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Time and Dimensional Hacking For The Savant PC Class In The Fantastic Heroes & Witchery Rpg System

The savant in the Fantastic Heroes and Witchery rpg system is the go to catch all mad scientist, super scientist and all around Mr.Fantastic style of character but time,space,and other planes of  existence represent adventure opportunities waiting to happen for a DM. So with recently with that in mind I began to to throw together some pulp science fiction and 80's film inspired rules for allowing the savant to open time and dimensional gates via their inventions or artifacts.  A skill check is need to determine if an invention or artifact is in fact a dimensional or time traveling gizmo or device. Once this is done then the savant may use any of the following abilities appropriate to their levels. 
  1. 1st level Using Gizmo To Detect  Near By Dimensional Anomalies - Using a device the savant is able to detect any nearby gateways to other dimensions or time warps that have opened within the last forty eight hours.  There is a 10% chance that the savant may open the dimensional gateway between worlds using his device. The gate way will remain open for 1d6 turns. 
  2. 2nd level Determine nature of world, plane, or dimension. The savant has a 20% chance of using his device to scry into the dimension or planar destination to determine local conditions including technological level, atmosphere, and adverse conditions,etc. The savant may open a small observation window into the dimension, alternative world etc. for 1d6 hours for observation but there is a 10% per hour that the window is open that some other dimensional life may take advantage of the situation. 
  3. 3rd level Open multiple paths along the dimensional axis, the savant can open multiple dimensional gateways and send through entire parties of visitors to other worlds. These temporary gateways will remain open for 1d10 turns. The savant can determine with a 40% accuracy if a time or space paradox will be created by his team mates visiting these other dimensional worlds. 
  4. 4th level   Some little thing the savant not only knows what changes have occurred to this world. The PC has a combination of guts, guile, and sheer determination so that changes will or have occurred to set this world on the edge of oblivion.  The savant has a 4o% chance of opening a space time warp. Those around him may age prematurely by 1d20 years but the mage can open this gate way to some random nearby dimensional location . 
  5. 5th level - The Secrets of time and space  at this level the savant is able to not only understand the true nature of the universe but can construct simple and inexpensive time space devices. These  devices will have charges that enable them to open save points into other worlds. There is a 10% chance of these devices ceasing function at critical  times.
  6. 6th level - All of time and space - The PC can construct a functioning map of the local space time continuum. But these maps change every day. The savant can now construct far more  sophisticated devices enabling to determine where these local gates are opening on which worlds and the savant can also close these gates at will. 
  7. 7th Machinery of time and space - The savant has a very complex understanding of the fabric of time and space enabling the savant to conquer death, and disease by creating devices powered by dimensional energies that can be used to heal 1d10 points of damage per level. The savant can also open doors and create devices that can allow one to jump 1d6 worlds. The device can only be used to open 1d6 dimensional or alternative world locations. 
  8. 8th level Repair tears in the fabric of time and space, the savant is able to with special devices to seal dimensional breaches and gateways with specially constructed devices. The very space rejects the inclusion of other dimensional energies enabling the savant to dismiss or create a dimensional artifact or horror away. 
  9. 9th level The savant can now construct truly sophisticated dimensional devices that can peek into other dimensions, grab 1d6 objects or victims, and open fully functional dimensional maps and gate ways. 
  10. 10th level See the Map Of The Gods - The savant has gained truly staggering super science insights into the nature of the universe and can map out small portions of the local time and space continuum. The savant can open and send through small 1d8 parties of adventurers to nearby worlds and planes.

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Mystically Bonded War Bears For Your Old School Campaigns

A noble creature has come down from the Hypborean mountains, and polar regions, the ancient Atlantian war bears & their mystically bonded companions are once again appearing upon the stage of Hyperborea and the ancient pocket realms. 

File:To The Victor Belongs The Spoils by Charles Marion Russell.jpg

Measuring up to fifteen feet in length is the uplifted Atlantian war bear, a rare species of hunter, companion, and very loyal companion. These once plentiful guardians and companions to the Northern Altantian warriors have since retreated to only pockets of woodland and temperate forests. These bears mystically bond with nearby tribal Norsemen who are descended from ancient long lines of warriors stretching back to before the destruction of Atlantis. These noble animals were once the ancient enemies of the the guardians of the shrines of Xanthoqqua, whose sacred cave bears still haunt his temples and shrines. 
These bears are ferocious warriors who mystically bond with their owners/companions for life and share a deep and abiding telepathic link that transcends time, space, and distance. The Atlantian war bear measures fifteen feet long and weights up to 1,400 pounds. They have a keen intelligence, strong almost supernatural sense of smell, and a bite capable of sheering through bone and flesh with easy. Some tribal warriors ride these animals into war while other tribes uses these guardians and companions as warriors in their own right. 
The Atlantian war bear 
No Encountered 1(1d4)
Alignment: Neutral with good tendencies
Movement: 60 
Armor Class: 6 
Hit Dice: 8+5 
No of Attacks: 3 (claw/claw/bite) 
Damage: 1d10/1d10/2d6
Saving throw: 14 
Morale: 9 
Experience points: 1000 
Treasure class: -  
File:PIKE(1896) p217 He had given me enough chances.jpg

