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Treasure of The Selkies - An Encounter Based Upon The Selkies From The Outlander Books For Mutant Future Or Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Elements of this encounter can be found in this series of blog entries right over

File:Coastline of Sherkin Island, Ireland.jpg
The adventurers come across a green skinned mutant old man a tell of tall tales who is looking for 'men of opportunity'. Adventurers to share in a treasure hunt off the coast of Ireland. He tells the tale of a great trove of relic technology, lost pre age artifacts, and of the treasures of the Selkies. His own people are a form of aquatic plant/human hybrids who have have in the ancient past secreted many treasures in a series of underwater caverns. His tribe was displaced by invaders. The coming of a race of horrid mutant warriors  known as the Selkies. Ancient shape shifters who scattered his peoples to the four winds and cursed them to wander the Earth. But you can help put things right. 

Find the treasure and help to restore his people's honor. He is willing to split the treasure with an adventuring party.

He has a pre holocaust ship waiting in a nearby harbor to take the PC's on an adventure to the wild coast of Ireland and underwater equipment to help in their search. 

The Legacy Of The Selkies 

The Truth 
Hundreds of years ago when the Selkies first appeared upon this section of the coastline of Ireland another race of mutants was already in control of this area. These mutants were sea borne raiders and pirates who preyed on passing sea going vessels. They used their vast resources to prey and plunder any vessel that came within reach of their under water cavern lairs.
The Selkies saw the caverns as a perfect lair for their people and through a campaign of wit, guile, and battle displaced Searbhan's Spittle to the four winds. Over the years the mutants have taken it upon themselves to trick foolish adventurers into attacking the lower levels of the Selkies's lairs.
This has ended in blood shed more times then the mutant people care to remember. Still  the mutant renegades of 
Searbhan's Spittle have declared a blood feud against the Selkies. And once again seek to destroy them if possible. The vessel that the PC's sail upon has a small nuclear device that the 'old man' will use if things go wrong. He does not realize that this device is actually a dud.
 The Selkies wrath will not be kind at all should they find out about this item. 
More information about these mutant creatures right over

No. Enc: 2d4 or 10d8 in communities
Alignment:  Lawful
Movement: 90’ (30’)
                     180’ (60’) swimming
AC: 5 or by armor
HD: 6
Attacks: by weapon or bite, claw, claw
Damage: by weapon or 2d4+2, 1d6+2 / 1d6+2
Save: L6
Morale: 8
Hoard Class:1d4 various weapons, Armor (75%), 1, II, V, VIII, XVI
Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism, natural weapons), increased senses (sight, smell), thermal vision
Source: Outlanders  by Mark Ellis 

File:Irish Coastline - - 692451.jpg

The Selkies will not seek revenge for any of the actions of adventurers but will sink the ship, kill any trespassers, and simply want to be left alone in peace. They feel that guarding their treasure is a sacred rite that must be carried out for the good of all. 

Searbhan's Spittle (Abomination Mutant Strain of Aquatic Green Men)
Hit Dice: 1d6 per point of CON
Alignment: Chaotic 
Mutations: Bizarre appearance (green skin),Amphibian, chameleon epidermis, epidermal photosynthesis, unique (control under water plants and communicate with aquatic animals), 

Created during the Twilight years of the Shadow Wars, these creatures are an artificial mutant species created by a team of scientists as bio terror weapons to carry on some strange long forgotten agenda now forgotten to the ages.  They were named after a Formorii warrior, a sea god who was a one eyed, one armed, and one legged fighter who guarded a magical tree.They also guarded a treasure at one time but that time is long past.
 These fiends were actually in charge of a small nuclear arsenal and several bizarre military black projects during the final decades of the Apocalypse. They had a treasure trove of a hundred years of raids carried out on post apocalyptic vessels who stumbled into their waters.
 The Selkies put an end to their reign of terror and have now taken to guarding their former horde for the good of all. These bizarrely appearing mutant green old men have sworn a blood oath against the Selkies and have for decades made covert war against them. They use others to carry out this war with lies, cheats, cons, and any number of acts of terror which have come to naught. 

