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Where The Sun Doesn't Shine - Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent Actual Play Session Report One

"A millennium has passed since the Green Death swept across Hyperborea. In that bygone age of pestilence, a noble family fled the City-State of Khromarium. Far beyond the walls of the city, they entombed themselves in order to elude the inescapable plague. Their necromancer placed them in a deep slumber from which they never wakened. Also he summoned a mythical serpent to guard the vault, a beast reputed to shed gems for tears from eyeless sockets. Tales speak of this beast as the Sightless Serpent. Now, a knave of Khromarium claims to have witnessed the legendary beast. For a pittance he will lead your party to its trail ."

I loath being rushed but I've got friends & players visiting family home for the holidays & Steven as well as his friends burst in on me tonight. They descend upon me without warning or pleasantries. Working on a convention style game event for them. They came by to see how things were going & to play. I had nearby copy of the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg adventure
Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent By Jeffrey Talanian.

Now Steve & company have been run through this adventure in the past but I've been running a whole lot of Amazing Adventures!: The RPG by Troll Lord Games. So I'd had a twist or two up my sleeve & PC's were ready to go with that system.
So faster then you can say Post American Civil War, I had the PC's on a small island bar  in the Bermudas listening to the tales of a strange island where men have turned up fortunes of gems after get lost in Triangle. The PC's agreed to sail with a very tall & pale strange ship captain during the end of the next tide after a harrowing storm that was going to occur. Bare in mind that I'm pulling all of this out of my behind as fast as I could. One of the PC's was killed by a giant octopus as the PCs journeyed to the island! The player meantime had been thumbing through my copy of AS&SH & wanted to play a Hyperborean sorcerer.

This is a lot easier then it sounds, the Amazing Adventures Companion has rules for a Hyperborean race built in. The party's ship crashed through a strange purple mist & found their ship floating in a very still fresh water lake just outside of the City-State of Khromarium. I let the party have modern fire arms & equipment but it meant very little as the first PC's gun fighter  death happened! A giant tick took down on of the PC's into the depths of a sink hole & the poor fool had his neck snapped! Two bad rolls resulted in the poor fool being lost to the darkness!

The PC's camped for the night & the next day made their way with their map to crypt. The cold wind & bleak surroundings told them that they were not in Bermuda anymore. That & the long red shadows cast by a cold dead sunlight engulfing them. Their guns at the ready the fools found a Stirge's nest & it wasn't pretty.
They ended up having to retreat & heal back at the boat for the night.


The next day it was a search of another area & they ran head long into a sabre toothed tiger! It took all five players to bring the beast down & it took out John's hunter/raider with little truck before being brought down by a luck shot by their other raider! They decided to camp for the night but there were guards posted all round! They posted guards that night and were paranoid because I kept rolling dice.

The next day the party found the crypt after a good deal of searching & nonsense. They lost guns & knives dealing with the rust monsters but managed to get some treasure promised to them by the Hyperborean captain. Through mud, blood, & dust they finally found themselves at the Xavadar family crypt and the ghouls guarding it!
Theo the resident Hooligan managed to find the tracks of the sightless serpent but the tracks gave the poor fool pause. But when it found them?! Oh boy the whole party was almost wiped out! Only a premonition by the party's mentalist gave them enough time to run away! A short while they managed to make it into the preparation chamber & their arcanist is in heaven but then that's where the low moaning started!

We will pick the adventure up next week as folks had to get back to wives & family. All in all this was a pretty fun session & everyone almost died erm had a good time. I've a few thoughts on running this adventure below but next time folks a bit of warning please!

Commentary  On the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg adventure Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent By Jeffrey Talanian.

One thing I noticed while playing this adventure on the fly is how the module is greater then the sum of its parts. The the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg adventure Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent By Jeffrey Talanian

is highly customizable & easy to adapt to a wide variety of play styles & OSR systems. The dungeon master really should read over the whole adventure at least twice to know the 'ins' & 'outs' of the module locations. The encounters have a definite sword & sorcery old school feel to them. Carnal Crypt is an adventure in HYPERBOREA designed for 4–6 characters of 4th to 7th levels & the encounters reflect this.

