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Review & Commentary On Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead From James Mishler Games For Your Old School Campaigns

There are many OSR authors and then there's James Mishler  and his wife  who turns out more useful OD&D/Retroclone material then several other OSR publishers combined and does it with style. Take his latest offering. Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead follows his last last monster titles including Vampires of the Olden Lands and Ogres of the Olden Lands.
The author uses every trick in the book for this OD&D title and like many of his other titles there's no artwork but wall to wall content. This pdf is packed with old school ectoplasmic goodness and its done right. The content includes everything you as a DM could want or need on the subject of ghosts.
"Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead! Everything you always wanted to know about ghosts but were afraid to ask! A 64-page in-depth analysis of ghosts, including salient abilities, 10 different basal types from 1 HD to 10 HD, 75 ghostly special abilities, uses and dangers of ectoplasm, 23 new magic items, a complete index of spells and their interaction with ghosts (plus three new spells), and a (mostly) complete Creepy Appendix N! Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord, easily adaptable to any other Old School RPG"
Normally this is about sixteen dollars but given that we're in the middle of Halloween time its price to sell at six dollars and sixty six cents.

Grab It Right Here HERE

Trying to even review this is a bit of a daunting task, don't let the cute little spooky Halloween adjectives fool you this is a packed book. The first part of it is a rules kit which lays out in detail each and every bit of the classic mythological and Hollywood ghost types. This is essentially a rules toolkit for OD&D and Labyrinth Lord; this is everything that you've come to expect from the old school ghosts. What the section is isn't simply more OSR rules but a kit for constructing, laying out, and dealing with your own different styles of ghosts. Everything is laid out in sparkling details for monster construction and its done very well. Everything is laid bare at the DM's finger tips.
Fear Attack 4
Fear Effects Table 4
Spawn Ghost 4
Incorporeal 4
Bodiless 4
Ectoplasm 5
Flight 5
Powerless in Sunlight 5
Weapon Immunity 6
Life Draining Touch 6
Spawn Ghost 6
Undead Special Abilities Package 6
Infravision 6
Mindless 6
Poison Immunity 6
Silent as the Grave 6
Susceptible to Turning 6
Other Special Abilities 7
Special Ability Notation 7
Incorporeal Undead Summary Table
This section is laid out for both monster construction and for PC's to actually play a restless spirit and this tool kit basically has everything you could want to construct a PC in ghostly horror and wonderful detail. This is damn useful stuff especially for any DM who plays a Necromancer or Death Master NPC class.
There is a range of psychic and Spiritualist PC class and options as well; this is a the first book that actually has the psychic and spiritualist as useful PC's for adventuring. This also means that this book is perfect for pulp OD&D style games.
There's a whole lot more to this book  then simply an NPC and PC tool kit and PC option book. You get a ton of ghostly monsters all in one place and not simply scattered to the four winds. All of these can be used as monster templates to create your own ghosts or as monsters for adventure placement. Every entry here is crammed with lots of little details.

   Presence (1 HD Lesser Ghost)
   Apparition (2 HD Lesser Ghost)
   Lost Soul (3 HD Lesser Ghost)
   Wraith (4 HD Greater Ghost)
   Haunt (5 HD Greater Ghost)
   Spectre (6 HD Greater Ghost)
   Spirit (7 HD Greater Ghost)
   Wyrd (8 HD Greater Ghost)
   Phantom (9 HD Greater Ghost)
   Geist (10 HD Greater Ghost)
This book has some damn useful and well thought out appendixes which are not simply there for decoration. These are add ons with utility and with something to add for a campaign incorporating ghostly and spirit realm elements.
   Ghostly Special Abilities - Here's where the dungeon master gets a few more toys to play with add more supernatural bits and pieces to your monster or PC. The list here is well done and possibly one of the best supernatural elements of the book.
   Uncanny Ectoplasm - Ectoplasm is the one bit about ghosts that no one has exploited until now; this substance is exuded by ghosts and in the author's hands  becomes a drug to enhance and titillate your adventurers. This stuff goes from horrid to full post apocalyptic gonzo with the induction of laser  ectoplasm! That's right material that can blast the hell out of PA adventurers. This is easily one of my favorite chapters and one of the most useful for a post apocalyptic dungeon master; the Mishler's have done a damn fine job of making and adding in some fantastic bits to the material here that can be applied to everything from pulp gaming to full on dungeon crawling.
   Eerie Enchanted Items- These magic items echo and deal with the ghostly and their quite well done in what they do. With a bit of writing slight of hand the author has looped these back into the book so that they are actually useful when dealing with the various types of Geists, Spectres, Phantoms, and spirits in 'The Incorporeal Undead'. These are really vary useful for a DM whose planning everything in a campaign from a sword & sorcery adventure encounter to a full one on one basic OD&D Ghostbusters or Carnacki ghostly investigator romp ala The Masquerade of the Red Death campaign setting. This book is that flexible and interesting.
   Spooky Spells- This is an an overview of how the various OD&D spells and such interact with the ghostly entities and horrors depicted in the book. This list can also act as an adventure hook or two as the DM reads through it and gets ideas from the various bits and pieces offered here. Once again its very well done and really nicely researched.
   Creepy Appendix N - I have a love/hate relationship with Appendix N's but this one tickles me as a dungeon master in all of the right places and covers everything that a DM's going to need to research for the various ghosts and entities. It covers all of the basics with more then a few surprises thrown into the deep end.
Note that this book echoes and builds on many of the principals of the various OD&D,  Judge's Guild style material its not afraid at all to tackle and embrace the gonzo. This makes this book extremely useful for a DM running Mutant Future, OD&D, Basic Fantasy, Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, etc.,etc.,
 So in closing do I think that  Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead From James Mishler Games is worth the price of admission?  Well at six dollars and sixty six cents this is a steal. My only real concern and bitch session about the whole product is the lack of a print option! I guess that there are some issues with it but to have this booklet at my table would be a lot easier then simply trying to deal this pdf at four AM. But for what this book does and how it does it?! You'd be completely crazy to grab this book.