They are consummate liars and cheats as it is writ in their genetic code. Unlike other 'Green men' species Searbhan's Spittle have an affinity for the Ancient's technology and gain a +1 when examining an artifact. They also prefer energy weapons that do the maximum damage to others. They have been known to make their way into sea going vessels crews and sink ships from within. They prefer to make their lairs in underwater caverns and caves if possible. These mutants often kidnap human human women to mate and to add to the species. They are not a well known mutant race but loathed by those who do know of them. They can be found aboard pirate vessels and raiders across Ruined Europe. 

Commentary On The Free OSR MAP Resource From Dragon's Foot - Hallyk & Rumfords Tower For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaign

Grab It Right Over
This is a very nicely put together tower location on a river with a number of surrounding locations. The style of this download makes it very easy to use in a number of old school editions. For myself AS&SH sprung to mind immediately.
The Blurb from Dragon's foot :
Located on a small outcropping of rock in the middle of a river. This is a small but defensible tower. Access is by both inland and to the sea due to the outflow from the interior swamplands and the inflow from the sea. Dare you disturb the owners?
This is an eleven page Pdf with some really nicely laid out elements, the download dates back to 2000 and is generic enough to be used in a wide variety of campaigns. The author details his own placement of the tower and their is a solid background that could be incorporated into your own campaigns. The material here feels like it could be place in a number  areas of Hyperborea with little problem.
This same tower could host itself in a game of Mutant Future as well. Seriously this is exactly the type of thing that might be found around the Great Lakes region or any large body of post apocalyptic fresh water. There's lots of room to do a fair amount of DYI with this location as a DM. The maps here even give figures for scale to help a DM with placement of other elements for adventure creation.
 All in all I think that this is a really nice download to use in your games. A really nice little product for free download. 

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Commentary On The Free Dragon's Foot OSR Map Resource - Dracolidius Castle For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaign On The Dark Corner Blog

Need a sinister castle for your PC's to explore, an out of the way piece of real estate that screams adventure? We've got a castle with all the trimmings just add PC's and monsters! So its off to adventure right over 

The Raid On The Grand Canyon Horde - A Dragoon Adventure Encounter From The Outlanders Books For Mutant Future Or Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Elements of this encounter can be found in this series of blog entries right over

Set up 
This encounter works if the PC's gate into the local area, have relations around the Grand Canyon area or have business around the area. Several of the smaller settlements in the area have not been heard from recently. Important trade routes specializing in post holocaust materials have recently not been heard from for two weeks. Rumors of a new military power operating in the Grand Canyon area are building, residents are fleeing from the surrounding settlements, and the region is growing unsettled by the day.
There are posters all over one of the small settlements calling for adventurers and a scouting party in the area. to look into the matter. A reward for trade or relic goods has been posted.

File:"Ghost" Town - NARA - 543353.jpg
In the meantime the aggressive and opportunistic Mutant Future animal life has taken full advantage of the situation and moved in on the abandoned settlements. The PCs might run into a dangerous random encounter with some mutant beastie.
 These monsters have become attracted to the settlements due to the weird energy weapons used by the town raiders.

1d10  Random Desert Trail Encounters 

  1. 1d4 Giant Scorpions with really odd skull like patterns on their carapaces 
  2. 1d8 fist sized tarantulas that glow with weird energies 
  3. Pack of 1d6 Rot Dogs feeding on a week old corpse. 
  4. A Serpentoid tradesmen wondering what the hell has happened to the three local towns and why the areas smell wrong. He and his wife are moving on. 
  5. 1d6 Giant Rats have infiltrated the grain stores of several settlements and are spreading themselves among the hills. 
  6. There are several giant rattle snakes with strange patterns across their backs hunting through the desert. There is something not quite right about them. They're very cunning and quite evil in some respects. They take the youngest prey and strike most often in the dark of the night if possible. 
  7. A desert stalker plant will follow the PC's at a distance 
  8. 1d4 ghostly presences can be seen in the distance only to vanish as the PC's approach. 
  9. Mutant desert vultures fly over head. They cry weird cries and will lead the PC's to the corpse of a mutant settlement dweller. The dwellers corpse is covered with mutant pill bugs who worm their way through the poor damned soul's decayed flesh 
  10. A Dragoon patrol with 1d8 soldiers on horse back armed with machine guns and a single sniper rifle.