Monday, December 10, 2018

OSR Commentary - Beer & Dragons - In the Shadow of Monsters Campaign Set Up

So last night it was beer & getting together with friends for the holidays & lots of talk about old school Dungeons & Dragons, Pulp adventuring, & OSR stuff. The most difficult part is going to be the scheduling on the part of the players. We settled on Castles & Crusades as the in house system but the setting was something else entirely.

Two of these players Jan & Steve were in an old campaign of mine which resulted in me findout that there was a louse in my midst years ago. We did a lot of DCC during that time period & it was an interesting ride. But now they want to bring back their beloved PC's. So I'm dusting off my science fantasy campaign 'In The Shadow of Monsters.'..  A decidedly different take on the usual fantasy D&D world. Inspired by the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne,etc. Scanlon is a world plagued by magic, doubt, & worse.
The background for In The Shadow of Monsters places a mythic European colony of D&D races down in the bowels of the Inner Earth where they fled during the 'The End  of Magic'. Since then races of pseudo Vikings, barbarians, Europeans, all live in a massive cavern the size of Europe surrounded by an inner Earth sea. These city states are always in an uneasy series of cold wars & peaces over resources & economics of the caverns. This cavern isn't the true inner world however merely another in a series of caves, tunnels, etc. all reaching to the inner world with its true miniature sun & moon. The place is lit by phosphorescence phenomenon that mimics sunlight & lave tubes of incredible complexity.

Elves & Fey exist along side their neighbors with an incredible divide between the two races along with the ancient Pagan gods. Certain caverns lead to other worlds, times, & places. They have black powder weapons  & advanced metallurgy techniques putting them on par with Europe around 1500. But because of the strong magical influence black powder is an iffy propitiation at best. The reason why are the dragons & monsters that use these caverns as nesting sites. They dwell in ruins that were ancient when the first of the peoples were led down into the depths of the Earth.

These dragons sleep for ages & project their minds into the deepest parts of the Outer Darkness & beyond. Hunting & killing the deadly spawn of the Outer Gods that dwell there. They keep the human population safe even on occasion walking among them to take a wife. The unions of such couples become great heroes in their own right. But the dragons know that the true heart of horror lurks in mankind itself.

Chaos & worse lurk on the fringes of Scanlon, there are tribes of marauding barbarians from places like Hubris & from the other worldly caverns where dwell titanic Chaos Godlings and their unsavory cults.

There are terrible dragons dwelling under each of the major cities of the world & many of the wizards of Scanlon are predicting disaster. The signs are starting to appear in the sky of Earth & the auroras are shifting meaning the time of awakening is happening.
This is another world in desperate need of heroes & adventurers, there have been knights & other heroes who have appeared upon the surface world but they have been dismissed as insane or delusional. But now the tremors have started & heroes are starting to gather.

 So I'm going to start rounding up all of my OSR resources & they'll include :
  1. The Teratic Tome from Neo Plastic Press  
  2. Dungeon Crawl Classics 
  3. Labyrinth Lord\
  4. Mutant Future rpg  
  5. Amazing Advenures rpg 
  6. Castles & Crusades  
These are just a few of the OSR resources that I'm going to be using in the coming weeks I'll post more rpg campaign fodder as it comes up. This is comprise with both the fantasy & the super heroic pulp elements.. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Possible Mid Winter Mini Campaign On Dungeon Crawl Classics #84: Peril On The Purple Planet But With An OSR Twist

"The Purple Planet: Where tribes of man-beasts wage an endless war beneath a dying sun. Where mighty death orms rule the wastes, befouled winds whistle through ancient crypts, and forests of fungi flourish in the weirdling light. Where ancient technologies offer life … or a quick death.
Bereft of patron, friend or god, your survival depends on quick wits and a strong blade. Will you and your companions stand as conquerers atop this alien land? Or will you fall beneath the blast of an ink-black death rays, just another corpse left to litter the wastes of the Purple Planet?"