Using Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead From James Mishler Games
For Your Old School Campaigns
Right, did you as player or a dungeon master see a really cool ghostly or horror themed comic or pulp cover and want to emulate exactly what the supernatural entity on the cover was doing?
Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead From James Mishler Games has all of those systems under its covers.
Yes I've seen the various Ravenloft & 3.5 supplements but this book has a fresh take on the ghostly and allows the DM to really flesh out the various genre elements as they want on their terms.

The various settings where Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead is incredible. Say you've got a game adventure set on a planet of horror with a ton of alien ghosts and encounters. This is the book that can provide you with the systems to stat that out. Have you ever wanted to emulate the various ghosties and supernatural entities from the Real Ghost Busters or other Saturday morning horror themed cartoons for your pulp or your post apocalyptic game campaigns? This is the book that can deal it out in spades. This book can also be used to set up and execute various haunted houses and horror locations for the Halloween season.
From modern alternative Earth Nineteen Forties to the dungeons and graveyards of your campaigns Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead From James Mishler Games is a perfect fit to bring the supernatural horror and gonzo old school gaming goodness of horror right to your adventurers door.

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Free OSR Comic Resource Download - Strange Worlds Issue #2 For Your Old School Campaigns

I've been a huge fan of pre and post code comic books, Strange Worlds from Ace Periodicals has been my ace in the hole for old school gaming for years. The series which ran for twenty two issues sort of. According to wiki: The first comic-book series to be titled Strange Worlds ran 15 issues published in two sequences by Avon Comics. Issues #1-10 ran cover-dated November 1950 to November 1952. No issues #11-17 were released, and the series began publication again with #18, having taken over the numbering of the defunct Avon comic Eerie. This second sequence ran through issue #22 (Oct./Nov. 1954 - Sept./Oct. 1955). One ongoing feature in the otherwise anthological title was "Kenton of the Star Patrol".

Grab It Right Over HERE
While Avon was a minor comics publisher in relation to such contemporaneous industry leaders as Atlas Comics, DC Comics, and EC Comics, the series featured artwork by such top talents as Wally Wood, who would soon go on to become an industry star at EC; Joe Kubert, later a signature artist of DC's Hawkman and Sgt. Rock; portrait painter Everett Raymond Kinstler and Western-art painter Charles Sultan, early in their careers; and seminal African-American comics artist Alvin C. Hollingsworth a.k.a. Alvin Holly.
Which brings me to issue two of the series; the reason for using this issue is three fold :This issue features both sword and sorcery tales as well crossover points for games with two very distinct characters including Crom & a  giant featured in the tale is a apparently a mutated Hill Giant or a Nephilim  from Old . Crom also features the public domain realm of Ophir which is perfect to nab for your favorite sword and sorcery campaign. The Giant From Beyond has a lot going for it, we've got sword and sorcery action plus lost world giant dinosaurs and more. Personally I think the whole lot could be dovetailed right into Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea.
The second tale the 'Weapon Out Of Time' is one of those weird modern vs sword and sorcery crossover tales with a throw away kingdom and several other factions. But the big draw here is telepathically controlled prehistoric riding tigers! Yeah this is a perfect tale to retro use when you need a throw away kingdom off in some corner of the campaign with a nifty backstory to it. This story has everything one could want for use as a basic adventure for any retrofuture space going salvage game. The adventure location is a space dungeon, you've got clear reasons for the salvage and a weird one shot menace or even the makings of a whole cycle with the introduction of a brand new NPC vile villain race in the form of the Octopus Kings.

'Octopus Kings of the Lost Planet' is the cover story and is fairly pedestrian affair but the Octopus kings themselves are awesome. These things could make a grand appearance in any game! I've used them several times for LoFP and even in AS&SH as an NPC villain race.
Octopus Kings in my Accursed Atlantis Campaign look something like this as a racial class :  -6 Charisma +4 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -3 Constitution, and the ability to cast spells pulling from the black magicians lists. These beings often worship Cthulhu, Leviathan, several alien Petty gods or other patrons. They have dark vision up to 30 feet and keen hearing. Use stats for a giant octopus or larger creature; these things can walk on land and sport an additional 1d4 mutations. They also have a poisonous bite which a victim must save vs poison or take 1d4 points of damage per round as the vicious venom worms its way through the body finally ravaging the heart.
Dara of the Vikings is another public domain character featured in a lost land and I've used her many, many, times as a cross over point NPC perfectly suited to bring modern characters into Accursed Atlantis into the Norsemen' lands. She's a 5th level barbarian and I've dropped the whole victim mentality and she uses a +2 bow and her father's relic magic sword. But according to the PDSH wiki: Dara was a 20th century viking woman who lived in the secluded village of Tine, near a cove of moderate climate, presumably located near Northern Greenland. The village had been settled in 1361 when Druil, the Heroic landed there. Dara was the daughter of Druil, though it is unclear if her people were immortal, or if there had been more than one Druil. Dara and her father were keepers of the Golden Bow of Rolfe the Mighty, which required great strength to use and could penetrate a target 400 yards away. The bow was used to keep another viking clan, led by Cyngar, at bay. Eventually, Ford Robbins and Gene Dorn of the United States found Tine after their plane went down in the North Atlantic. After Cyngar was defeated, they decided to stay with the vikings.

What really interests me is the fact that the public domain location of Tine is weird and I do mean really weird. There's entire time lost village of Vikings caught in the middle of a time warp and no one's noticed? Tine isn't simply a village; its a time lost realm whose half giant kin of Northmen are just waiting to be used. Personally I think that you've got Dara being simply amused by her charges and quietly looking after them before the two little American men get broken and broken very badly. I get the feeling that lurking around the horizon of this realm are some very nasty and dangerous monsters. Tine could be a sorcerous fixed point in time where adventurers might crossover time and again. A lost world waiting to snare adventurers from all kinds of retroclones. A place likely to attract the attention of some of the powers from this book. Lusus-Naturae features some the most dangerous dimensional ravagers and exploiters this side Carcosa.  Another thought I've had is that Dara's world is actually a post apocalyptic fantasy world that has experienced some sort of dimensional devastation. Perhaps the Americans can't leave because they simply won't. There was also some implication that the Vikings were somehow immortal. If this realm loops back on itself through time dying might actually be an option at all. This was something I discussed with friends the other night. Perhaps Golden Bow of Rolfe the Mighty, is +2 bow of strength used for killing monsters and it has some very,very, bad side effects from use. Undeath,mutation, or perhaps even something far worse. I've used time with Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea and it was a hit in those games because of its odd nature.

