. There have been rumors to be an ancient 'well' to the Other World nearby stocked with hundreds of ancient artifacts but it is guarded by hundreds of 'metal ones' those things must be worth a small fortune alone. 

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1d10 Random Ancient Lost Treasures Table For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns Or The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg System On The Dark Corner Blog

 Over on the Dark Corner Blog we have a random table of forbidden and dangerous treasures for your old school sword and sorcery campaigns or for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg campaigns right over

1d10 Even More Random Creepy Finds From The Deep Wastelands Table For Your Old School Post Apocalpytic Campaigns

There are minor finds that seem to come from elsewhere & when that come from the deeper wastelands. These artifacts come into bizarre,market places, and on trader caravans passing from one hand to another.Finds such as these are minor and more of a bit of life altering loathsomeness that can play merry havoc with the lives of parties and adventurers who run across these little bits and items of weirdness.

1d10 Even More Random Creepy Finds From The Deep Wastelands Table 
  1. A needle and thread that is able to alter and repair the shadows of individuals. These needles may repair bits and pieces of life force, memory, and those who have lost a bit of sanity. This is done by sewing up tears in the shadows of victims of undead and other life sucking life forms.With a successful Dex. check the owner of these items may repair one or more minor attributes by a few points. The thread is said to be made from the cast off bits and dross from the Fates from their spinning wheel. How or why they are happened upon in the wasteland is anyone's guess. There is always enough thread for three minor repairs. The thread sometimes causes the owners to bleed from their eyes and under their finger nails when first found. The thread sometimes whimpers to itself from time to time. 
  2. A ring like bit of metal made from an ancient pieces of the sword belonging to one of the great gods of HP Lovecraft's Dream Lands. The ring allows one to become one with the dreams of others and travel into the world of dreams but there is a price. The individual will have to give a bit of their memories and dreams each time the ring is used. Eventually they will not  not be able to sleep unless they steal dreams from the minds of other dreamers. The ring also attracts soul jarring nightmares who will plague the dreams of the owner. 
  3. This small child's doll actually contains the soul of an immortal demon who will use this pile of saw dust and cloth to wreck a dire vengeance upon anyone whom the owner sends the thing after. The demon will whisper forbidden and impossible truths to the owner. 
  4. This bit of wax paper clad packaging contains thirteen ancient machines that may be used to summon ancient and forgotten demons who dwell in the bottom of the Realm of Nightmares. These machinery can summon 1d4 demons to do the bidding of the user but they will require the dreams of the owner's family as payment. Once per day this thing can send one's mind reeling  into the  realms nightmares for 1d8 hours where they will be tormented beyond hope. 
  5. A staff formed from the twisted remains of bits of barbwire, monstrous alien bone, and an alien gem of some ancient thing from beyond time & space. The staff will have twelve key like devices attached to it. Each one contains the remains of some ancient sorcerer's soul. The staff will act as a psychic key to some higher realm of dream and death. This thing will have the following abilities - Telepathy, pyromancy, & planar travel as per the mutations. Once per day the user may call upon the half insane minds of the staff for advice or expertise. There is a 20% chance of these things being no help whatsoever. The staff will whisper to the user in dreams twisting and manipulating his mind towards evil and degraded behaviors. 
  6. A key to the realms of dreams and nightmares of ancient times. This key will open a door in time and space allowing the passage of 1d4 individuals under the dark skies of a storm racked sky. There is a 5% chance of the key opening a door randomly nightly though and letting something ancient, evil, and dangerous through. The key is made from the silver lining of ancient dreams. 
  7. The preserved mechanical and cybernetic brain of an Ancient which will act as a telepathic device to advise,dispense intelligence, and insight into the world of the pre apocalyptic. This thing will also 2% chance per day try to possess and take over the mind and spirit of the owner. It is actually the mind of a failed wizard that while too valuable to destroy has been preserved in this state as a biological storage device. 
  8. A preserved hand belonging to some ancient whose only function is operate and control certain esoteric and ancient technologies. The hand is partially cybernetic and uses a bit of super science to preserve the body memory of the hand. There is also a bit of murderous rage in the thing that will occasional surface and it will try to murder its owner every two months or so. There may be some ancient horror still out in the wastes searching for this thing. 
  9. A cache of 1d10 neo cybernetic organs that don't belong to the human species at all. These organs can be implanted for increased characteristics but they will begin to mutate and change their owner with disadvantage mutations and horrifying changes in psychological and biological ways. There will be 1d8 mutations that will occur with each organ. They will be perfectly preserved in bio stasis units when found. 
  10. A living  alien tattoo upon skin, this ancient battle device will adhere to the first being that picks it up and graft itself to their skin. The thing will impart a berserk rage ability to the owner and will send out a low level telepathic call for battle and blood lust to those around it. The owner will become for 1d4 rounds each day a raving psychopathic killer and seek blood & souls for his ancient masters. As a side effect of this thing the user will know the location of ancient cache of artifacts in the area but only a remove curse ability will free the victim from this thing. 