Over last twenty four hours I've had my back to the wall with work quite literally & I've been trying to deal to deal with a small but vocal group of players. Over the last couple of months I've had friends want me to run a Dungeon Crawl Classics set of adventures but not with the DCC rpg. So I've had time to think long & hard about it. Earlier this year I was given a gift of Dungeon Crawl Classics #84 also known as Dungeon Crawl Classics #84: Peril On The Purple Planet (box set).

But how does one go about running a gonzo Sword & Planet adventure with a traditional Dungeons & Dragons style game or retro clone?
The answer is Troll Lord Games Castles & Crusades & I've already been running a supers game using Amazing Adventures! Rpg by Jason Vey. Its not that much of a stretch to take the Siege engine that much further & conversion is a snap. But these days I'm much more inclined to create my own fantasy world for a C&C campaign.
In my local area its a lot easier to get folks to play a retroclone of Dungeons & Dragons then it is to get them to play Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #84: Peril On The Purple Planet (box set)
has quite a bit to offer but its going to really depend on the route that the players want to go. I'm going to have my work cut out for me. There are more then a few people who have experience with my style of gaming & the fact that their are rumbles of adding in super heroes & pulp adventurers into the mix. So there may be more DYI Dungeons & Dragons & OSR elements on my part.

Another option to get the players into the bowels of this campaign is to go the route of adding in the PC's to the Purple Planet via  a doorway via  Jason Sholtis's Operation Unfathomable mega campaign dungeon. For months now Jason Sholtis has teased Unfathomable artwork & concepts via G+ & Me We.
The science fantasy gonzo aspect fits the bill for adding in the right fictional elements to the back end of a campaign.

Operation Unfathomable isn't the only possibility to play the long card of DCC mix & match OSR goodness. Mike Evens also had a lovely little world of hellish violence & possible weirdness to add to the mix. Hubris dives right over the edge into the pulp, sword and sorcery roots of the fantasy genre with an ultra violent twist on things.

I have a meeting in the afternoon tomorrow & we'll see what happens but these are not the only OSR titles I have up my sleeves. There are several other options on the table so to speak that may be used.

Friday, December 7, 2018

OSR Atomic Campaign Commentary "This Shall Not Come To Pass" Revisiting The Free Downloads Of Issue #2 Of Atomic War & Issue #2 World War III

"Look upon the pictures of our giant cities hundred of years in the building, smashed by the atom-bomb, and say: this shall not come to pass! More than ever today, only a strong America can prevent this from becoming a reality!"

Between work & a series of migraines I haven't had much time to jump right back into the Atomic laden battle ground of my commentary on Atomic War issue #2 ! New York has been destroyed complely last issue & is now a roiling burning cinder wasteland in a limited nuclear war. The retro future of 1960's depicted in Atomic War! & World War Three issue #2 or #3 depending upon Comic book plus or the Internet Archive) is squarely in the realms of weird science. The cover depicts a kidnapping of a Korean general by US Army helipack commandos! Sadly the interior doesn't depict such an operation!? But inside we get right into the meat & potatoes of a Korean/Soviet war that turned red atomic hot! In Atomic War issue 2/3 from 1952 we get right into Operation Vengeance the nuclear bombing of the Moscow by American forces straight out of Greenland. Then Operation Invasion we get a detailed overview of the Russian response with paratroopers trying to invade Alaska! The spy from Coney Island is the interior fiction piece & hits the bricks running. Mission Demolition is wall to wall fighting in the European theater between the Soviets & Americans with the American Nuclear artillery remaining victorious!