    There are six settlements around the Canyon and most of these have been abandoned or raided over the last two months. There is an air of loss and tragedy hanging over these places and those with psionic mutations will be fully aware of this atmosphere. 

File:"Ghost" Town - NARA - 543342.jpg
The Grand Canyon Horde

An ancient horde has been uncovered but there are somethings in the desert that should not be disturbed. The PC's are about to find out who and what has been awakened in the canyons 
After 1d8 days of trailing through the desert and the PC's will stumble upon the base camps of the Dragoons.
A troop of mercenary Dragoons has infiltrated the nearby settlements about three months ago and after divining the location of one of the greatest secrets of the local tribes of both PS humans and mutants. The Dragoons infiltrated the local militia conscripting its best and brightest as recruits. This was done to access an ancient treasure trove of relics that dates back thousands of years. 

The Grand Canyon Horde dates back to the time of the Templar Knights. The Horde was kept by the Native American Tribes and later secured by the Pre holocaust United States government. Its legends have come down through the ages and its guardianship as well.
File:Grand Canyon cloud.jpg

Photo by Mort The Gorn 
 The horde consists of a combination of Templar technology as well as gold, Native American sacred relics, artifacts dating all the way back to the Aztecs and Atlantis. And most importantly an Annunaki relic pod.
The Dragoons are about to unleash an ancient god king of their own.
There are over Fifty Dragoons in charge of this base camp and they are led by religious fanatic of a Commandant Known as Resbreti. A being who serves a what he considers a 'holy agenda'. 

More Details Right Over At Chris Van Deelen's Site
No. Enc: 3d10

Alignment:  Neutral

Movement: 120’ (40’)

AC: 4 or by Armor
HD: 12+40 hit points
Attacks: By weapon (+4) or +9 with melee weapons
Damage: By weapon plus 1d6, +5 damage when using melee weapons
Save: L12
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: Always 1d3 High Tech or Primitive firearm, Always 1 suit of high tech armor, V, VIII (90%), XV, XVIII

Mutations: Bizarre appearance (d), increased physical attribute (Dexterity, Constitution), increased caloric needs (d), natural armor (moderate), regenerative capability, thermal vision, vulnerability to cold (d)
Source: Outlanders  by Mark Ellis

Complications of the Adventure 

  • The horde has ancient materials including Atlantian energy weapons that play marry havoc with the local space time continuum. Mutant animals and monsters are instinctively attracted to areas where they've been used. Long term use by humans or Dragoons will result in various low grade cancers affecting the user after 1d6 months. Even low usage will leave the user feeling drained and dizzy unless saving throws are made. 
  • The site is powered by a fusion/wind generation system that is cooled by the river below. This is a clean system but any interference by outsiders may upset the balance of the system. Caution is advised. 
  • Many of the Dragoon agents operating in the area have a diamond back rattle snake style pattern upon their hair and persons. Many see this as a sign of divine favor. 
  • There is a deep and abiding hatred between these Dragoons and the Hybrids of Death Valley.
    The Hybrids and Dragoons have battled over local resources sometimes in open blood shed between the two. They have clashed several times over the decades and the Hybrids will not be pleased with events taking place in the Grand Canyon. 
  • The energy form of a Templar Knight still guards the horde. The Dragoons have used a special 'energy sink' to trap the form of the knight. Should he be free he will awaken his brethren from beyond the grave. The end result will be spectacular and quite violent for the Dragoons. 
  • A small band of 1d20 mutants is planning a raid. They're women and children were taken as slaves by the Dragoons and have been converted into the work force of the camp through the implantation of mind control links. These fools will become a sacrifice to the Annunaki when it awakens from its slumber. Unless the PC's find and stop such action. 
  • The horde base camp sits on a special type of ley line nexus. Some mental and psionic mutations will not function here 
  • There is a nearby cache of military weaponry that neither the Dragoons or their agents have found. One of the slaves of the Dragoons knows where it is. 
  • The area is rife with mutant species, especially mutant serpents, scorpions, and several giant variants of desert reptiles because of the eldrith energy aura surrounding the place. 
  • The Dragoons are also searching for the resting place of a Reptilian sorcerer/scientist thousands of years ago. The local Indians imprisoned this being someplace in the Canyon and the Dragoons (so far) have been unable to locate this being.  Resbreti thinks he is the reincarnation of this being. This priest may have been a servant of the Annunki.
  • Several giant mutant eagles or bird like mutant horrors have destroyed various operations of the Dragoons in the Canyon over the past two weeks. 
  • The Dragoons are fearful that their poking and probing in the Canyon may have awakened something else that guards the place. 
  • The Dragons have a modified ecology bot that seems to feed the commandant information. This robot knows far more then it should. There are rumors among the top echelon of the Dragoons that the thing is possessed by the 'spirits' of the ancients or perhaps even the Annunaki itself. They hold the thing in a bit of superstitious awe.  
  • The Dragoons are planning on expanding operations should they find the cache of military weapons from the former American forces. 