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1d10 Random Creepy Lovecraftian Finds From The Deep Wastelands Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are some very dangerous and unexplained finds that come in from the deep wastelands of the post apocalyptic world. Some of these unexplained artifacts comes from doors in the planes and can cause all sorts of havoc and high weirdness among isolated communities. Many times these items are imbued with weird energies and have unexplained powers beyond the ken of mankind. Here are a few of the examples that have passed through the hands of adventurers. 

Kircher oedipus aegyptiacus 20 canopic jars.png

1d10 Random  Creepy Finds From The Deep Wastelands Table 

  1. The mummified hands of some ancient demonic creature. These things will move and animate when exposed to the living. The can provide the owner with forbidden knowledge by scratching out incredibly complex or esoteric geometric figures. Once per day the hands can and will create a symbol of fear as per the AD&D spell. These things nails and bits of hair continue to grow even though they are mummified. 
  2. A set of jars containing ancient and unknown mechanical organs with wards of protection upon them. These organs continue to run and have geared clock work style movements. They will provide bonus to those they are implanted within but these things will also slowly begin to take over the mind and soul of the being. They are completely alien though and will regenerate through unknown processes if damaged. 
  3. An ancient piece of an astrolabe from some unknown star system that allows the owner visions of other time, dimensions, and far off places. Once per day this copper and brass piece will grant the owner a vast vision of incredible perceptions and insights into their place within the universe. There is a 20% chance of the owner's mind being overwhelmed by these incredible revelations and suffering from soul crushing depression.
  4. A green soap stone like table that is covered with incredibly complex alien hieroglyphs. The owner will 'hear' within their minds thousands of tiny insect like voices that will begin to slowly teach the unconscious mind strange and alien technologies. The owner may 10% go to sleep or have blackouts and unknowingly create strange mechanisms. The form and functions of these will be unknown even to the owner. Once per new moon the table will create a weird hologram of some unknown creature. 
  5. A vicious blob of material from other where that is actually a form of unstable artifact. The thing will form into whatever small tool the user needs once per day. The thing does this by reading the user's mind. The blob will also form into small but fantastic devices reminiscence of alien living biological organs when no one is looking. It may also copy rude or erotic forms from the owner's mind but given a biomechanical or weird bent. These artifacts have caused social problems in communities where they have been found. 
  6. A brass ring like artifact that exists in many different dimensions at once and is capable of cutting through any material it is passed over. This includes flesh and bone. A demonic presence within the thing will 'eat' any material it accesses. The thing will also once per day produce a very toxic and radioactive six inch mass of biological debris like flaming material. The thing ring often passes among communities causing havoc and woe by its very presence. The thing seems to have an almost telepathic sense of where it shouldn't be and show up in the least likely place where it might be wanted. 
  7. A piece of tin foil like biological material with thousands of map like depictions of star systems, forbidden places, and more. Each glance at this thing reveals more and more forbidden secrets and mind twisting revelations. Entire communities have become cultists of these odd maps that occasionally are found within the wastes. It is believed that some ancient Lovecraftian god sheds these from time to time out in the wastes. 
  8. An ancient brass head which is actually the preserved head of some Ancient magician or wizard. The thing is completely mad and creates a telepathic plague of madness that moves from person to person. There is very little that can destroy this thing and it continues to move among the deep wasteland communities as an artifact that gives 'divine madness' to its owners. 
  9. The well preserved corpse of an ancient alien god that in a coffin of green decayed material. The thing has hundreds of tiny artifacts, tools, and other artifacts with it. But the thing gives off a form of unknown and quite dangerous to those around it. Anyone even handling this horror or its tools will be affected by a strange radiation that will slowly turn them into beautiful crystal statues even as their mind is filled with horror and forbidden knowledge. They will slowly die whist whispering ancient secrets. Make a radiation check when even going near this thing. 
  10. The well preserved hand of some ancient horror that will choke anyone trying to handle it. The thing will try to draw the lifeforce from anyone even near it. In its palm is a page from ancient demonology text containing an ancient spell or passage of horror. 