World War III is squarely in the wheel house of the classic Atomic Age Science Fiction & weird science genre. The first story called Jet Jammers Jamboree where the Soviets test a piece of universal jamming equipment straight out of Dr.Frankenstein's laboratory. The Americans have an artillery piece that looks like it would belong on Mongo more then the Korean War. Commando in Muftiis about the Russian Resistance & American forces working with them. Its about a Soviet nuclear stock pile bunker & the raid to take it. Very Star Wars in its way actually. Devils of the Deep is Soviet submarine action & pits the Soviets against the United States Navy bubble headed helmets included!

The way that these two issues strike me is how evenly the various armies are in these series by Ace. All of them have similar post WII gear with a weird science twist or two. All of the hard ware is very Fallout & post apocalyptic weird. The events of WWIII depicted are smaller scale concerning the nuclear aspect but very high scale in regards to battles & events ala the events of World War II. This is due to the writing & artwork. Everything depicted in these two issues is pure Pulp style.
Everything in these two issues is tailor made for Mutant Future or Gamma World. But there's a solid fantasy element that could be over looked. Could all of these atomic bombs be blowing planar holes in the fabric of space time?! What happens when adventurers or worse begin crossing into this smaller scale atomic wasteland?

You can Download World War III issue #2 right over here

Atomic War Issue #2 Can Be Downloaded Right Here

 Now what happens to all of those powerful artifacts that are sitting in various museums across this version of the Sixties Atomic War Earth? Will there be incredible dimensional & planar doors opening at various points letting powerful other worldly energies across the landscape & possibly bringing invaders from beyond or worse?
Could there be generations of mutants, psions, & heroes already among the populace simply waiting for the call to action? this is a world in need of saving but is ready to be saved in the middle of a war that it hardly seems to understand?!

If  World War II saw a huge explosion of costumed adventurers then WWIII might see another Pulp age the likes of which we haven't seen before!

Dimensional doors swing both ways & the call of adventure echoes across the planes! Meaning that we may see fantasy adventurers from other worlds seeking justice, opportunity, & the advantage to exploit another world in dire need of their services.

Next time how, where, & why the post apocalyptic smashes head long in to the weird science & hard Sword & Sorcery fantasy of OSR gaming! Stay tuned kids!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Shadows of Undeath & Horror - Campaign Commentary on Frog God Games Rappan Athuk Mega Dungeon For Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerors of Hyperborea Set Up Part I

"The Granddaddy of All Dungeons Returns!

Rappan Athuk, the legendary mega-dungeon by Frog God Games and Necromancer Games is nothing more and nothing less than a good, old–fashioned, First Edition dungeon crawl updated for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Swords & Wizardry rules. Very difficult, Rappan Athuk will truly strike fear into the hearts of the most stalwart adventurers. It offers legions of inventive traps, tricks, strange features, and monsters -- many of them never before seen. It affords numerous opportunities for roleplaying, but anyone willing to brave these subterranean halls better arrive ready to rumble, or their lives will be short indeed."

  Rappan Athuk's History & Background on Hyperborea

A close friend of mine asked me for a blog entry on  one of the mega dungeons that I've run with Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea in the distant past. A mega dungeon that nearly broke me & actually made me take down the blog posts & its one that I have avoided like the plague ever since. Now AS&SH is in a new second edition & they provided me with the PDF which is forty dollars. So lets dive right into the dire depths of Rappan Athuk The Swords & Wizardry edition by Bill Webb, Matt Finch, Greg Vaughn, & Skeeter Green.

Lets start right off with the fact that the cult of Orcus wormed its way onto the shores of Hyperborea more specifically on the shores of a small island nation off the shores of Ix a thousand years before the coming of the Green Death. The events of Ragnarok had long come to pass but a strange up start movement & death  cult wormed its way onto the shores of a former strong hold of Tsathoggua. The name of this hellscape island nation has been lost to history. Ix had another name back then & not even the wisest of demons will say it in the hoary halls of Hyberborea.

