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Dragon's Foot OSR Free Adventure - Garden Of The Hag Queen For Your Old School

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 Need an old school OSRIC or AD&D first edition adventure that will challenge & get your PC's into a world of hurt without killing them outright. Well this is one of those great adventures that while a bit lethal will make you think.  The adventure is suited to a PC's between two through fifth level and will allow your players to have a great time while dealing with the forces of the Hag Queen. You can see right from the intro where this one goes
This adventure is geared for the following : 
This adventure is best suited for experienced players 
with characters between 2nd - 5th level - a total of 
15-25 character levels, not including henchmen and 
The module places the PC's right into the middle of the action right out of the gate and keeps them there with a series of demanding and solid encounters. 
The Hag Queen has ruled for centuries and her baleful garden blights the landscape. Can you survive it's inhabitants?

This adventure is a nice change of pace for a campaign where the players have been dealing with the horrors of an underground environs for months at a clip. Here the forces of the Hag Queen drag the PC's down into the dust of her depredations and she keeps them dangling in her kingdom's brand of old school high weirdness. 

By far the oldest and mightiest creature in the realms 
is Trosha the Hag Queen. She has ruled in the forested 
mountains of the north for as long as the records of 
men have been kept. Her realm encompasses the 
lands stretching from the western sea and across the 
southern reaches of the Ironspine mountains of the 
north. Over the centuries, she has either enslaved 
those creatures living within what she considers her 
borders or driven away any who refuse to submit 
to her will. Throughout the north, the blazon of the 
green talon is well known and her agents are active.
 This isn't a small one shot adventure either, this is a fifty two page mini campaign tour de force that will have the PC's moving up a level or two but remember this also involves some very dangerous terms for loss of limb and life. If your one of those whose not used to the danger index of old school AD&D styles of adventures then you might want a bit of a safer module. This is an adventure that has some real thought put between the pages. 
Trosha the Hag Queen is a nasty piece of work and I can see her being used in a wide variety of OSR retroclones or AD&D style worlds including Ravenloft with a bit of work. There is something really disturbing and a bit horrific lurking in the wings of this module, a bit of fairy tale setting vibe flows strongly through this module. This makes the adventure a strong bit of work for a horror campaign.
 For a completely different spin I can see this module working with a game like Lamentations of The Flame Princess. I can also see this working with Labyrinth Lord with the Advanced Companion. The crossover potential with OSRIC is blatantly put forth and that's not a bad thing at all.
There's the potential to rework this module into a Mutant Future/Labryth Lord crossover adventure where the Garden becomes a feature in the post apocalyptic landscape. This style of rework would take a long time to set up but it might be totally worth it to play marry havoc with any number of your PA adventurers. Or you can simply play this adventure straight with your favorite bit of D&D. Either way its a nice module to throw a curve into an OSR campaign.
The ideas and gems of this adventure are worth looking into. This is a solid module and I love the thought that was put into this one. Take some time grab a download of this and spend sometime making 
Trosha the Hag Queen a force to be reckoned with in your old school campaign. Best of all this one is free! 

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