Those who undergo the ritual bonding with an Atlantian war bear share their life forces with the animal's for life. This gives the owner an extended life expectancy of 1d30 years but the companion to this beast also gains the quick temperament and outlook of the animal. The owner must roll their wisdom at times to keep their temper in check during moments of violence. Bears will bond with rangers, fighters, shamans but never berserks because the spiritual rage of these warriors is far too extreme even for these beings. War bears will sacrifice their lives for their friends and family but will not throw their lives away. Should they be killed there is a 20% chance that companions will go into a spiraling depression and apathy that will continue for 1d6 years. Those who sub-comb to such melancholy will never be right again.
Those bonded to such animals gain an incredible sense of smell, and have the tracking ability at +4 but they also have a weakness for plundering food and as such are not often welcome into civilized areas even by their own tribes. They have a weakness for pies,treats, and confections of all types. They also gain the low light vision ability common to the bears enabling them to see in near total darkness. 
Against certain demonic and dangerous supernatural entities the real power of these animals becomes evident. They gain a +2 against such horrors and will fight to destroy such entities. They loath all things of the Outer Darkness and the Abyss having a supernatural ability once per day of sniffing out such creatures and their works.

Formula Win Vs Formula Fail - Where Campaign System Form and Function Is Needed Plus iZombie

   Usually about seventy percent of the time I agree completely with Mr. Satanis when it comes to campaign advice but this time I think he's full of it. And here's why, apparently he's seen Izombie is a television show and television shows are excellent role models for role playing adventures up to a point. They get a party from point A. to point b. And sometimes you've got to make several twists here and there with regards to the setting elements such as adventure locations, NPC's,etc. But sometimes you've got to follow a logical direction and pad things out especially in the beginning of a campaign when you've carefully hung a campaign together. Short,quick, jabs in a campaign are very important, these short sets enable a group of players to cope with real life. I often do what are referred to as convention sets, adventures that are like like comic book issues. They are self contained, build upon one another, and allow the players to cope with scheduling, real life, etc. all of the actual things we never seem to write about on these blogs. Well I do. Often time real world crisis and life happens to people and these turn about events can end a campaign without warning. 
But let's for argument's sake consider Izombie for a moment, there's nothing at all really innovative in the show's design or the episodes that I've caught. But the concept isn't something new at all. 
 But should the concept be thrown out entirely? No, and just  because there isn't anything new here at all doesn't mean that you should throw the brains out with the basin. But looking round the rpg collection we find that the concept has been out in the wild of pop culture in a very different place.  Delta Green had the ghouls eating the brains of the dead to gain memories of the dearly departed way back in the 90's and early 2000's.
I'm going to bet that one or more of the writers of iZombie were Call of Cthulhu players or DM's especially of the Delta Green campaign books from Pagan publishing. I've long been a fan of Pagan's for a long time . And this is a pretty damn half assed attempt at 'innovation' on the show's part. It's already been done with style and wit by the Pagan publishing crew years ago in the 'Ghoul Manuscripts' from the Delta Green product line were for me one of the many bright spots of the spotless and innovative line of books.  Some concepts of which have for years been making their way into many folks D20 Conan books, D20 Call of Cthulhu books, and OSR books. So there is something to be said for sticking with a tried and true approach. Doing things methodically is the name of the game for me. It might work for your as well when things fall apart, its far easier to stick the structure of a campaign with order, style, and flourish. These are things that while I lack them still have form & function.


"The madness and monstrosity lay in the figures in the foreground- for Pickman's morbid art was pre-eminently one of demoniac portraiture. These figures were seldom completely human, but often approached humanity in varying degree. Most of the bodies, while roughly bipedal, had a forward slumping, and a vaguely canine cast. The texture of the majority was a kind of unpleasant rubberiness."H.P. Lovecraft, Pickman's Model
Like ghouls we of the OSR often pick up concepts from seemingly dead places, dust them off and bring them into the lights of our games. DM's all have styles and attitudes that work for them. They don't always work for everybody but that's really up to each individual DM and that's where a tool box like 
 How to Game Master like a F$%$ing Boss is still a good tool box but its knowing how to pick the right tools that work for you as a DM. Learning the rules means that you can break them. Breaking them means using the tools in the right way. 