Reading through this issue I was confronted by the realities of another retrofuture game I recently ran using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess system and another public domain comic book resource. You can find out all about that right over HERE
There are few ways in which this particular issue can be used for multiple retroclone platforms; Strange Worlds features both a mix of science fantasy as well as sword & sorcery. You sure got your ten cents worth back then.  The retrofuture technology of Strange Worlds is perfectly handled by Mutant Future or even some of the material in Carcosa.  Basically because of the nature of DYI post apocalyptic gaming the more successful worlds are created from the ground up and then peppered with the dungeon master's take on the PA setting as they like it. Overtime PA settings are likely to grow and change as the play style and needs of the players evolve with the setting. This issue of Strange Worlds allows exactly that for Dungeon Masters to work with as they see fit.

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2:30 AM Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Event - Mop Up At The Slave Market


For the past several weeks the PC's in my Fantastic Heroes and Witchery game have been tracking some slavers across the face of Accursed Atlantis to the selling of some two hundred plus elves. Finally its been the culmination of several months worth of tracking, dungeon crawling, and plane hopping adventures. Last night's game finally wrapped up at 2:30 AM after beginning at 6:30 at night. The PC's had to deal with the orges who were sporting cybernetic implants and dealing with causing as much chaos as possible to herd the slaves out through a dimensional portal.

 There was a wizard who was actually two entities in one and when one of the PC's caused the glowing violet crystal ball that the wizard was holding  to explode a fire ball was cast and all hell broke loose. There were more then a few injuries but the PC's almost got the lich which managed to escape with twenty five of its most important experimental stock. The spinning dimensional door lead the PC's to another world and now things have gotten really weird.

Dimensional travel wasn't instant access either and they had to cross the dimensional wilderness and get past a few minor monsters and horrors before finding themselves someplace else. They tangled with an astral stalker and they barely escaped the horror. They may encounter it at another time.

The party found themselves in a forest surrounded by giant trees and the sounds of squeaky voices. They decided to hide and watched as a pack 1d8 wererat assassins passed by their position. The party was in no shape to tangle with the assassins at all. They allowed for about twenty minutes in the dark before starting out on the path that had been wore into the woods.

They're Elven thief's dark vision gave them a pretty clear indicator of the way that the rats had come. Suddenly their smelling the most amazing baked goods smell ever. They happen upon a small cottage of confections in the middle of the woods. They came across a witch's cottage and the kindly old woman offered them healing for a price. The old witch acted like the PC's were expected. What's going on? Now their on the trail of that lich and his sinister plans for his experimental Elven stock! Where are the PC's and what world is this!? 

1d6 Random Horrid Black Wizard's Former Lairs Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are places which are pest holds on the face of reality; places where the rites and sacraments of blackest evil have been performed slamming into the barriers and thresholds between worlds. These are places were no man or human should tread. These are places where the corruption and horror still lingers and adventurers are drawn to these places as moths to the flames of rumors of relics, treasures undreamed of in the wastelands. 1d6 former black wizard's lairs to bedevil and harry as well as destroy your adventurers.

1d6 Random Horrid Black Wizard's Former Lairs

  1. Falaurncaetu's Palace of Black Miracles - A former fairground taken from the beginning of 1900 by the wizard Falaurncaetu where he tortured the greatest minds from history itself. The place reeks of ancient decay and horror; there are still 1d6 ghosts ghosts from beyond history ready to strip the flesh and souls from any who come here. And they come here because of the fabulous treasures and the rumors of time travel technology. But all they get is horror and depravity for their troubles. 
  2. Kauriauatula's Lair no more really then a twisting set of caverns that shrieks with the damn souls that the wizard Kauriauatula used to power his machinery of death and sorcery to rip the knowledge of devices of the ancients from the minds and souls of his victims. There will be 1d8 ancient zombies sporting all kinds of horrific mutations at least 1d4 of them. There is supposedly gold and jewels hidden in several of the caverns; at least a king's ransom.
  3. Aetunatua's Mechanisms  A set of house sized machines summoned from the worlds of the Mi Go that Aetunatua tried to use to bring in the Old Gods. He seized twelve sacred virgins from the temples and strapped them to his machines as sacrifices to the gods. They were not amused and drain him instead. Rumors of the gold he used to power these mechanisms still swirl about these alien mechanisms. Only 1d8 Mi Go have been found using the site to hunt for adventurers. 
  4. Vangllintulath House of Veils - This house of ill repute was the site of a legendary series of ritual murders for an unknown entity. Vangllintulath the black wizard was levitated and torn apart for his troubles by the very force he was trying to summon. The property was bought by another wizard and it is now used as a house of ill repute for all comers. What no one realizes is that below the property the lich head of Vangllintulath has been connected to a bio-etheric battery. His treasure which keeps growing due to the trophies he takes with his restitched together zombie body and his 1d8 undead minions keeps growing due to his continuing clandestine murders has been happening in the city. But there are of course rumors but who believes those. 
  5. The Blasted Plain of Trow - This desert place of blasted green grey glass holds the souls of the people of Trow whom the wizard Ungorthi committed to his demonic god master as a sacrifice when he detonated himself committing suicide. Trow was a rich region and from time to time all kinds of artifacts and other relics surface in the market places. But where are they coming from there are rumors of massive underground levels of the wizards lab and the horrors that are found there. The locals call this area taboo but when has this stopped adventurers? 
  6. Fatuguingimeth's Folly - This strangely twisted tower of other dimensional aspect draws lookers and fools alike but not all come back. There is an other dimensional shadow of this place that leads to vistas of insanity and horror. Those that do come back do so 'changed' or seeking the life force of others. Still the rumors of forbidden knowledge and Fatuguingimeth's cursed gold keep them coming to the tower. 1d6 Ju Ju zombies twisted and mutated sometimes emerge from the shadows to take sacrifices to the Other Gods.

Review & Commentary Of The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess From North Wind Adventures For The Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers Of Hyperborea and Your Old School Campaigns

There are times when you want to grab a group of players, some dice, and more then head right over to your favorite table and sit down for your favorite adventure. The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess From  North Wind Adventures  for the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg system  has everything you could want from a sword and sorcery OSR adventure. The thing reads like a Marvel Conan Seventies comicbook come to life to devour your OSR adventurers.
This adventure is part quest, part dungeon crawl, and pulpy high end Hyperborean adventure set on a seldom trodden piece of the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea world and beyond.