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Review and Commentary on 'The Pay What You Want' 100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House From Skirmisher Publishing On Your Old School Campaign

Photo: Need to make an old house even creepier than it already is?  We've got something for that: "100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House."  It's pay what you want on Bonus!
Grab it right over 

 Just the perfect 'thing' to go with the earlier posted random encounter table, this is great little piece of work by the Skirmisher Publishing group. This piece adds a nasty haunted cherry right on top of your old school horror game or a post apocalyptic adventure. This eight page piece of horror fueled nastiness is a great system neutral piece of work that you could add right into your own campaign right now.
 From the Drivethru blurb: 
Welcome to the first in a new line of game-related products from Skirmisher Publishing LLC and d-Infinity Online — Oddities!
Oddities are the little touches that fill up the corners of lives. In our own mundane world, they might be limited to old, chewed pencils, unused key-fobs, or a half-finished decorative spoon collection awaiting the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. In the worlds of our imagination, however, they can be so much more. What oddities might be found in the halls, on the walls, or occupying the shelves of a Creepy Old House? Let’s find out ...
Oddities are intended to aid GM creativity, turning possibly bland areas or gaming episodes into something more. The goal of this publication and those to follow is to make things more fun and to take your imagination in directions it might not otherwise have gone.

This wonderful little bundle of strangeness adds a whole other little dimension to your old school horror campaigns. Because this is a system neutral product it means that its a perfect little addition to your old school horror game from Call of Cthulhu to an OD&D style Gothic adventures. This little product hits a few high spots to add another dimension to your games. Add in a bit of ghostly or esoteric item mayhem  fun right now. 
This means that its also perfect addition for those grind house blood dripping haunted house adventure locations in both post apocalyptic or modern style campaigns. There's lots of possibilities to get the PC's into the deep end of adventures with this one by pitching their curiosity and sense of the strangeness. Not bad for a brand new supplement for your old school campaigns. 

1d10 High Level Undead Encounters From Ancient Battle Fields Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Out in the wastelands are thousands of ancient battlefields  where the violence,horror, and forces of the apocalypse still linger. Here the ground shivers and the echoes of the past sometimes let loose very dangerous monsters and things to plague mutant adventurers. Sometimes the forces of Death itself turn and twist as things of Undeath are release back upon the world to haunt your post apocalyptic encounters.
Most of these hunger for the flesh, blood and spirits of the living 