I'm not attacking Venger, but I do disagree with his assessment on this subject, and as for me I'll stick with my tribes of Ghouls and Lovecraft. iZombie left me less then filled and didn't take a left or right at all. It's basically 'One Tree Hill' or 'Gilmore Girls' with monsters.
I'm going to give this one a pass.

1d10 Random Pulp Treasures Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg Systems


 Out in the wastelands there are strange and very dangerous treasures that blow in on the Boreas winds of Outer Darkness. Sometimes things turn up in the wastelands that can make an adventurer's fortunes or ruin their lives here are a few treasures to change the fortunes of your adventurers but be warned these could in fact change their lives forever.

1d20 Random Pulp Treasures Table 

  1. A golden encrusted head dress containing the soul of a long forgotten deity and god, this thing's soul cries out for vengeance from beyond the grave. There is a twenty five percent of this mad bastard trying to possess the owner. Worth 3000 gold pieces to the right collector or sorcerer. 
  2. A piece of carved jade in the shape of some monstrous god thing, the piece cares 1d4 minor spells of cantrips. The original guardian owner is now a ghoul and is tracking the piece, the thing is worth over 2000 gold pieces to the right sorcerer or collector of esotericia. 
  3. The broken remains of a sealed chest, this piece of valuable marble, jade, and incredibly detailed carvings. This casket contains the souls of nine nine guardian spirits and madmen from Lemuria whose demi lich king's soul has fled. This item now bares a curse to trap the next owner's soul within 1d30 days of finding this object. 
  4. The cracked and broken skull of some demonic undead thing, this object is sought by several cults of dangerous demonic worshiping scum who will slit your party's throat for this item. There are several locked spells for summoning up demonic things from the lowest nether pits. Worth 400 gold pieces as a curio or 5000 gold as a fetish piece for a minor demonic cult. 
  5. A jeweled crown like object, actually the interior engine part of a Lemurian battle machine. Anyone handling this thing will have to save vs death or roll on a mutation matrix. This thing is not valuable and double the number of random wilderness encounters when handling this thing. It attaches monsters, madmen, and deviants. It is also a cursed item. 
  6. A small jeweled soul jar containing the soul of a mad and dangerous succubus who will become the owner's 'adviser' and council. She will grant the owner 1d4 minor spells and begin planning on contracting out the owner's soul to her demonic Earth bound god thing master. Worth 600 gold pieces as collector's curio. 
  7. A large bell made from crystal and gold that when rung echoes into the nearest lower planes and calls to it echoes and ghosts of the past. There is a 10% chance each time it is rung the shade of someone near and dear to the owner will come. There is a 40% chance of a demonic thing of the damned will seek out the owner to tear their souls from their bodies. 
  8. Statue of gold and jade dedicated to the snake mother goddess made in the shape coiled and writhing figures. This piece inspires nothing but loathing in all who see it but it grants visions of blood soaked clarity. The thing will 'bite' its owner for 2 points of damage and will grant contact with this minor goddess who will grant 'wishes' in the form of forbidden and terrible acts of depravity and murder. Eventually the owner will be transformed into a murderous serpent man half breed cursed priest of this goddess. A cult of 1d6 serpent warriors will come to claim the owner for sacrifice upon the goddess's alter. Worth 800 gold pieces. The item is cursed. 
  9. A jade ring inscribed with the names of two hundred dead gods and their dungeon lairs. See Petty Gods  for possible choices. Worth 900 gold pieces  
  10. Twelve demonic Atalantian  silver pieces that summon the twelve minor horrors of the Outer Darkness. Each piece belongs to a 'saint' of the cult of Ancient Wayfarers.  Demons who ferry the souls of the Atlantian dead to the underworld. They will come to claim the owner's in 1d30 days.  Only a replacement will due but it must be of royal blood. Worth 5000 gold pieces to the right necromancer or wizard who knows the secret command phrase. 