I love everything about this dense sixty page Hyperborean tour de force; this adventure features everything that you could want out of an AS&SH adventure from the background of the setting of  The Forgotten Fane to the brand new Hyperborean elements that this adventure adds to the world. This really isn't simply an another adventure but a full blown add on to the world of Hyperborea. I followed the AS&SH adventure three pack adventure Kickstarter for months. This produced three essential AS&SH adventures; seriously these are not simply adventures but sourcebooks that paint even more setting and background to the AS&SH gaming system.  The plot reads like something straight out of the pages of Weird Tales;
"More than a month ago, your party found itself in Port Zangerios, where you heard of an Esquimaux thief selling a treasure map. Low on wealth but high in courage, you sought him out. The man turned out to be a fearful ex-slave who had “acquired” the map from his Ixian master. The map is incomplete but shews the Isle of the Serpent in far-off Lemuria, where rests a fabulous treasure called the Feathered Crown of Nanasa (or so thought the Ixian). Pooling your money to purchase the unfinished map, you bought passage on an Amazonian trade ship. After passing through tempests and torrential rains that shimmered with auroral light, you have come to the great city of Jhaman Ket. Now you must seek out the location of the Isle of the Serpent."  This is several  crawls,  an adventure, and a lost world world adventure mini campaign all in one.

The adventure paces itself quite nicely someplace between placing the PC's deep into the Hyperborean underworld then switching gears into a weird science fantasy lost world mode that is both deadly and telling at the same time of the wonder of the world of Hyperborea. "Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess" written by  Joe Salvador with maps by Monkeyblood Designs, and features all of the dinosaurs featured in the artwork and more. The world is partially Lovecraftian hi jinks, lots of adventurer sword and sorcery action and the whole thing could be deadly unless the PC's think and are very careful. This is an adventure meant for our to six characters of 5th through 7th level and the designers and writer mean it. Seriously straight out of the gate the PC's are going to be challenged and are going to be running for their lives. Much of the action is going to center on the PC's as one encounter after another is going to challenge them on every live. This isn't an adventure your players are going to get up from the table for to go to the bathroom. The encounters are quick and take place without rail roading the PC's into a corner or conclusion.

 There are reasons for the PC's to be dealing with hell and horrors of the Forgotten Fane at the same time dovetailing their motives deep into the back setting of Hyperborea and that's another place where this adventure shines. This is a mini sourcebook that in sixty pages manages to shove a lot of science fantasy and Lovecraftian goodness into back burner of it. There is at least several weeks worth of play here and in addition with a clever DM miles and miles of campaign adventure hooks to keep this adventure on the DM's nightstand for a long while to come.
 Because of the set up for The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess, DM's can add in any of the revers and freebooters of the AS&SH rules set with little problem. The PC's are in for a hell of a time trying to deal with all of the adventure elements. If a party isn't careful this might be their fate at the hands of several factions of serpent people and there is more.
But is The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess actually playable? Yes in spades. This adventure adds in details, bits and pieces to the world of Hyperborea and adds other fragmentary colors to the weird work of art  that is Hyperborea itself.

Do I think that 
The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess
 is worth getting for the AS&SH system? Yes in spades, this is because the AS&SH three pack are perhaps some of the most essential and important adventures and sourcebooks to come out for the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Of Hyperborea rpg system.

How To Use
The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess
With Your Old School Campaigns
Can the
The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess be used with other old school and retroclone systems? And can it be used well with other OSR game systems? Short answer is yes in spades. This adventure features so many weird tales and pulpy elements that plugging in your favorite adventurers at certain points during this adventure will be a snap.

The plot lends itself very well to adding in your favorite adventurers into the lost world or adventure elements quite nicely. The Coiled Fane 
can be used as a basis for a cross over adventure for a party of OD&D, Sword & Wizardry party or your adventurers. With the focus here on Hyperborea DM have an opportunity to carve out their own niche of this rich world and make it their own. There are several key points in The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess  where the PC's from the DM's favorite retroclone can be introduced into the world of Hyperborea. The lost world action and science fantasy elements of this adventure shouldn't overwhelm the adventurers at all letting them shine in the spotlight as they will. There are more then a few monsters in this adventure that can easily take the heads off of stupid PC's and there several points where if the PC's are not careful they'll end up very dead. The other party members may be searching through dinosaur poo for the limbs and entrails of comrades for a resurrection spell or two.
Yet this is an adventure with plenty of gold, glory, and high weirdness to keep the PC's busy for months.  The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess 
adventure could be used to plug in a Lamentations of the Flame Princess party but DM's might want to restrict the gun powder issue. Also Dark Albion  adventurer parties might make a flying visit but this would  allow the expansionist adventuring parties of Dark Albion to see a rich and all to exploitable world for their Albion empire. This is a perfect way for the setting up  for a rich campaign of warfare and future conflict as the two worlds cross over an all too common missed opportunity. Planar cross over is easily one of my top five ways of bringing conflicting worlds into focus with one another like ships passing in the night.
This is yet another beautiful bit of the design of the
The Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess  adventure and one of the reasons why this remains one of my favorite AS&SH adventures to come out to date.

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1d6 Random Astonishing Temple Ruins and Lairs Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The gods deserted the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis leaving behind their illegitimate progeny, the small gods, monsters, and horrors to take their place in most corners of the wastes. Vast temple complexes and other wreckage was left behind the infrastructures of their cults and religions. Many of these places are still protected by the mad and insane bound spirits and demons who still away the return of their masters. Many times these horrors have become demons; having slid so far down on the supernatural ladder of spirits and gods till they are nothing more then predators feeding on the souls of the living and dead alike. Here then are 1d6 random temples and homages to gods who no longer remember who they are. These places have become the lairs for monsters or worse.