The toad god had long turned his face from these worshipers & they looked to this a new lord. Orcus is
a demon god of the underworld,lord of the undead & punisher of broken oaths. He was in ancient times depicted as a hairy giant but was always a demon of the Abyss really. His ancient pacts were renewed every fifty years & the undead feasted as the hill ran red with his sacrifices. The people hewed temples to the name of Orcus & the work started on another aspect of the dreaded
Rappan Athuk. Five hundred years these nameless people toiled in the ruddy sun light & undead lich princes oversaw the construction. The nameless nation prospered her ships taking slaves of every stripe & nationality condemed with the construction. Amazons & Kelts ancestors reared its stones. Not even death was a release from their torment. They are still there cleaning, toiling, & helping to maintain
Rappan Athuk.

The treasures of a thousand lands & a million peoples from Old Earth to the Ancients themselves line the abandoned halls of
Rappan Athuk. The last followers of light from Old Earth gave their lives to end the reign of the demon god. The last of the cults was made extinct. For when the Green Death came born on comet's wings his nation of followers & their dreaded cult were made extinct. The world of Hyperborea was at peace with the stillness of the grave. But the unhallow have cunning ways of returning into the world.

The Babi - Ngepet(swine demons) are the avitars of the damned lord of the undead & have always watched & waited till his star was in the Winter's sky. The Babi - Ngepet seduced & mated with a tribe of thrice damned Picts & the orcs cursed the lands of Hyperborea. Orcus's stain awakened on Hyperborea once again! Near the lands of Ix in the secret ancient necropolis cities scrolls of knowledge of hidden secrets of undeath have been shared. Rumors of treasures filtering through the hands of forbidden secret wizard's markets have been talked about around the tables of taverns. And the priests of Xathoqqua have awoken with their orifices bleeding black blood. The ancient enemy of Xathoqqua has come back! The knights & paladins  of Xathoqqua ride to the furthest temples &  shrine observatories to confirm the skull shaped planetoid of the damned is rising in the East again. The priests & monks of  Xathoqqua chant the song of the undead as Orcus's the skull shaped planetoid of the damned rises. Ancient elders of Xathoqqua have risen from their graves to lead their children against this greatest of evils.

Certain Ixian merchant families & renegade royals are seeking adventurers even now to put upon the shores of 'the cold islands' those ancient lands that hold the deadly secrets & dungeons of Orcus! It is said that the Amazon's greatest princess & seer is consulting with the oracles of the Abls.  Are your adventurers ready to take on the challenges of the halls of
Rappan Athuk ?

Since the end of the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea's Kickstarter for
AS&SH: Players' Manual, Referee's Screen, Player Character Folder, and Rats in the Walls and Other Perils (module) I've been looking for a challenge & this is it. I'm going to tackle Rappan Athuk for AS&SH as a campaign point & mega dungeon location. So in the coming weeks you can look for more updates on this. Clocking in at 496 pages Rappan Athuk has no shortage of material to throw into Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea.

So look for more campaign blog entries in the coming weeks!

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A Christmas Coffin - OSR Commentary & Review of Terror Tales - X! From Beyond Belief Games By Simon Washbourne

"Weird! Baffling! Terrifying! Rousing tales of macabre adventure using familiar rules! Who wants to read through reams of text just to get to the action? No-one right? These rules assume you know how to role play. They assume you know about “Golden Age” comic book pulp mystery fiction. (Thrilling adventures through a retro lens). They assume you know how OSR products work. There, it’s done. You know how to play already. Just get on with it. Two-fisted tales and mysterious investigations. "
Terror Tales -X! by Beyond Belief is a solid addition to the OSR horror adventure  genre. The whole affair clocks in at twenty one pages & gives the DM all of the optional dark adventure material that they need. The focus is the Precode horror comics of the Golden Age & all that goes with it.  Dark rites at three A.M., occult monsters in the deep urban environment of the city, spooky alleyways that lead into other worldly Hells. Adventurers here are crusaders & heroes at much as victims themselves & the forces of darkness are always a heart beat or closing coffin lid away.

