Wednesday, September 24, 2014

1d10 Random Deep Wastes Post Apocalyptic Finds Table Inspired By Cult 80's Horror Films For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Deep in the wastelands when the wind grows colder and there comes a chill to the air. Old and ancient things stir from long forgotten nightmare borne corners of the wastes. Places where God himself hasn't shown his face in eons, it is from the funk of the preholocaust horror filled nightmares of ages past. Artifacts and items wash into the cheese cloth reality of the wastes. Here are a few of those classic horror movie artifact finds to tease, curse, delight, and horrify your mutant adventurer PC's. 

1d10 Random Deep  Wastes Post Apocalyptic Finds 
Table Inspired By Cult 80's Horror Films 
  1. Razor bladed demon possessed glove, this +1 weapon is a cursed item and has a miasma of depravity, terror, and perverse horror about it. The owner will be open to a special dream demon god that feeds upon the souls of children and his victim. 
  2. A machete that belongs to a demon possessed hockey mask hill giant sized undead lich thing. The owner is of this +2 weapon is open to possession by a special demon. This weapon is cursed as well. The lich thing killer is drawn to its weapon and acts of teenage lust draw it to the kill. 
  3. A Necomonicon in the original Sanskrit and Babylonian with illustrations drawn in blood will call down an evil essence of the Outer Void god in charge of a demon possessed undead army. 1d8 Deadite zombies and skeleton warriors will be created when passages of this book are read allow.
  4. A toxic waste drum with a horridly decayed form of zombie inside. If freed this horror will go on a rampage eating the brains of anyone it catches. Any destruction of this monster will spread the infection within a 1d10 yard radius. 
  5. A gray metal stone one foot rock, this egg like object will hatch releasing 1d6 intergalactic invasive alien species known as Crites.  
  6. A beautiful  ornate music puzzle box that if solved releases 1d6 demon like creatures with all the minor powers of demons known as cenobites. These horrors will take back the solver and 1d4 people present back to their version of Hell for rites of pleasure which will reduce the victim to a flayed and shattered form of special wight. 
  7. A small chest containing 1d4 pounds of gold, this gold is cursed and guarded by a twisted evil undead leprechaun. This thing will stalk and kill anyone whose seen its gold. 
  8. Small soap stone statue of some long forgotten Great Old One. This thing radiates evil and anyone touching it must make a save vs death or have their soul consumed by the horror of the  ancient god thing. There is a 20% chance of summoning the thing merely by handling it. 
  9. A black toxic waste barrel with a strange window cut into the top. The barrel contains a dwarf like undead zombie dwarf creature  which has Hill Giant strength and it will try to kill anyone opening the barrel's lid. There is a 10% chance of the undead lich god being  being summoned by the opening of this barrel and the releasing of its contents. 
  10. A humanoid wolf statue of black stone and strange aspect. The owner of this statue will be afflicted my an extreme form of lycanthropy and cursed as a werewolf in the service to the werewolf demon lord's service for eternity. They shall be doomed to wander the face of the Earth for eternity service in the service to the cycles of a broken moon. 

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