1d6 Random Astonishing Temple Ruins and Lairs Table

  1. P'rnoithihath's Pile, this place was made in the Thirteenth century and abandoned after the fall of  its gods. The pile boasts seven underground bunkers abandoned after its gods ascended. There are supposedly two level of relics and artifacts,monsters spawned by the break down of the god's corpse 
  2. Yi'igakeggyi is an giant alien tree with which the temple of the South Sun has made its lair in. The whole place is rigged in a giant biomechanical engine and mechanism that regulates the super science running this place. Giant wood elementals guard the secrets of the four levels of this complex and there are rumors of a life stealing wizard inhabiting the lower levels. There have been four moderate level relics to come out of this place in the preceding weeks. 
  3. Dhaolaoth's Cemetery was the gathering place for a group of alien necromatic gods, this made the property undesirable but they left behind rich plundering and relics from their conquests. The locals think that anything coming from here is said to taboo and cursed. Yet there have been several tunnels below ground that house the necrcomatic guards and their treasures. 
  4. Hubholephoar's tower is a three story tower of undead demonic horror made flesh with twisted bone and living tissue frame works. This place is home to nine demons with agendas and bound to this place forming the backbone for the eight thousand year old treasure house said to be cursed. 
  5. Ullo-hat is the tomb prison for an fallen angel slain by a sacred blade. The inside of the tomb is covered with the nine million names of the families in Hell. There are also several sacred treasures scattered within the confines of the temple to tempt adventurers to enter this place and become prey animals for the masters of the tomb. 
  6. Kelegha-rla's Folly is a place of dead dreams and lost hopes, the gods shed their mortal seamings then ascended onto high. There are treasures left behind here but they are guarded by the semi divine horrors that lurk in the shadows of this place. There are six underground levels and a bunker to provide the party with complex places to explore. Manticores frequently patrol the wastelands around this wastelands.

1d6 Lovecraftian Artifacts, Relics, And Treasures From The Outer Darkness Table For Your Old School Campaigns

In the infinite void of space many warriors fall under the gaze of uncaring and demonic skies. They leave behind blades and artifacts of infinite destructive potential.Here are some of the artifacts that wash up on the black glass sanded edges of Accursed Atlantis from the black gulf of the Outer Darkness those who make the journey to this edge of darkness often find themselves battling minor demons and mutated horrors. These are often actually other adventurers who have mutated by the strange radiation clouds and cosmic ray rainbows that cascade over the landscape. Here then are some of the weird alien artifacts that your adventurers might run across.

1d6 Lovecraftian Artifacts, Relics, And
Treasures From The Outer Darkness Table

  1. The Twisted Rod of Gordurngoroth, this +3 club is made from the twisted back bone of a small demonoid and forged with threaded silver wire throughout its two foot length. The club hums with strange energies and screams like a banshee when swung at its target acting as a fear spell. Those with a 30 foot radius must make a save vs wand or flee as per a fear spell. The club will scream through the air and bury itself in any flesh tearing off chunks like living thing.The multi limbed demoniod from whom this artifact was taken will greedily devour the blood, gore, and bits of soul that the rod collects.
  2. Rothauaugilko engine this twisted and seemingly broken device of rods, gears, and flesh wriggles in the hands of its owner but will send a pulse of eye searing blue green soul energy towards a target with a thirty foot radius of the owner. Each blast does 4d6 points of damage to its target as the ray violates the target in the most intimate parts of its soul twisting and turning its victim internally as it bakes its target with horrid alien energies.
    Each time this is done the owner will feel sick,and slightly violated until a save vs device is made. The engine has 10 charges and will take one temporary wisdom point  away from its owner to recharge itself. The thing will chatter and laugh with an orgasmic glee each and every time  this is done. 
  3. Sarororothel's Delight - This crystal of violet and gold shines with an inner light as well as strange reflections of other places. If the crystal is held up to the eye of its owner weird and insane alien vistas of reality are shown. The crystal telepathically reaches into its owner's mind and leeches a point of temporary intelligence blasting thought and memory apart even as a violet and golden light is projected within a twenty foot radius of the owner causing the target to save vs death or age 1d20 years even as they experience strange and horrific half memories of life, death, and insane experiences not their own. The crystal's demonic master basks in the light of each and every use feeding its alien and rank appetites. 
  4. Vaegodrg's Claw - This is a demon's still living claw that may be used as a +2 weapon but each time it is used the owner mutates more into a spawn of Vaegodrg with infinite chaotic varieties existing. The owner will acquire 1d8 mutations after each and every victory achieved with this weapon. The owner will finally become a spawn and murder a friend or comrade sealing their damned fate. The weapon will drop to the ground and wait for another fool to pick it up. The weapon can and will telepathically communicate that it can attack things that are immune to other non magical attacks. Vaegodrg hunts and murders wizards and mages as its favorite prey dispatching spawn to its clerics when and as needed. 
  5. Mabavala's Sinister Circle - This loop of alien silver grey alien metal is actually a telepathic book of forbidden knowledge ripe with 1d8 spells of black magick. The loop will telepathically teach its owner 1st level spells regardless if they wish to learn or not. The thing is cursed and will whisper its arcane secrets to them in their dreams and weak moments. Mabavala the succubus will come to claim their souls upon third level their by increasing her flock of damned black mages on the Prime. 
  6. The Soul Crystal of GAAA - This soul crystal creates a blade of pure force of night planar energy. The weapon does 2d6+2  points of damage with each strike and the weapon is a +2 on other accounts acting as an alien blade. But it stains its owner's soul with each use; soon the demon Agwelilug will come to claim them to join its infinite legions of the damned. The crystal creates an almost weird sexual addiction in its owners; they crave to use this weapon and harness its awful power.
Only true heroes and warriors of the stars may defeat those who fall prey to these weapons. Destiny often seems to call warriors and heroes from myth to deal with the fools who daily with these dark powers.

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1d6 Random Horrific Wizards Towers & Ruins Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are places in the wastelands you really shouldn't go;places where sorcerers,wizards, and madmen have called down the powers of the Outer Darkness. There those ruined places where the forces of  Hell itself have come down and touched our reality and now our home dimensions weep. The space time continuum has holes within it it as a leprous skin of rot from a beggar. Nothing can heal these places and adventurers and outlaws are drawn to them as moths are drawn to a flame. Talk of treasures and relics drawn them in year after year to their deaths or worse. They exist in Accursed Atlantis both their shadows are cast in other places and times as well. Here then are six such locations that you can provide your adventurers with horror and depravity in spades.

