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1d10 High Level Spectral Battle Field Encounters Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

From the millions who died during the apocalyptic events throughout the wastes there are still places where the wars of the past are as stark and bloody when the broken moon shines down from the uncaring skies. This is the time when adventurers, mutants, should beware from out of the mists come ancient horrors ready to take and devour their very souls. 

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1d10 High Level Spectral Battle field Encounters Table
  1. A patrol of 1d10 zombie troopers looking for prey to eat. These horrors move with the night mist across their former battle fields. There is a 10% chance of them leaving some minor reminder of their passing. 
  2. A lone spectral soldier whose seen far more action across eternity appears nearby and begins hunting the PC's. The thing is relentless in its pursuit of life force. It will seemingly be destroyed only to reappear 1d6 nights later again hungry and very angry. It has a +1 relic dagger and uses it for the final kill. 
  3. A group of ghostly children in gas masks will appear momentarily and 'mark' one of the PC's. 1d8 of the spectral horrors will appear when the character is alone and try to devour them. 
  4. A party of 1d10 spectral soldiers will appear from the mists and pursue the party across a former battle field. They will harass and insult the PC's. Weapon fire will seem to pass through these horrors and any PC's killed will join the ranks of these undead fiends. Once this happens they will retreat for 1d4 hours only to reappear and begin the cycle again. They will disappear with the coming of the sunlight unless somehow banished. 
  5. The sound of tank fire can be heard 1/2 a klick away and the PC's will see a spectral tank and crew from the holocaust world fighting an unknown enemy. Suddenly the tank will appear closer and closer still to the PC's position. The spectral tank will glow with a strange red mist and there will be a chill in the air. The haunted tank and crew will begin to pursue the party. The thing will try to cut down any PC's with machine gun fire or run over them to consume their souls. The skeletal remains of a former adventurer is strapped to the front of the tank and a fully charged laser pistol is in his hand. The tank is cursed to haunt this area however should the PC's leave the area , it can not follow. 
  6. A lone demonic horsemen on a nightmare is collecting the souls of former soldiers lost to the battle fields and is looking to add a few extras to his list. This gas masked horror is armed with a +2 sword and mace. He is not bound by the battle field and chase down any whom he finds. He is ruthless & without pity pursuing souls with wanton abandon. 
  7. A troop of ghostly soldiers running for their lives, there is a group of demonic horrors hot on their heels. They will rush by the PC's and 1d8 minor demons will appear to attack the PC's. Suddenly as it began the whole event will end with a clap of thunder and lightning. 
  8. Nearby the PC's position will be a series of echoing explosions and the blasts from some battle. Should the PC's investigate they will find nothing but the open door of an underground bunker complex has been revealed. This place has been buried for a long time. Then something stirs underground. 
  9. A strange fog moves across the battlefield within it are 1d20 ghostly soldiers from both sides of the pre holocaust war. These zombie like horrors will try to eat and devour the souls of anyone they come across. Very dangerous horrors. 
  10. A minor minion of death astride a lone skeletal nightmare is collecting the souls of the dead. Only a massive bribe of artifacts or coin will stave its attentions off & there is a 40% chance even if bribed that it will still try to take the PC's souls. 

File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R05923, Flandern, deutsche Soldaten in Gasangriff.jpg

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