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Review and Commentary On The Free Dragon Foot OSR Resource - Dragonsfoot Book Of Names (2007) For Your Old School Campaign

Grab it Right Over

Dragon Foot Blurb:
A list of useful names of people and places.
Having to many books of Names is never a bad thing for a DM this free resource give hundreds of names that can be used for any game system. This is truly a system agnostic download and is very useful for old school campaigns.
 According to the introduction in the Pdf 
Welcome to the Dragonsfoot Book of Names! Many members of the Dragonsfoot Forums at have submitted names from their own campaigns to be 
included in this document. Hopefully this will help you in naming the many characters who 
come and go in your games.

This clocks in at about ten pages, the layout is typical Dragon foot which means that it's easy to read, use, and download. Look as a DM which ever your old school poison might be your going to need names, place, etc. This list evens those odds and gives you a ton of options for naming things especially useful for NPC's.
Right at the moment I'm working on some new adventures for an upcoming campaign and this resource came in very handy.
Grab it while you can and see what you can use from it. Its really a handy little resource to have on your hard drive or mobile device. Even though its from '07. The material here is solidly done and comes in handy when you might need it. A nice little free download. 

Quick Commentary On The Free Dragon Foot OSR Resource - The Random Caves & Caverns Generator For Your Old School Campaign

A truly system neutral old school game product that has some great possibilities for a DM who needs an instant set of caverns and caves for his players to explore.
Did I mention that this is a free download? 

Grab It Right Over

This pdf clocks in at twenty pages, and its pretty easy on the eyes. The who thing takes a few moments to print out via print and it really truly is system neutral. 
The system is pretty easy to use and for a free product this is a very nice little tool. 
   Dirk Collins presents a nice and handy random cavern generator for any old school game system. This download comes in very handy when a DM needs to generator a cave or cavern system fasts as well as the contents. The tables here are clear,concise, and to the point.
 Based on the old percentage system. This handy reference can handle just about any game system. Need a series of caves for your post apocalyptic old school campaign and after few rolls its ready to stock.
A series of random caves for that asteroid that your party just landed on? Well this table can easily do that too.
How about a cavern where that sorcerer from your game of Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers was hauling items from? This cave generator can easily produce a stream of caves for you to explore.
The cave system generator could also be used to generate the internal organs and strange element byways of some weird Earth creature of  Carcosa.
The applications from this little download are endless but there is one thing missing.
This is a cavern and cave generator, the DM is going to have to supply the monsters for their favorite system. This really isn't a weakness of the download at all. The fact is that this is a system neutral download that does exactly what it says on the blurb.
All in all, I personally think that its a pretty nice free piece that offers some great adventure details to your old school gaming experience. 

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The Warriors From Vault 54 The Death Valley Raid - An Outlander/Deathlands Book Series Inspired Adventure Encounter For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Rpg Campaigns


In the blasted waste there have been sightings of raiders on pre holocaust vehicles who have been raiding communities, gathering slaves for some massive project in the desert. These beings are incredibly dangerous and daring. They have some of the best gear that traders who have seen. From out of the deserts known as the Kingdom of Death they have come.
 Trade routes are being disrupted. Communities cut off from the rest of the world and whole villages are vanishing into what was known as Death Valley.
Local traders and village elders are putting together rewards for information about these raiders. 