1d6 Random Horrific Wizards Towers & Ruins Encounters Table

  1. Chathulothar's lair this place once played host to a wizard whom it is rumored brought down a succubus from the Outer Darkness for the most depraved night of pleasure and wisdom he could imagine. His screams are still said to echo in the night and the mud bricks of this ruined tower dance with his weird shadows. There is gold aplenty here as well for he used 200000 gold pieces to construct a lure of depravity for Ru'sthotathak The Lustful. For though gold pieces are found here from time to time by the locals; they consider it taboo and cursed. There have been seen ghostly lights near this tower and the locals whisper about a demon cult that worships nearby guarding the place. Rumors you understand. 
  2. Zathogh Pile is the former palace and tower for star gazing of the wizard Zathogh who built a lens to look into the frolicking of the Gods and track the course of the Old Ones. His mechanism is now been disassembled by the cults of Law but the gateway to the other place remains in the ruins. The locals speak of strange fairies and demons which hold sacrifices under the moon when it turns gibbous and weird. There are those who say that should you lose your shadow here; you might also lose your soul. The silver wires and gold fittings of the telescopes are still hidden in the roots and plants. 
  3. Atuskegol's Folly this once mighty wizard's tower is now a shadow after the tower and its inhabitants were taken to the Forbidden dimension of Kal. The entrance to the tower leads to the realm of ghosts and the demons which control them. They suffer in eternal torment but they are not aware that they are dead and their murders happen over and over. Some have been killed trying to stop the repeating cycle of murder. Gold, jewels, and diamonds all exist for a time before the murders. 
  4. Egthua-athu's tunnels are a seven level complex build by the demonic insect Gyo'gh and their queen after eating the soul of the wizard whose tower site they took over after being summoned. A fortune in jewels, artifacts and magick exist for the taking if your soul isn't eaten by the Gyo'gh. 
  5. Nygulabothu's Prison is a wizard's tower that has been converted into the largest soul prison on Earth. Here the damned and dying are imprisoned in eternal torment as their souls are slowly leeched off bit by bit. A fortune in relics and treasure exists because it has been stripped from the damned. They may look but never again taste the flesh and blood of life. Adventurers are lured by tales of treasure and greed only to die or worse. A pit fiend runs the place and it bares 1d8 mutations of the worst variety.
  6. Uacy-phos The Other Tower - This wizard's tower holds eighteen relics and major souls of kings. These are kept on display as wizard's ghosts attend the demons who run this place. They hunt and kill any wizards that they can. This place is now the center of a cult of demon worshiping assassins of fourth level and higher.

1d6 Random Former Lovecraftian Wizards Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

   There are things that used to be wizards wandering the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis that are far more dangerous then one would expect. The devices, rods, artifacts and other magical devices have taken then beyond the ken of mankind to other places and realms where no human or man should venture. Some might say that they have ascended beyond humanity while others have merely consigned these poor souls to the scrap heap of hell and the damned. One thing is for certain, anyone who meets these things had better have life, limb, and  a good blade at hand.
Often fools who cross paths with these beings are freebooters, wanderers, adventures and wasteland outlaws that have trespassed into places best left alone. Often these are powerful spirits, specters and ghosts of the damned just waiting to spring on transgressors.
1d6 Random Former Wizards Lovecraftian Encounter Table
  1. Egurobellar The Wanderer  former high wizard to the Hyperborean council of mages descended into the Outer Darkness and found his 'treasure' there. He was digested and spat back to this reality and now he must live on the souls of others. He has the abilities of a wight and the immunities of a minor demon. This thing loves to feast on the souls of mages and wizards. 
  2. Irincangongo The Mad descended into the Abyss for the soul of his lost love who was a tyrant and butcher in life. For his troubles he was rendered mindless and hopeless by the demon lord who claimed her soul. Now he is a ghost who searches aimlessly for those who might provide him with the souls he needs to get her back. He will wail and shriek and then savage the flesh of anyone he comes across. 
  3. Gorullkodru The Multiple Mage - This alien being attempted  time travel and encountered a massive being of the Outer Darkness, he was split into eight separate spirits and scattered across reality . Now this specter seeks the blood and souls of the living. He will attempt to bargain for the location of treasure while gauging the strength of a party before he attacks. Just as one undead fiend is put down another takes his place. He will try to wear down parties of adventurers before they can kill all eight of him. He knows where his former laboratory is for it contains many riches and artifacts. 
  4. Aeturithugo is a former ether wizard of the high mages of the Mountains of Thal and he was shattered  into a thousand shimmering pieces by the eye demons of Ka. His soul is now a cloud of rainbow coloured fantasy that conceals a mad minded horror that has the abilities of a minor demon and the cunning of a wizard. He will feast on blood, gore, and cut a body to bloody swath if given the chance. His tether to reality is a pure 10,000 gold piece diamond. 
  5. Fatuniathauam The Soul Sewer of Faurcav is a being of horror whose body is made from the shimmering bits of Outer Darkness and the treads of ectoplasm. He uses a silver needle and the thread of his being to sew the target into his being their by adding to himself. He is one part ghost and one part demon of the Outer Darkness. He dared to watch the birth of a demon and tried to weave its story into a quilt of power. This is the sorry state that he has reached.
  6. Hatha The Gazer - She was once the most powerful scryer in all of the kingdoms but her propensity for looking in on the romantic and sexual escapades of demons cost her her life, eyes, sanity, and soul now she wanders the wastelands as a damned soul and looking to drain all who meet her gaze of their lives. She is part ghost and succubus with the gaze attack of a Medusa. Her eyes are unstaring orbs of glass from the Outer Darkness and she knows where the treasures and relics of a thousand kings are buried. Adventurers seek her out for her knowledge and only add their souls to her master's collections.