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Exploration of The Wizard Of Tsathag’kha's Lair - Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Actual Play Event

The PC's had a hell of a time dealing with the Gatherers  and their horned ape minions. They also found out that all was not well in the neighborhood where they've been staying.
After fighting off  the Lovecraftian sky horrors last game during their time in a fortified and guarded Waterbury neighborhood. The PC's contended with a group of horned apes which were trying to use the hypnotic powers of their masters to lure out the inhabitants of the place as slaves for their masters. They've traced down the space craft to the Waterbury space base and found that tunnels ran the length and breath under the city. But they also found Sir Walter Brent, a wizard and occultist living in the midst of the good citizens. An investigation of his brownstone turned up some rather interesting things.
 It seems that the man whose been leading the various adventurers to the Waterbury space port is actually a Baleful Sorcerer of Tsathag'kha whose been working on sacrificing anyone who comes along to his toad god whose been munching on their souls quite nicely. An invesitgation into his brownstone turned into a fight with some very nasty Lovecraftian shadow demons. The faceless fiends gave the PC quite the hard time and only after taking some damage did the PC's turn up some treasure and something more. 


A hidden chamber under the desk of our wizard in residence with a hidden secret passage under his ground floor apartment building. The hidden door was guarded by a needle trap and a shocking ward of lethal cunning. The party's half Elven thief got through it rather neatly. 

The PC's found the wizard's laboratory and work room, a hidden realm of weirdness and a series of tunnels that leads they think to Waterbury space port. But they've decided to explore the wizard's work room first.
File:Mattheus van Hellemont The Alchemist.jpg
There were weird cries and strange smells issuing up from the hidden underworld beneath the streets of Waterbury and the PC's are convinced that something nasty awaits them. And their right of course.

The advice of Venger Satanis's 'How To Gamemaster Like A F#$@ing Boss'  is quite clear here and that's to keep things moving along with a bit of entertainment, weirdness, and solid old school adventuring. I've got this little beauty waiting right down below for the party. A servant of Tsathag’kha' waiting to cause the party all kinds of mayhem.

Making an appearance in the next installment is going to be 100 Oddities for a Wizard's Library, the third in the 100 Oddities series from Skirmisher Publishing and the timing of this product couldn't be better for me.  The 1st edition DMG has a boat load of reference material but many players know that stuff like the back of their hand. Here's a resource that can be used for any edition or any game for that matter. All material here is straight up brand new and there are over a hundred random entries. This is a well done resource and clocking in at twelve pages is wall to wall weirdness perfect not only for a D&D style game or any old school campaign.  But  for a game where you've got an occultist pluming the depths of the supernatural and you need some bit of set dressing or plot hook for your PC's to stumble upon.
This book can also be used as a perfect supplement for your wasteland warriors to stumble upon the lair of a sorcerer or wizard whose left behind a bolt hole or hide away in the middle of some god forsaken wilderness.
Grab It Right Over

The tunnels lead to a subtrain which should take our heroes to the Waterbury space port but its controlled by a gang of cannibal sociopathic sadists who would love nothing more to then to get their collective hands on the PC's. More information these mad bastards right over HERE

Our NPC wizard comes from Venger's The Baleful Sorcerer of Tsathag'kha and is perfect for use as a nasty NPC vile villain. The level of the NPC can be adjusted as needed for your campaigns. 

The Free OSR Adventure Resource - Tales from the Laughing Dragon: A Dragonclaw Adventure As Adventure Fodder For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaign

So with OD&D being the basis for several games out there surely there isn't a free low level adventure that could be used introduce your old school space scum to some back water planet?  Well there actually is a very well done one for the Basic Fantasy Rpg and its free.

   A desperate bit to save a kingdom upon a remote colony world in a backwater providence as the forces of evil threaten the planet. Only a brand of brave outer world adventurers can save us all. Are you those brave souls? Sound like the latest in the Star Wars saga or Battle Star Galactica? Or perhaps an old pulp sci fi novel? Nope. Instead its simply an old twist and trick that any DM has done in the past. Take an existing fantasy adventure and add in your favorite science fantasy crew. In this case the easily ported, DC1 Tales From The Laughing Dragon. There are several reasons why this works, one this is a low level series of adventures and have the same feel as a space opera, the events place the PC's into the deep end of Dragon Claw system errm barony. And their  presented as three sequential adventures set in the back end of the campaign enabling the DM to fill in the science fantasy issues as needed. 

Grab It For Free Right Over 

The humanoid races become alien races, there are number of giant monsters that don't need to be explained this after all an alien planet. Add in a star port near the town of Dale minimal facilities and well your pretty much ready to go.  The ruins stay as is and simply need to be fleshed out with a few more exotic failed colony bits and your pretty much ready to go.

The goblins and orc forces are a very easy fit for this adventure and can easily be ported over with little to no problems. Everything in the adventure can easily be ported over to a slightly better then average primitive backwater planet. All three of these adventures start in a cantina ermm bar. Yet these are not hack & slash adventures some thinking is required on the part of the adventurers. Hence why your psychic warriors and space knight types might be required. Sure there's plenty of action but some serious thought is going to have to be put in.