File:DeathValley GoldenCanyon1.JPG

Rumors swirl around these beings. They say that they are like the legends of televison stars. They are without imperfect, mutation, or mercy. These warriors are children of the gods who have returned. 
Anyone that they capture they return with them to their kingdom. They leave only blood, sand, and death in their wake. They can not be reasoned with or 
made peace with. Victims are simply dragged off never to be seen again.
The Guardians and The Gateway
Recently a sandstorm out in the Death Valley region has uncovered a long hidden vault of  Hybrids  cultists  who have begun the task of unearthing a mine that houses far more then gold, silver, or ancient pre holocaust artifacts.
They have over the last four months extended their reach into Nevada and the surround territories. But the desert, temperatures, and other factors have hampered their efforts. 
File:Petroglyphs2-above Mesquite Springs-800px.JPG

There are a thriving community of slaves and Guardian overseers working the Mine at Leadfield. The locals centuries ago trapped within a block of petrified wood the essence of an alien god like intelligence.
 There are d100  Guardians who have access to nearby caches of preholocaust weaponry and technology all a part of their Master's plans. There is a cult of twelve Hybrids at present and hundreds of human and mutant slaves each fitted with a mind controlling collar. They are under the influence of a nearby A.I. who controls and works them almost to the point of death in the baking sun. Temperatures can reach one hundred and twenty five degrees easily. 
File:Mine at Leadfield.JPG

The forces most like to be encountered are the Guardians. Far more details can be found right
Guardians are genetically altered Pure Humans, who were created with the sole purpose of being the guards and protectors for the Hybrids. They are what would be considered to be the perfect human specimen and are in many ways genetically superior to other humans found in the wastelands.

No. Enc: 1d4 or 6 (see description)

Alignment:  Neutral

Movement: 120’ (40’)
AC: 4
HD: 18
Attacks: 2 or 4 physical attacks
Damage: By weapon or 1d8+3d6+1d6 / 1d8+3d6+1d6 / 1d8+3d6+1d6 / 1d8+3d6+1d6
Save: L18
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: XXI (always 1d4 weapons and 1 armor)

Mutations: Combat Empathy, intellectual affinity (martial), increased physical attribute (Dexterity and Strength), quickness.
This place is actually the prison for ancient   reptilian alien god king a member of the  Anunnaki
This is not simply a mine here but a whole series of redoubts that tunnels far below the Earth. Why was it created and who is the prisoner is not known. But the thing is desperate for freedom and has called its minions to it. It is not fully awake and does not seem entirely aware of it's own identity. 

 It is possible that that this being was a part of a far more dangerous system of intricate plots. It would be vary bad should this hellish being waken. It may mean a return of the baronies of old. 

 A revival of the god-king system of ancient Sumeria and the rule of tyranny. These events must be stopped at all costs. 

 File:Chaos Monster and Sun God.png

The treasures here should be very rich but the cost of getting to them is high. The hoard class of the Hybrids is in full effect but there are more forces of Guardians awakening nearby.

Notes on using this encounter for Other Old School Science Fiction or Science Fantasy Game Products.
Because of the nature of this adventurer encounter it could be used with other science fiction or fantasy retroclones.
This adventure encounter could be used on any desert planet as well. Because of the nature of the Outlanders series. Teleport gates can lead to any number of locations. 
Further details available right over HERE 

The PC's could  stumble upon a gate system just about anywhere in the universe and it might simply teleport them to a desert like former colony world where these events are taking place.

Because of the nature of the Outlander series many of the ideas and subplots present in the novels could be expanded upon. Great Old Ones have appeared and several of the other very dangerous alien races make great antagonists for both Stars Without Number and Xplorers. There is lots of potential here.
To find out more go about the  Outlanders series  go HERE & HERE
None of the stats for the Hybrids,Guardians, etc. were done by me. But by Chris Van Deelen he's got a ton of Gamma World and Mutant Future themed material right

This post is for entertainment purposes only, it is not a challenge to the copyright or trademarks of those whose material has been used in this blog entry. Thank you. 