1d10 High Level Undead Encounters From Ancient Battle Fields Table 

  1. An amalgamation of undeath horror and depravity made up from the souls 1d20 former soldiers that has risen from a nearby mass grave to devour the life essence of anyone it catches. Counts as 1d4 shadows or specters. A very hungry and aggressive horror from beyond the grave. 
  2. A group of zombies made up of ancient Earth warriors hell bent on raiding pillaging, and devouring the living. These 2nd level fighters are armed with sword & shield ready to tear into the living. There are 1d8 of these horrors ready for violence. 
  3. A group of fiendish field medics have given into the forces of the Afterlife long ago. These horrors are looking to torture, dismember, and experiment upon anything or anyone they can. There are 1d6 of these fiends and they can imbue a sort of psuedo life upon their twisted creations.These things will be low level undead horrors but very hungry.  
  4. A gang of 1d6 undead scarecrow things out for blood and sacrifices to their dark gods.These things have been created from the bodies of nearby farmers and are armed with sickles, pitch forks, and other implements of destruction. These horrors are relentless, hungry, and use tactics to bring down prey. 
  5. 1d10 zombie clown things capable of wanton mayhem have been let loose from some dimensional doorway to a nameless hell. These horrors will pursue and kill anything that they can get a hold often trapping and displaying the bodies of prey in creative ways. Armed with high tech laser pistols and bladed weapons of exceptional malice. In D&D terms these things count as intelligent wights 
  6. A gang of undead bikers with bikes breaks through from the otherside of the veil hungry for the blood and flesh of the living. They have been summoned by the scent of blood and flesh. They are 3rd level fighters with some minor vampiric abilities and working motorcycles. Armed with short swords, chains, and ancient fire arms. They will begin to follow the old high way routes and seek fresh meat once again from beyond the grave. 
  7. 1d8 giant maggot horrors from Hell break through from beneath the ground , there are also a number of minor 1d3 zombies following in these things wake. They will devour anything that they can get a hold of. Count as undead purple worm horrors. 
  8. A single pre apocalyptic warrior with the powers of a lich riding upon a nightmare enters the world armed with a riot shot gun and hell bent on taking revenge upon any living that he finds to drag them back beyond the veil. This thing is after souls and flesh for his masters. 
  9. A plague of 1d10 zombies bursts through the ground and is hell bent on feasting on the living. These things are very hungry and dangerous but there are 1d4 minor relics from the pre apocalyptic world are right under their former 'resting' place. 
  10. Former unknown undead enemy soldiers from the pre apocalyptic war break through the veil. These 3rd level fighters are here in the lands of the living to drag back and conscript anyone that they find to fight in their never ending battles upon the planes of the Hells. They are armed with a few high tech weapons and fire arms as well as stunners. These horrors may eat the occasional conscript as well. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Heads Up On The King Solomon's Mines-Classics Reimagined Kick Starter Going On Now!

 Fund it Right Over

Some great comic book professionals are putting together a great forty eight page graphic novel of epic porporations. This is a brand new take on the old classic and takes the classic material back to its pulp roots and then brings it into an epic and action packed direction but of course it needs funding and all of the other myriad costs that come with such graphic projects.
I know the incredible work of the artists, writers, and folks involved. This is a straight up venture that I can't wait to see more magic of the folks involved.
 According to the Kick starter page : 

Welcome to the new KING SOLOMON'S MINES --a colorful and sexy new 48 page graphic novel by Pablo Marcos & Mark Ellis!
The KING SOLOMON'S MINES graphic novel is a fresh take on H.Rider Haggard's classic tale of adventure and treasure hunting in 19th century Africa.
King Solomon's Mines
This adaptation by the team of legendary comics illustrator Pablo (Conan The Barbarian, Tales of the Zombie) Marcos and best-selling author Mark (Outlanders, Doc Savage, Justice Machine) Ellis brings a new and colorful perspective to the Victorian-era yarn.

The KING SOLOMON'S MINES graphic novel by Pablo Marcos and Mark Ellis is just the first of several planned projects (with Ying Ko Graphics) featuring "reimagined" classic adventure heroes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's CHALLENGER rendered here by the ever-awesome Jeff Slemons, Jules Verne's NEMO by the uber-talented Steven E Gordon and of course, HR Haggard's QUATERMAIN, by the legendary Pablo Marcos.
So here we've got a great project that has a new take on this classic pulp work and like so many of the incredible wonderful other projects this one needs your help. I've seen some of the artwork associated with this one and its a great take on the Haggard material. There is a certain epicness associated with King Solomon's Mines and a feeling of continuing almost pulp level journey that comes with the writing and artwork. 

King Solomon's Mines
.  The work will really focus on the hero's journey into the world of Allen Quarterman and continue to pull the reader into the artists and writer's take on the world that Haggard created. We see a totally different take on King Solomon's Mine while pinning down the hero and cast for further adventures. A very nice bit of slight of hand work while entertaining the audience here in this graphic novel.

 One thing about this project, Ellis and co always support their various projects with Facebook groups and more. You can join this Facebook group right over HERE

I love the sheer fun and incredible pulp artwork & writing  that is associated with this project. Its nice to see the Haggard material being used properly and with a nice old school take here. I'm going to continue to follow this project and see where it goes. Please take a moment and let's get Haggard's  Darkest Africa into the hands of modern pulp readers.