Add in some space teddy bear rangers, and your ready to go! But don't forget the giant spiders as well.

All images are from the Ewok Adventure franchise and used for reference no trade mark or copyright infringement is intended. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only and the Basic Fantasy Rpg the copyright and trademark of its owners. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only. Happy gaming folks!

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1d10 Random Wasteland Wandering Monsters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are those monsters that slip between worlds, after loosening the bonds of reality and slipping from the bonds & reigns of  reality that holds most of use mere mortals in place. Often this allows true horrors to slip the noose and plague the life of the wasteland wanderer and family man alike. Here then is a random wasteland wandering monster table to cause your adventurers trauma and strangeness amid this unnerving post apocalyptic wasteland. 

1d10 Random Wasteland Wandering Monsters Table 

  1. A displaced vampire lord who moves across the world as a disembodied horror made from the weird mist of the undead. He has jewels that he is willing to trade for blood or he may feast on a PC or two. 
  2. A minor demon thing who is lurking here for a party of other demonic adventurers, this world looks tasty and they have come to feed and sample some of its populations. 
  3. A scorpion man wandering horror that seeks his sister who was captured by a local cult for sacrifice to a local Lovecraftian god thing. 
  4. A wandering pack of 1d6 mutant horrors that are seeking a way to return to their god who is actually a smooth talking trader who passes himself off as a divine 
  5. A pack of flying zombie birds lead by a giant decaying Eagle riding  necromancer who is sixth level and capable of breaking an eight foot tall criminal's spine. 
  6. A giant praying mantis bounty hunter  that is seeking some very dangerous criminal scum among your world's adventurers. 
  7. A strange wraith over lord is seeking slaves to sell into death & depravity ; anyone whom this monster runs across will be scanned. The monster uses his powers to cripple and meme anyone it chooses for its insidious purposes.  
  8. A minor demon seeks a cure for the red death disease that lurks on the outer edges of reality. This demon lord seeks to un lock the psionic potential of certain individuals  
  9. This giant fungus from the depths of the Earth, seeks to devour the minds of locals in an effort to better serve his lord by establish a cult at the grass roots levels. 
  10. A seventh level serpent man wizard has shape changed int a lovely young woman. This individual is seeking a sacred magic item and is willing to pay adventurers to help recover it or to murder them in the process.  

The Free OSR Monster Resource - The Basic Fantasy Field Guide As Fodder For Your Science Fiction or Science Fantasy Campaign

The Basic Fantasy Rpg has some fantastic free resources, today we're going to slice under the skin of the Basic Fantasy Field Guide.

I've gotten argued to the ground over some points about one of my favorite monster manuals, the Basic Field Guide is an excellent go to monster book for any OD&D style campaign, one shot adventure, convention short set adventure. Whatever your needs are.
So its an excellent resource for your fantasy rpg dungeon crawls but did you ever consider using it for your old school science fiction or science fantasy adventures?
Grab It Right Over
Alright given the breath and range of monsters in this book its easy to see that these horrors can easily be inserted into a science fiction or science fantasy adventure landscape. Many of these horrors can easily be slipped into the background of your favorite adventures. There are a few little things to keep in mind with The Basic Fantasy Field Guide, the explanations for their statistics are given in the front. They appear alphabetically. But a second list in the back lists them by hit dice which makes it easier to deal with at the table on the fly. Since this is a retroclone based on OD&D this book will work with Stars Without Number, convert over to Mutant Future D&D optional rules, and the new kid on the block the White Star Rpg system. These monsters add in a bit more Krull or Empire Strikes Back creature features to old school adventures. The Basic Fantasy Field Guide is a resource that I've also used in the past as a Spelljammer resource as well. 

There are a number of resources that I've used from Vaults of Pandius website, that uses multiple platform editions across the board right over HERE  And there are further resources right over HERE . These monsters range from the weird to the silly but their very well done.

Because these monsters are perfect for the dungeon, these monsters are easily used for space hulks, ruins, spelljammer ships, flying saucers, planet side ruins and bases, and the post apocalyptic wastelands of a failed colony planets.

There are number of hazards that can easily take the place of minor hazards and monsters in the space lanes and also bedevil adventurers in the wastelands of the post apocalyptic landscape as well. You'll know which ones I'm talking about as soon as you crack the book or pdf. These low and mid level monsters can take the place of Mynock style creatures to cause issues with your space going or Mad Max style campaigns. Make no mistake these types of horrors can be real pains in the necks and will require fire, bullets, and blasters in equal measure. This being said I truly think that James Raggi might be right and monsters should be used sparingly in some encounters. Common sense monster ecology easily applies for alien life forms and weird dungeon horror in space as well.
Make no mistake that there are some major horrors that can take out adventurers quite easily.