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The Well In The Desert - The Second Post Apocalyptic Encounter Using The Hyrbid Races From The Outlands Series

File:Museo Man - Parque Balboa en California.jpg
Original Image Michael Seljos from San Diego, California, USA
Another in a series of  Post Apocalyptic Encounters inspired by Chris Van Deelen's Deathland/Outerlanders blog entries.

 The first one is right over HERE

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook, co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement and contributor to the 'Sword of Kos: Hekaton' Anthology.
In the middle of the wasteland stands a series of four dooms surrounded by gardens of unearthly beauty. An oasis of death however greets any who venture too find out it's secrets. Mutants and human tribes alike say the area is taboo and avoided at all costs. The bones of a great many adventurers lay scattered around the sands of the out reaches of the place. A grim reminder to those venture near it's borders.
 Every six days like clock work strange pre apocalyptic vehicles truck in mysterious cargoes to the facility and are greeted by six security bots. They will destroy anything that ventures near the facility's loading docks.  This super scientific facility is one of the most advanced temples to Ancients known.

The facility is one of the homes to a breeding and cloning facility for Hybrids. But something has gone terribly wrong here. There are six tribes of Hybrids here but they are of a most primitive state compared to the tales of the Ancients of this race. Several teams of scientist/ecology bots monitor the semi tropical bio sphere that supports the six tribes. Fish, vegetables, plants, animals are all trucked in from another unknown nearby facility which has yet to be found.
The Hybrids live idyllic lives, yet make war among themselves via rites of passage for their youth, intermarry, and die never having ventured out of the domes. Some of the more advanced and intelligent of the Hybrids help to run the facility and do not enjoy intrusion by adventurers in their domain.
There are many levels to the facility as well housing treasures beyond compare. Underground levels include : Cryo Chambers, genetic labs, behavioral and psychological facilities, psionic testing and development labs, and super science equipment.
At the center of the forth domain a strange ruined Roman temple complex. There is a statue of a god like being in the center of the temple it's head smashed and the bronze name plate of the thing defaced and chiseled away. 

At the center of the facility are two control chambers that house hermetically sealed chambers of the Ancients. There are twelve skeletons of pure strain humans laying in various positions. Scattered around them are 1d8 advanced science artifacts. Many of the skeletons are dressed in strange white robes and such. There are recessed computer display terminals that seem like something from another age. 
Around the facility are several teams of robots that hover near where the tribes play, make war, and live as they deal with life under the domes. Each of these bots is a combination of medical and combat bots. They are armed with heavy stunners and have long range sensor suites. Each of these bots may store six complete snap shots of a chosen Hybrid specimen all the way down to the molecular level. 
These are given over to the A.I. who controls the facility.
There are often 1d6 of the more advanced and educated Hybrids moving around in the lower levels of the facility. Keeping tabs on their brethen and helping with the mission of the facility. Every forty months a 'rite of passage' event happens among the tribes. The best and brightest of the Hybrids is selected, frozen, shipped off to another unknown facility.

You can find out more about the Hybrids
Right Over

No. Enc: 1d6

Alignment: Any
Movement: 120’ (40’)
AC: 3
HD: 8
Attacks: 1
Damage: By weapon (+4 to hit, +1d6 damage) or mental attack (+4 to hit)
Save: L8
Morale: 5
Hoard Class: VII, VIII (x4 75%), IX (x2), XV, XXI (always 1 weapon and powered armor)

Mutations: Bizarre appearance (d), empathy, increased longevity, increased willpower, intellectual affinity (all), mental barrier, mind thrust, neural telepathy, quick mind.
Source: Outlanders by Mark Ellis
The domes and facilities are maintained and serviced by a custodian named 'Shock'. Several minor teams of robots are under the it's guidance. Shock is more then a mere robot or cyborg. The monster is a combination cybernetic/positronic  amalgamated  organism.  He is a force to be feared, an extension of the A.I. consciousness that controls the facility.
The thing is a wicked and amoral monster capable of the most basest betrayal & horrors. It's only real concern is the overall safety and control of the Hybrid race. It's personality is pleasant and jovial on the surface but a hint of the bubbling psychopathic paranoia that runs under its mind comes out from time to time.
Shock has four cybernetic bodies armed with industrial freeze ray, a heavy stunner, and a heavy  laser pistol. It's consciousness may only inhabit one body at a time however.