Painted cover of Strange Stories From Another World, number 5, February 1953, artwork by Norman Saunders. Another World was published by Fawcett from August 1952 to February 1953. Saunders' richly painted cover recalls the pulp magazines of the 1930s and 40s.

Ahh now that's the Hellfire & classic precode public domain horror comics that I've come to know & love. These are perfect for OSR horror adventure & with a wide array of PC options its a snap to 'plug & play' this set of rules. There's a nifty sanity set of rules for PC's straight off & a wide array of victims erm PC options.  You got your scientist, your detective,the psychic, the scoundrel, the adventurer, tough guy, & mystic. Two pages of advantages & disadvantages along with quick descriptions. Enemies & NPC's to thread the adventure along. Animals including dinosaurs & normal run of the mill wildlife.
The weird & supernatural is a similar but well rounded cast of Dungeons & Dragons style monsters retooled for horror adventure. Vehicles including surprisingly mounted weapons! Quick & dirty combat rules along with modern fire arms, weapons, melee weapons, & armor. Experience charts for the PC classes & some horror adventure hooks.

Cover of Spook #27, (January 1954)

Christmas time is the season for ghost stories & horror adventure. This year is no different Terror Tales -X! is based around Swords & Wizardry rules so its easy to pop into an existing OD&D or Retro clone system setting. The entire product is open game content on the OGL & that makes this a fantastic horror setting enhancement. But if that wasn't enough there's blogs like the OSR Library offer a huge amount of OSR horror adventure support.
May I also go on record as saying that incredible Horrors of It All Blog has some of the best precode Golden Age Horror comic book stories around & his collections of stories are an unsung gold mine of OSR horror adventure. Comic Book Plus is also an excellent resource for lots of pure gold adventure fodder.
All of this is perfect support material & a starting point for OSR horror adventure especially with the
Terror Tales -X! rules.

Another stunning cover from Joe Simon and Jack Kirby: Black Magic number 28 (Prize Comics, April 1952). Following the war, as the superhero genre went into decline, publishing companies turned to romance, crime and horror to stock the news stands. Simon and Kirby were pioneers in all three.

I'm a super hero guy & Sword & Sorcery guy the Terror Tales -X! rules are perfectly compatible  with the other Beyond Belief games rules & for introducing super heroes to the horrors of the dark forces of the occult & supernatural! There is a long tradition of  heroes fighting the over whelming forces of darkness. This crosses over into so many gernes making this a real easy winner to grab for only $3.50!

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OSR Atomic Campaign Commentary "This Shall Not Come To Pass" Revisiting The Free Downloads Of Issue #1 Of Atomic War & Issue #1 World War III

"Look upon the pictures of our giant cities hundred of years in the building, smashed by the atom-bomb, and say: this shall not come to pass! More than ever today, only a strong America can prevent this from becoming a reality!" 

Yeah its been a couple of years since I revisited one of my favorite Post Golden Age comic book series. I've been looking to go into a public domain resource for post apocalyptic science fantasy gaming, both Atomic War  & its sister title World War III by Ace Magazines are perfect gaming resources.


According to the wiki source entry;
"A comic series that lasted four issues and published by Ace Comics from November, 1952 to February, 1953. According to Bradford W. Wright, in Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America (ISBN: 0801874505)
“Published during the time of U.S. participation in the Korean War, Junior Books’ Atomic War! Speculated on the possibilities of World War III. Despite the series’ stated purpose to warn against the horrors of atomic warfare, it did just the opposite. In its stories, U.S. forces employing tactical and strategic nuclear weapons triumphed repeatedly over the Communists.”
According to Scott Shaw at Oddball Comics: “This is one of many comics that reflected our national paranoia during the Cold War of the 1950s and early 1960s. The cover depicts the atomic destruction of Manhattan (note the crumbling Empire State and Chrysler Buildings.) Here's a quote from the issue's first story, "Sneak Attack."
"Look upon the pictures of our giant cities hundred of years in the building, smashed by the atom-bomb, and say: this shall not come to pass! More than ever today, only a strong America can prevent this from becoming a reality!"
Ace Comics was a publisher of comic books during the 1940's through mid-1950's. Like many comic book publishers of the day, the earlier series included costumed superheroes. As trends in the comic book market changed, the focus shifted more to other genres, such as crime horror and romance. The company ceased publishing comic books in 1956.
These comics are in the public domain and various publishers and creators have used them since."