All in all the Basic Field Guide is a very unrated and appreciated resource that can add another layer of monstery goodness to your old school science fiction or science fantasy campaigns. 

1d10 Random Weird Wasteland Vehicle Loot Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are times when a DM needs a quick random table because the PC's have decided to loot one of the abandon cars on the side of the road in an urban or country landscape. 
So here are quick selection of weird random finds for your old school post apocalyptic campaigns .

1d10 Random Weird Wasteland Vehicle Loot Table 

  1. Strange glowing and pulsing radioactive gold bar that each time you look at it and are exposed to it for more then 1d6 minutes. You have to make  a save vs death or make a mutation check. 
  2. A small juju zmobie locked in a case, the case contains several small treasure maps of the local area. 
  3. A small PKE containment trap which contains 1d6 random spirits, spooks, and ghosts in other words a pack of random ghosties. 
  4. An entire mummified family, with a car. They are reasonably well preserved and have several valuable minor relics with them. There is a 30% chance of these things animating and causing problems. 
  5. A brain in a jar, the thing has been fried in an electrical attack. The mechanisms of the jar are actually valuable and could fetch 300 gold pieces on the open market. 
  6. A box of screws that are actually magnetic in nature. They can be use on just about any applications for fixing materials. 
  7. A giant book of demonology with lots of notes in the margins, this book could be used as a major resource. 1d6 demons respond to the summons and they will attack the target of the book. 
  8. A giant brass ring with a series  of gold names written into the interior of the ring. This ring allows you by pass between nearby alternative realities. Worth 400 gold pieces.
  9. +2 sword called Night Minion, lost during the last incursion with very dark and dangerous forces. Gains an extra plus when going against demons and the like. 
  10. A brass bird that allows one to have 1d6 visions a week of possible futures. This item is actually a trap that will hold the minds of those who stare too long, after 1d4 hours the target must make a save vs death or be consumed in hell fire for 3d8 points of damage. 

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Review and Commentary On The Gnomes of Levnec Adventure From Zzarchov Kowolski For Your Old School Campaigns On The Dark Corner Blog

There are strange going on in the village of Levnec and it involves gnomes, adventures, high weirdness in the woods and more gnomes. Dive in head first as we check out The Gnomes of Levnec Adventure From Zzarchov Kowolski, right over HERE. Bring some extra characters sheets your going to need it. 

Swords, Sorcery, And OSR Fan Based Stars Wars - Your Way Part III With These Free Downloads For Your Old School Campaign

This is part III and perhaps the final part of this series of posts because it's now edging into the more recent end of posts from a friend's blog. David Bay Miller does excellent material for any number of OSR and OD&D style campaign. He's recently done a very quick and brief overview of any number star ships and extra PC classes for the White Star Rpg system which capture the flavor of both the Marvel Stars Wars comics and the expanded universe quite well. You can find any number of his stuff right over HERE 
I've seen several opinions about the White Star Game rpg system being a complete entity unto itself and being able to be run with little problem and while I totally agree with that sentiment.Just about every DM I know is going to run the game and begin tinkering with it right straight out of the gate. They'll add, subtract, and twist, fold, and mutilate the hell of out the system. White Star is based on Swords & Wizardry. There are number of PC options out there for the game system and a good chunk of these are free. You can find material on that subject right over HERE
Hell if you want xeno archaeologists and adventurers you can easily download from Ancient Mysteries & Lost Treasures - Modern exploration & adventure in the Indiana Jones tradition.

As for padding out a very fast pulp style campaign there are any number of fan theories that can be exploited to produce some really incredible 'what if' Star Wars campaign adventure settings.
I find myself right here saying yeah give White Star a chance & there are some really awesome things that can be done with it. The system is pretty much an open tool kit and can be exploited any number of ways. You can find some of the more extreme fan theories right over HERE
It's this, or he had a death wish...