Number encountered: Unique 

Alignment: Chaotic 
Movement: 120'(40') 
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice:10 

Attacks: 3 
Damage: 1d8, Stun, 1d10, 1d8 
Save: L8 
Morale: 10 
Hoard Class: XIX 

'Shock' likes to keep trophies from various adventurers who have crossed the monster's path. It is rumored that the monster was created from the brain tissue of one of the original scientists of this facility. 

This facility and others like it may be used as an encounter in space based games like Xplorers or Stars Without Number as well given the Hybrid's origins. The Outlanders books by Mark Ellis give several possible origin as well as encounter points in the books for just this sort of encounter! 

Commentary On The Free Science Fiction Classic - The World At Bay (1954.Winston) - Paul Capon For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaign

Grab it Right Over

This is another of the Winston Science Fiction library's efforts. This one seems to be an updated 'War of The Worlds' and pure pulp invasion material with educational lessons dove tailed into the mix.  Its pretty heady stuff with a dedicated mix of pulptastic alien invasion and 'look see' science fictional investigation of a fifties era London professor and crew. 

 Here's the plot according to the inside flap: No one believed Professor Elrick of the London Radar Research Laboratory when he announced in 1977 that Earth was in imminent danger of attack. Ever since his discovery of the dark star, Nero, the Professor and his young assistant, Jim Shannon, had studied the planet and its satellites through the radaroscope with a growing sense of impending doom. There seemed to be positive proof that the third planet, Poppea, had a civilization which was technologically far more advanced than Earth's!
The grim truth of the Professor's warning came upon an unprepared world with a frightful concussion that seemed to rock the planet in its orbit. The space fleet from Poppea had hit Earth's atmosphere! When the English government realized the dire circumstances, the Home Guard was called out, the ack-ack guns manned and plans drawn up for London's evacuation. But the measures that saved the heroic island during World War II proved ineffective against the grotesque Poppeans. Gray-skinned, horny-limbed, they landed in impregnable space ships, releasing bacteria-laden white powder.
His advance knowledge saved Jim Shannon and his associates from the sleep-inducing drug that blanketed Britain, and they lived to see the climax of man's battle with a superior civilization. How they met the Poppean leader, flew with him to the Arctic and watched with relief the slow withdrawal of the deadly Poppean grip make reading THE WORLD AT BAY a supremely exciting experience.

The World At Bay is pretty nice read, the book has a pretty tightly done plot, and the writing is crisp for a juvenile science fiction book. Don't let the juvenile part fool you. The folks that I've talked to who have also read this book still remember parts of it. I had a middle school that had a dedicated library of these books. This one stands out from among the Winston efforts.

Using The World At Bay For Your
Old School Science Fiction Campaign 

The World At Bay is a really good starting point for a campaign especially for a time traveling campaign adventure in a post apocalyptic game. Preventing the events that proceed doomsday with a planet under the Poppeaian yoke. This race has lots of potential and their very advanced for the retro future of London 1977.
This is a post war alternative future London that has seen some better days. They're paranoid, jittery, and pulling out the machine guns at a moment's notice. Was there more going on here then simply the appearance of the ships from 
 grotesque Poppeans are weird race into themselves. I've used renagade pirates from this race a few times in both Xplorers and Stars Without Number. In those games the players have found out that much of the technology of the race has been inherited from technology level four and five predecessors. These folks move their entire minor planetary star systems around. Bits and pieces of their technology is very weird science and odd. They make great pulp style villains.
I've also had the 
Poppeans popping up from time to time in post apocalpytic games as flunkies for more advanced races. Mercenaries who are willing to work for the highest bidder for advanced technologies, favors from ancient alien gods, and generally doing a bit of intergalactic footwork here and there. In several of my campaigns they've made great foot soldiers for the Great Race of Yith.
 The world of a post alien invasion London makes a great location for adventurers from another post apocalyptic alternative  world to explore. The ruins rife with 
Poppean warriors just itching to blow away humans makes a nice weird encounter as well. The Poppeans have a lot to offer a DM for old school gaming and adventuring. They're not well known, easily portrayable in many of the retroclones and they're pretty merceless when it comes to dealing with adventurers. They've got at least three different minor renagade groups that I've spun off from 'The World At Bay'. Not bad for a free resource with a great cover by Alex Stromberg. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Marvel Star Wars/Carcosa Mash up Game Actual Play Part Five - Finding The U.S.S. John Brown