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Retro Commentary On The Free OSR Literature Download - Edgar Allen Poe'sPoems (1917) As A Campaign Setting Resource For OD&D and and Other Retroclone Systems


For months now I've been quietly wracking my brains for a touch stone campaign setting for an October campaign coming up. Over the last few months I've been drifting between OD&D, Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, and Lamentations of the Flame Princess as alternative Dungeons & Dragons style systems. Al Aaraaf is one of Edgar Allan Poe's least known pieces of weird poetry "Al Aaraaf". Its a strange piece of work and almost nonsensical in places making it perfect fodder for adventure fodder for old school games.The book that I love to use is my beat up 1917 copy of The Poems of Edgar Allan Poe this book is available as a free download from the Internet Archive. This book contains many of Poe's most famous weird poems but tonight I'm going to concentrate on 'Al Aaraaf' as adventure fodder. This was a very contraverstial poem when it was premeired by its author according to Wiki:
"Al Aaraaf", which Poe claimed to have written before he was 15, was first published as the major poem in "Poe's 1829 collection Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems. The book and "Al Aaraaf" in particular received mostly negative reviews for its complexity, obscure references, and odd structure. Some, however, noted the potential in the young poet, including John C. Neal, to whom Poe had shown "Al Aaraaf" prior to publication. Poe would later refer to Neal's response as the first words of encouragement he had received. Nevertheless, the negative response to "Al Aaraaf" may have inspired Poe's later poetic theory that poems should be kept short.
Years later, in 1845, Poe used "Al Aaraaf" to hoax members of the Boston literary circle during a reading. Poe claimed the poem was a new one and his audience was perplexed by it. He later claimed a Boston crowd did not deserve a new poem. He held a strong dislike for New England poets and the New England-based Transcendental movement and hoped by presenting a poem he had written in his youth would prove Bostonians did not know good literature."
So going over my past campaign notes for 'Accursed Atlantis' I was going to utilize 'Al Aaraaf' for a demi plane that is situated between Heaven, Hell, Limbo and the Beyond
The poem contains elements of Orientalism, Metaphysical elements, weird Biblical subtext and some strange fairy tale bits thrown into the background for good measure. According to wiki :
Al Aaraaf" is the longest poem Poe wrote[1] and was inspired by Tycho Brahe's discovery of a supernova back in 1572 which was visible for about seventeen months.[2] Poe identified this nova with Al Aaraaf, a star that was the place between paradise and hell. Al-A`raaf (Arabic الأعراف, alternatively transcribed Aʿraf or Al Orf) was a place where people who have been neither markedly good nor markedly bad had to stay until forgiven by God and let into Paradise,[3] as discussed in Sura 7 of the Qur'an.[4] As Poe explained to a potential publisher:
Its title is "Al Aaraaf" from the Al Aaraaf of the Arabians, a medium between Heaven and Hell where men suffer no punishment, but yet do not attain that tranquil & even happiness which they suppose to be the characteristics of heavenly enjoyment.[3]
In the opening section of the poem, God commands Nesace, a name for Beauty's spirit, to convey a message to "other worlds". Nesace rouses the angel Ligeia and tells her to awaken the other thousand seraphs to perform God's work. Two souls, however, fail to respond: the "maiden-angel" Ianthe and her "seraph-lover" Angelo (Michelangelo), who describes his death on earth and the flight of his spirit to Al Aaraaf. Ianthe and Angelo are lovers, and their failure to do as Nesace commanded results in God not allowing them into heaven.
William Heath Robinson did some wonderful illustrations and art pieces for various Poe stories over the years and for me it speaks of a place where the intersection of life and death meet with the places of dream.
Here's part one :
O! nothing earthly save the ray
(Thrown back from flowers) of Beauty's eye,
As in those gardens where the day
Springs from the gems of Circassy
O! nothing earthly save the thrill
Of melody in woodland rill –
Or (music of the passion-hearted)
Joy's voice so peacefully departed
That like the murmur in the shell,
Its echo dwelleth and will dwell –
Oh, nothing of the dross of ours –
Yet all the beauty – all the flowers
That list our Love, and deck our bowers –
Adorn yon world afar, afar –
The wandering star.

'Twas a sweet time for Nesace – for there
Her world lay lolling on the golden air,
Near four bright suns – a temporary rest –
A garden-spot in desert of the blest.
Away – away – 'mid seas of rays that roll
Empyrean splendor o'er th' unchained soul –
The soul that scarce (the billows are so dense)
Can struggle to its destin'd eminence, –
To distant spheres, from time to time, she rode
And late to ours, the favor'd one of God –
But, now, the ruler of an anchor'd realm,
She throws aside the sceptre – leaves the helm,
And, amid incense and high spiritual hymns,
Laves in quadruple light her angel limbs.

Now happiest, loveliest in yon lovely Earth,
Whence sprang the "Idea of Beauty" into birth,
(Falling in wreaths thro' many a startled star,
Like woman's hair 'mid pearls, until, afar,
It lit on hills Achaian, and there dwelt)
She looked into Infinity – and knelt.
Rich clouds, for canopies, about her curled –
Fit emblems of the model of her world –
Seen but in beauty – not impeding sight
Of other beauty glittering thro' the light –
A wreath that twined each starry form around,
And all the opal'd air in color bound.

All hurriedly she knelt upon a bed
Of flowers: of lilies such as rear'd the head
[1]On the fair Capo Deucato, and sprang
So eagerly around about to hang
Upon the flying footsteps of – deep pride –
[2]Of her who lov'd a mortal – and so died.
The Sephalica, budding with young bees,
Upreared its purple stem around her knees:—
[3]And gemmy flower, of Trebizond misnam'd –
Inmate of highest stars, where erst it sham'd
All other loveliness: – its honied dew
(The fabled nectar that the heathen knew)
Deliriously sweet, was dropp'd from Heaven,
And fell on gardens of the unforgiven
In Trebizond – and on a sunny flower
So like its own above that, to this hour,
It still remaineth, torturing the bee
With madness, and unwonted reverie:
In Heaven, and all its environs, the leaf
And blossom of the fairy plant in grief
Disconsolate linger – grief that hangs her head,
Repenting follies that full long have Red,
Heaving her white breast to the balmy air,
Like guilty beauty, chasten'd and more fair:
Nyctanthes too, as sacred as the light
She fears to perfume, perfuming the night:
[4]And Clytia, pondering between many a sun,
While pettish tears adown her petals run:
And that aspiring flower that sprang on Earth,
And died, ere scarce exalted into birth,
Bursting its odorous heart in spirit to wing
Its way to Heaven, from garden of a king:
[5]And Valisnerian lotus, thither flown
From struggling with the waters of the Rhone:
[6]And thy most lovely purple perfume, Zante!
Isola d'oro! – Fior di Levante!
[7]And the Nelumbo bud that floats for ever
With Indian Cupid down the holy river –
Fair flowers, and fairy! to whose care is given
[8]To bear the Goddess' song, in odours, up to Heaven:

    "Spirit! that dwellest where,
    In the deep sky,
    The terrible and fair,
    In beauty vie!
    Beyond the line of blue –
    The boundary of the star
    Which turneth at the view
    Of thy barrier and thy bar –
    Of the barrier overgone
    By the comets who were cast
    From their pride and from their throne
    To be drudges till the last –
    To be carriers of fire
    (The red fire of their heart)
    With speed that may not tire
    And with pain that shall not part –
    Who livest – that we know –
    In Eternity – we feel –
    But the shadow of whose brow
    What spirit shall reveal?
    Tho' the beings whom thy Nesace,
    Thy messenger, hath known
    Have dream'd for thy Infinity
    [9]A model of their own –
    Thy will is done, O God!
    The star hath ridden high
    Thro' many a tempest, but she rode
    Beneath thy burning eye;
    And here, in thought, to thee –
    In thought that can alone
    Ascend thy empire and so be
    A partner of thy throne –
    [10]By winged Fantasy,
    My embassy is given,
    Till secrecy shall knowledge be
    In the environs of Heaven."

She ceas'd – and buried then her burning cheek
Abash'd, amid the lilies there, to seek
A shelter from the fervor of His eye;
For the stars trembled at the Deity.
She stirr'd not – breath'd not – for a voice was there
How solemnly pervading the calm air!
A sound of silence on the startled ear
Which dreamy poets name "the music of the sphere."
Ours is a world of words: Quiet we call
"Silence" – which is the merest word of all.
All Nature speaks, and ev'n ideal things
Flap shadowy sounds from visionary wings –
But ah! not so when, thus, in realms on high
The eternal voice of God is passing by,
And the red winds are withering in the sky: –

[11]"What tho 'in worlds which sightless cycles run,
Linked to a little system, and one sun –
Where all my love is folly and the crowd
Still think my terrors but the thunder cloud,
The storm, the earthquake, and the ocean-wrath –
(Ah! will they cross me in my angrier path?)
What tho' in worlds which own a single sun
The sands of Time grow dimmer as they run,
Yet thine is my resplendency, so given
To bear my secrets thro' the upper Heaven!
Leave tenantless thy crystal home, and fly,
With all thy train, athwart the moony sky –
[12]Apart – like fire-flies in Sicilian night,
And wing to other worlds another light!
Divulge the secrets of thy embassy
To the proud orbs that twinkle – and so be
To ev'ry heart a barrier and a ban
Lest the stars totter in the guilt of man!"

Up rose the maiden in the yellow night,
The single-mooned eve! – on Earth we plight
Our faith to one love – and one moon adore –
The birth-place of young Beauty had no more.
As sprang that yellow star from downy hours
Up rose the maiden from her shrine of flowers,
And bent o'er sheeny mountains and dim plain
[13]Her way, but left not yet her Therasaean reign.

You can read the poem in its entirety right over here
The thought of Poe's works put me in the mind of A Night On Bald Mountain.

Maybe because of Halloween and October coming on like a bear this year, one week its sunny and lovely next its freezing. This is New England for you but one thing it does do is inspire and I've been blitzing on watching the Phantasm series of films again. The second and third films are sheer wall to wall horror crawls in haunted houses, the planes of the dead, the worlds largest mausoleums, funeral homes, etc. So I started thinking about the fact that a renagade fallen angel of death could play merry havoc with reality if he started using a demi plane to raid various realities and dimensions to collect the souls of the living. No reality could be safe from such an entity. Several monsters from D&D spring to mind here. Free willed Ju Ju zombies, mummies, vampires, and damned souls all come to mind.

I have dreams about this entity's realm howling out in the Black Void of other dimensional space chewing up realms and making one gigantic cemetery of a world. Nothing is safe, this world is all that remains of Old Earth. Each world that "Al Aaraaf" touches is invaded and taken over by the undead and its deadly dark necomatic magicks. Magic items from this realm are especially dangerous. After getting off of the phone with the artist Gennifer Bone one of her pieces of art seems to encompass this fact in spades.

When it comes to this sort of a realm we're looking at a mix of haunted reality overlapping the realms of death and insanity. This is the type of late night three am mix of 80's horror films, deep occult themes, and deadly insanity in equal measure. But it doesn't have to necessarily be entirely serious. The undead here can be completely Evil Dead or Re animator mutated and the monsters have a far more old school Disney aesthetic. Think Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia here.Given the sort of a demi plane invasion and overlaying effect that this place has it can easily bring itself into other realms. No place is really safe at all. Any game setting or realm might be subject to the ghastly attentions of 'Al Aaraaf'. A random encounter chart from 'Al Aaraaf' might look something like this.

1d6 'Al Aaraaf' Random Encounter Chart
  1. 1d4 semi demonic ghostly apporations created from the wrecked spirits of departed adventurers. They are looking to feast on the souls of the living. 
  2. A pack of 1d8 demonic ghostly highway men on nightmares looking to strip the living of all that they have including their lives. 
  3. 1d8 ghost like imps, goblins, and least Lovecraftian horrors rippling about in a miasma cloud of horror looking to rip apart the living and violate their very beings. 
  4. A trio of undead zombie drunkards who are actually cunning monsters out to kill anything that they run across. 
  5. An inhuman demon veiled warrior woman on the back of something that resembles a locust with a human face looking for human souls for her dark master.  4th level warrior with demonic powers. 
  6. A pack of undead zombie motorcycle riders with black powder guns and rifles out for prey and 'fun'. 2nd level fighters.
This realm need not be all darkness and hate, there are spots of ghastly fun and high weirdness. This is just the sort of venue that Judge's Guild's Tegel manor is perfect for. A lone location with its own internal adventure mechanisms and megadungeon location. Adventurers can easily stumble headlong into its horrors and madness. All of it transcending time, space, and sanity. The funhouse aspect of this adventure  makes this a solid fit and there's really very little that the PC's can do to take away from the encounters per say.  More to come. In the meantime try not to get caught in the webs of
"Al Aaraaf"'s clutches.