I've often taken the extreme alternative campaign route in the past, basically these would be Marvel style 'What if' campaign worlds. For example we know all about the Empire Strikes Back and this little issue:
In Empire Strikes back, Darth Vader is looking at an image of the rebel shield generator on the planet Hoth and states "That's it! The Rebels are there, and I'm sure Skywalker is with them!". It bothered me that Vader was searching for Luke Skywalker even before the Emperor tells him that the young rebel who destroyed the Death Star was his son. The opening text crawl of the movie says that Darth Vader, intent on finding Luke Skywalker, has dispatched probe drones to the far reaches of the galaxy. It hit me that Vader already knew about Skywalker. That he must've known that he was living with his old family, on his home planet, within walking distance of his old master and arch nemesis Obi-Wan Kenobi. He must've known that Obi-Wan could not possibly resist training the young Skywalker in hopes of bringing down Vader and the Emperor. Vader counted on this. He couldn't possibly train Luke right in front of the Emperor. So he let Kenobi train him in hopes of turning him. Now here's the kicker. For the preceding 20 years, Vader has resented and hated the Emperor for fooling him to the dark side, for using him as a pawn. His hope was that his old master would bring him Luke, ready to help him defeat the Emperor and free him from the bondage he had been tricked into. "And together we will rule the galaxy as father and son..."
Original credit for the above comment to 
Mike Cotterman 
I did something like this with West End's Star Wars Rpg years ago and enabled a very interesting take on things as the PC's struggled to get back to their own regular universe. 
Well if we actually flip the focus from Luke to Leia mix around who the Emperor might really be then we get a very different out come and one that can be exploited quite nicely for a vastly different universe in a galaxy far,far,away. 
The reason that so many Star Wars DM's don't like to adher to the Star Wars setting and background is the same for gaming in the Marvel universe. One can easily get force choked by the very setting that your trying to exploit to game in. This is a problem that frequently crops up in any number of old school rpg's and one of the reasons that I've actively seen DM's time and again create their own settings for their games. 
The  idea of spinning out a campaign universe from whole cloth isn't easy to do but using an alternative line of fannon what if history frees the DM to paint NPC's, historical fictional events, etc.,etc. in the way that they want. It also gives the true 'expert's' and diehard fans nosebleeds trying to figure out where your going with your campaigns. And this keeps your players coming back again and again.
This is blog post is not meant as a trade mark or copyright violation or challenge to either Star Wars or its franchises or the White Star Rpg system. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only. Artwork used without permission, all material by David Bay Miller his own. Cheers and happy gaming. 

New Magic Item - The Screaming Skull Mask For Your Old School Campaigns

The screaming skull is one of those magic items and monsters all in one, the adds for these horrors appear in cheap and cheesy news paper style magazines that seem to spring up every year on super market tabloid new stands and in grocery stores. The screaming skull is only two dollars and will appear on the door step of any fool who orders one from its blind spot PO Box numbered address. Seemingly made by the blind necromancers of Sha. These undead horrors appear in the post in very nice wooden boxes packed with old fashioned packing material. They can be ordered through 'The James Smith Novelty' company quite easily. The screaming skull mask has many of the aspects of a cursed minor artifact. These horrific fun filled magic items have appeared among treasure and relic hordes, as part of wasteland item hauls, and even being found in alien warehouses far across the universe. 

Those wearing the screaming skull mask will feel a sense of incredible empowerment and well being. Reality  will seem sharper and the wearer will have a sense of purpose and raw power. The wearer will not want to take off the mask and will gain the ability of ultrvision after 1d6 months of owning and wearing the mask. The owners will grow surly and of an evil temperament if the mask is away from them for more then 1d8 hours. Those who try to tear the owner away from their new obsession may be in for a bout of violence and down right evil behavior from the mask's owner.
The mask will steal 1d10 years from the owner's life and however the owner will not notice this effect right away. The mask will feed the owner temporary 1d6 points Constitution through a spell like effect, the mask will cause the owner to want to commit heinous crimes and once per day the owner can cause serious wounds as per the reverse of the spell heal serious wounds.
There is a malevolent aspect to the mask and once per week the mask can allow its owner to level drain a victim. At this point the curse of the mask will begin to change the owner into  JuJu zombie like creature. The owner can utter a piercing horrid wailing that will cause anyone who hears it to be affected as per the power word fear! Once per day day the mask will allow the owner to enter a bizarre berserk state which will last 1d8 rounds. The owner gains +3 to all hand to hand or weapon attacks whist in this state.
The mask will eventually shift the owner over into the waiting cold and dark embrace of the negative plane and full undeath hood. The owner's face, semi decayed skin and part of the skull will become the new material for a new screaming skull mask only the unliving embrace of the mask will allow the hurting the hurting to stop. This will happen even as the decaying flesh finds its way into the roaring cold abyss of the necromancer's hands so that a new mask can find its way into the world to continue its evil reign of terror. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Swords, Sorcery, And OSR Fan Based Stars Wars - Your Way Part II With These Free Downloads For Your Old School Campaign

Everything I'm about to talk about is available right over HERE over on the right hand side under downloads. 