Now let's start out with the fact that this isn't our world of 1960 at all, this is the Pulp world of the Fallout video games & 1950's monster movies especially the Toho films. The military technological axiom is much higher then normal. These folks have atomic powered planes, weird tech military armament,  pin point atomic bombs, etc. & in the first issue New York becomes a solid loot zone right out. Post World War II Berlin is next on the map in Berlin Powder keg  & boy does it get hit. The place becomes a block by block warzone between Allied & Soviet forces.

Atomic War is so straight up & over the top that it reminds me of the Fallout video games & how the comic book tries really hard. America was deep into the Korean war at the time of the publication of Atomic War. The military hardware & weaponry was post WWII boom era & the middle story Operation Haystack bares this out. The last story in this issue Counter Attack takes place around an Arctic military bomber base & a Russian inside sabotage jobber & agent.

The comic book gives three possible loot zones & military style weaponry that the PC's might find. During the late Seventies & early Eighties I'd frequently hear about Atomic War in whispered tones among certain comic book fans. Most of us older comic book fans who knew about the 1950's Seduction of the Innocent hearings laughed our behinds off & some of these folks were also a part of the Eighties D&D Satanic panic;
"A number of Ace stories were used as examples of violent and gruesome imagery in the 1950s U.S Congressional inquiries into the influence of comic books on juvenile delinquency that led to the Comics Code Authority, namely Challenge of the Unknown #6, Crime Must Pay the Penalty #3 and Web of Mystery #19. Western Adventures Comics #3 was used as an example in Fredric Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent, and in the United Kingdom Atomic War #4, Beyond #18 and World War III #2 were cited as examples by Geoffrey Wagner's 1954 book on the same subject, Parade of Pleasure — A Study of Popular Iconography in the U.S.A. "

 In New York City comic book shops I'd hear about Ace Comics among Gamma World & post apocalyptic fans with enthusiasm & gusto as the source for their campaigns.  That's sort of where I'd love to head with the comic book series for my own purposes. But I would combined the events of Atomic War issue one  with World War III. The gullible Americans & Allies of the United Nations are caught by a surprise Soviet attack.

World War III #1 - 1953 Ace Cold War Atomic Explosion

The World War III events of both of these comicbooks are very George Pal & even remind me of the his film "When Worlds Collide". They'd be perfect fodder for a Mutant Future game but what about a traditional Dungeons & Dragons game? Well that's where things get very interesting. The Earth of this place might have its dimensional doors ripped open by the atomic bombs. Not only could it be the spawning ground for all kinds of folks with powers. But for a traditional Dungeons & Dragons party of adventurers it might be the perfect opportunity to loot some of the national treasuries of a wide variety of countries!

There is lots of gold, treasure, & possibility a huge number of magic items just waiting for a group of adventurers to go looting across a any number of US or European cities. Simply watch out for that radiation spawn mutations lurking around just about every corner.

Atomic War Issue #1 (Ace Comics) is available right here for free download

Now when it comes to using any of the Ace Comics in my own campaigns I'm looking to get this material right into the background of my own on going Amazing Adventures! rpg sessions. This is where the Amazing Adventures Companion comes in hot & heavy because 90% of the Korean War era hardware is already statted out making the Ace comics material  a super easy slide in.

The future 1960 Atomic War Plane Prime is a side branch of the normal Pulp prime of my campaign world where the factions of the mutant & super powered are taking hold when the bombs fell. The weird science of the world is cranked up to eleven & things get really heated with the increased radioactive & weird science radiations of this world. Castles & Crusades will be playing its part coming up but that's not till our next blog entry.