Thursday, September 25, 2014

1d10 Random Deep Waste Ghostly Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Millions have died in the violence and blood shed of the apocalyptic world that has created the Wastes. Among the ravages of depravity and blood that consumed the world there are millions of paranormal 'hot spots' where mutant adventurers might encounter spirits and ghostly soldiers trapped between worlds. These spirits may have unfinished business or simply be fighting the battles that they have for eternity. Below are a few of the examples of some of the encounters that have taken place in the wastelands.

1d10 Random Deep Waste Ghostly Encounter Table
  1. A unit of spectre soldiers who are not aware that they have died but they are consumed with a hunger for the life force of the living. 1d6 of these monsters will try to drag the PC's to some forgotten hell to swallow their souls. 
  2. A pack of wights haunts this area only appearing at night to plague the living there will be 1d4 of these  monsters with gas masks and make shift weapons hunting for victims. 
  3. This former battle ground is haunted by 1d20 who reenact their battles under the broken moon. The sounds of battle can be heard echoing across the wastes but the real danger is the radiation hazard that glows under the moonlight. There is a gamma radiation hazard nearby and a save vs poison or radiation must be made here ever 1d4 hours. 
  4. A group of ghouls stalks this area for fresh meat every seven days and feeds upon the bodies of the old dead from a nearby battle field.
  5. A lone soldier passes through this area and repeatedly dies from a hail of bullets. There is a diary of his in a nearby stump of a tree that contains a map to cache of ancient weapons, ammo, and a map to nearby bunker. 
  6. A feral pack of zombie soldiers passes through this area on their way to a former battle field which contains 1d20 other zombie that will rise as soon as they see fresh prey. Many have joined their ranks from the wreckage of war machines, tanks, and the like that stretch around the place. The ghosts of their former victims try to warn off future victims. 
  7. A strange energy source from a nearby reactor has created a pack of Will 'o wisps from the souls of soldiers who have died protecting this place. They will try to consume the souls of any who venture to close to the place. 
  8. A nearby tribe of mutants tries to appease the spirits of the dead by rites with ancient weapons and artifacts placed on a nearby altars. A group of 1d8 ghostly soldiers will appear to collect the offerings and any fools who try to steal such objects. 
  9. A wailing banshee washes the funeral shrouds of the dead of this battle field her keening and wailing can be heard for over 2 klicks away. She is guarded by 1d6 ghostly female spirits who will attack anyone who witnesses her activities. Local legend has it that she guards the entrance to a former military base that once belonged to the family of warlords she haunts.  
  10. A rolling cloud of tepid black fog contains the gas mask wearing spirits of a pack of specters and ghosts who hunt the living. They will attack any fool they find after sun set and devour their souls. There will be 1d10 of the monsters at any given time. There is a 20% chance of one of these horrors having a preholocaust firearm upon its former living personage.

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