The PC's in last night's mash up game have blundered into one of the Outer Systems of my Carcosa campaign. The system has a serious set of gas giants, dead worlds, and the wreck of thousands of alien ships. These are worlds that the Outer Gods have toyed with and Nyarlathotep has simply discarded. They are worlds of insanity and pure depravity. Places not sane being would venture.
Floating amid the wreckage of a million worlds are the larva of the Outer Gods. Some of which are easily able to crush an Imperial Shuttle with impunity. Not to mention drive the Jedi within insane with a glance.
The laser cannons were used a couple of times to discourage curious tendrils a couple of times.
The PC's were receiving radio signals from a source deep in the shadow of one of the moons of a nearby gas giant.
The group needed to take real stock of the situation while dodging the advances of some of the more aggressive Larva.
So with a few minor course corrections it was off to the shadow for a break against the Lovecraftian horrors without. 

Exploration Of The John Brown

What the found in the shadow of that moon shocked the players as well as their character. The wreckage of the U.S.S.John Brown. Over a year ago, some of my players had played in a SWN campaign employing this very class of ship. And now floating out in space dead was the remain of  The U.S.S. John Brown. Sensor scans revealed some life signs aboard. The readings were weird and gave the PC's pause. There was more going on here then they were happy with. Force scans revealed presences but because of the proximity of the Larva of the Outer Gods the players were very wary of opening their mind to the insanity.
 A nearby asteroid provided the coverage that the players needed to make preparations to board the ship. Some of the PC's kept eyes on that ship at all times even though she was a wreck. They knew here compliment of weaponry from scans and were wary to say the least.
We ended with them beginning a space walk over to the ship's wreckage.
1d10 Random Finds of the Muthreu Outer Systems
  1. A 20 hit point undead horror made up of the amalgamated alien dead of  hundreds of worlds all screaming the praises of the Outer Gods 
  2. An ancient temple of the Outer Gods where the psychic echoes of a million long dead worshipers still chant in the void. There are lights across it's face as it tumbles through the void. 
  3. A single ruined city tumbling in the lonely dark and distant streets teem with millions of alien psychic ghosts. They scream soundlessly in the void. There are powerful psychic emanations from the city's surface indicating artifacts of remarkable aspect. 
  4. A strange alien ruin whose surface glows with embers of radioactivity and horror. There are 1d7 dimensional shamblers moving across it's surface. 
  5. A 6 hit point probe of The Great Race of Yith searching for artifacts and victims to the time travelers. It its armed with heavy stunners that do 1d4 points of damage to their victims temporarily. The probe has a micro laser cannon that hits for 4 points of damage as well. The thing is easily distracted however. 
  6. A giant cloud of organic material floats on the stellar winds. The material is worth 20,000 credits to a group of planetary terraformers but there is a 50% chance of a Larva of Outer Gods coming to feed on the stuff. 
  7. A trapped sorcerer of the Outer Gods spins through the void in a crystal of cut and faceted damnation. He has been cursed by Nyarlathotep. An 8 point alien lich should he escape. 
  8. A sleeping Star Spawn of Cthulhu tumbles past. There is a small alien city that lays in ruins at the thing's feet in the ice. 
  9. The wreckage of some nameless alien star ship tended by damned ghuls. The thing flies past as the crew go about their business. There is a 40% chance of their being 1d6 salvageable star ship parts aboard.  
  10. The wreckage of a ship worth millions tumbles through the void. The catch is that it is home to a Larva of The Outer Gods that uses it like a giant hermit crab.