Friday, September 5, 2014

Scrap Lurker Ho Down - Mutant Epoch Rpg System Actual Play Encounter Session

Details about last week's Mutant Epoch game
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After the characters stumbling into one of  Max Gibson's lair/labs last week and the hi jinks. All that technological do dads and artifacts are acting like a dinner bell for a tribe of Scrap Lurkers who have been waiting a very long, long, time for those combat robots to be brought down.

The Scarp Lurkers are one of the various free mutant horrors from Outland arts. They can be wicked opponents and have often bedeviled the PC's at various times throughout this campaign. They're also a free monster and with some modification can be fitted into a variety of post apocalyptic retro clone systems. My personal preference is for them to appear in my Mutant Epoch game campaigns.
 Even now a family of between five to seven of the Morlock like creatures is booby trapping the PC's vehicles and the lair that they happen to be in.

You can grab the Scraplurkers for free right over
 The ScrapLurkers can be easily fitted and slipped into a number of retro clone or old school PA campaigns. They have a passion for a wide variety of artifacts and make wicked enemies for PC's throughout a campaign. They can easily be slipped into a wide variety of settings and with the racial types scattered into the free supplement these guys can appear in a wide variety of circumstances.
This is also a well written supplement as well. 

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