There a number of free OSR Swords and Wizardry science fantasy downloads that help to fill in the gaps of the White Star rpg system. Because the Sword +1 blog has been around for quite awhile and the author has dipped his toe into the stream with Ruins and Ronin, he's created any number of fantastic free downloads that can help round out the White Star rpg system especially if your looking to do some of the expanded universe Stars Wars fan based campaigns. Boarding Action #1 contains a ton of additional equipment that can round out any White Star ship's inventory quite easily. For alien races there are two fully developed ones right in the downloads section Boarding Action: Fomorians (Aliens) and Boarding Action: Lemurians (Aliens). These make fine additions to any game campaign as well. For a completely different take on a Jedi knight style PC class there's the HSE Psymurai ClassOD&D Space Fantasy hits all of the highlights of the science fantasy genre and adds in a number of nice twists that can easily be added to any OD&D style campaign. There are number of Ruin and Ronin style PC classes that can help round out your roster of space heroes as well especially the Head hunter, Kensi, and Ninja which can add in a bit more PC flare as supporting characters to a party of desperate space adventurers. 

 For a Cyberpunk style campaign set of post modern options down load every single thing in the Resistance line of free products. This is some very well developed material and will fit right in with your one cybernetically  gifted warriors and space wizards. Good stuff which can also be used with any number of old school science fiction retroclone systems that use OD&D or Swords and Wizardry as their base. Especially those that are trying to emulate a time in a system far, far, away in another galaxy. 

This is some very well done material that can help to round out your White Star Campaigns and is easily adapted across the board into any number of old school science fantasy or science fiction rpg campaigns.
This is blog post is not meant as a trade mark or copyright violation or challenge to either Star Wars or its franchises or the White Star Rpg system. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only. The +1 sword blog has been one of my go to sources for science fantasy and fiction goodness for many years. 

Swords, Sorcery, And OSR Fan Based Stars Wars - Your Way With Two Free Downloads - Starlog Presents: The Official Star Wars Technical Journal Vol 3: The Rebel Forces & Vol. 2: The Imperial Forces

So I hear a ton about doing your own OSR  Star Wars games, well there are a boatload  of options out there in the OSR for running an old school games set in an alternative version of the SW universe. Everything from the styling Galactic Adventures retroclone adventures can still be downloaded right over HERE for really easy OD&D Imperial or Jedi action. To using your favorite retro clone system and adding in either Jedi or Imperial forces. There are two free downloads that I've used in the past which in the privacy of your own home are perfect resources to get the Force flowing. Starlog Magazine produced two very nice overviews for both Rebel Forces and Empires in the form of the Starlog Presents: The Official Star Wars Technical Journal Vol 3: The Rebel Forces & Vol. 2: The Imperial Forces. These were nicely produced  and very well done slick magazine products back in the 90's and were perfect for presenting some very cool, quick one night adventures.
Grab It Right Over

For the forces of vile villainy in the Star Wars universe there of course is the Imperial forces book which covers all of the classic 1970's and 80's era Empire's war machine.
You can easily pit your heroes against the forces of the Empire in some far off corner of the SW expanded universe of your own design and easily avoid the whole issue of  'Star Wars trivia glut'. A tactic which I've used whist running Star Wars D6 West End rpg systems back in the far off parsecs of yesteryear.

Grab It Right Over
My advice when running any adventures in the Star Wars universe is to make the PC's the main focus and to set it outside the film franchises themselves enabling the PC's to really shine.There are so many holes, plot points etc. That PC's could easily have a campaign lasting years and only scratch the surface.
So what does this mean for those who wish to use these books for the White Star rpg system? Well its quite simple your going to need the Swords and Wizardry rpg to round out some of the creatures, forces, and ideas that are presented in this series of reference books for running an old school Star Wars based campaign set. Lots of the material presented here might be considered dated and somewhat out of Star Wars context but there's plenty under the hood to make this well worth your while. Much of the material here can be used, taken, and used as resources for many of the ideas for fannon Star Wars rather then straight out of the box based adventures. The fact that White Star hearkens back to the Marvel Star Wars comics in my mind is a plus. The White Star system seems to thrive on house ruling and planetary romance adventures. Any of the ideas here are going to to be for a desperate group of adventurers against a boat load of really nasty forces here. 
So this blog post is for entertainment purposes only by a fanatical Star Wars guy and is for entertainment purposes only. This is not an attempt to violate the copyright and trademarks of the Star Wars franchise or the White Star rpg system. Neither of these properties is cut from whole cloth but would work very well together to emulate the type of OD&D style games that we dreamed about playing in grade school back in the Seventies.