Thursday, September 18, 2014

1d10 Random Cosmic Hazard Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are doors that should not be opened and sometimes due to the meddling of occultists, wizards, mad demi gods and cosmic entities as well as others there are places that can appear in the skies to be devil worlds. Adventurers, heroes, and fools are needed to banish these adventure locations back into the Outer Darkness once again. Here's a random table to allow such cosmic menaces to draw in your PC's to such hazards. These are merely the bare bones of such things and a DM will need to flesh them out and map them.

1d10 Random Cosmic Hazard Adventure Locations Table
  1. An ancient alien fortress craft several miles long with a leaking cosmic drive and still manned by its undead insect warlords. This craft's radiations will mutate and warp any living things caught within its wake. A save vs poison is needed every 1d8 rounds to avoid such a fate. The crew is still carrying out its last mission
  2. The undead corpse of some long forgotten god whose wounds leak the very life blood of the universe. This blood carries with it his battle lust and madness. Those caught within its influence will become berserk or worse. Various monsters now use this corpse as a base of operations to carry on his long forgotten agenda of violence and warfare. The thing has infected worlds with its madness. 
  3. A long forgotten cosmic relay station/temple complex that is still transmitting its last messages into the void. The place is peopled with alien living statues carrying out their last instructions. Its messages will confuse and infect whatever world it encounters. 
  4. A twenty mile long burnt wreck of a sky craft with its own mega dungeon like eco system. The monsters inside this thing will try to settle on whatever world they encounter becoming a cosmic menace from beyond the stars. What other treasures might this wreck hold. 
  5. A long abandoned chalice of some ancient sky god tumbles through the void. This 2 mile long monstrous artifact carries with it a curse of cosmic fertility and  will warp the seasons as well as cycles of any world it encounters. The thing is a golden hazard as various species of creatures now use its magical influence to draw in the power of the void. PC's may become fertile by being in its very presence. Save vs Death or give birth to some alien horror from beyond the stars 
  6. A black monolith from beyond the void that will suck all magical energy from any world it encounters. There is magical graffiti carved across its surface warning of its purpose in a million alien languages and spells of protection warding it from various worlds. Save vs death or have your soul instantly absorbed by this piece of cosmic toxic waste. 
  7. A giant hour glass belonging to some ancient god of time that will warp or change the time constants of any world or star it encounters. Worlds will lose 1d10 days within its presence, the time having been absorbed by the device.
     The sands of this ancient cosmic device are sought out by wizards who would pay handsomely for them but anyone caught by a handful of the stuff ages 1d30 years unless a save is made. 
  8. A three mile long decayed  clawed hand of some long forgotten demon god whose become the home of a gang of undead alien space pirates. These 4th level alien warriors are a cult which uses the power of the claw to decay worlds upon which they feed. 
  9. A giant frozen cosmic space slime will unleash bits and pieces of itself upon any world it encounters. 1d10 slimes, molds, and jellies will be encountered each day. This piece of cosmic debris will call down upon the world in question an aspect of Shub Niggurath within 1d20 days which will consume all. 
  10. A piece of the mad mind  of some ancient demon god, this bit of cerebral material will have thousands of star spawn feeding upon it. These horrors will try to invade any world that they encounter. Each 1d30 party of these ancient horrors might be led by a 3rd level wizard. 

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