Saturday, September 27, 2014

1d10 Deep Wasteland Finds Table Inspired By Cult 80's Classic Television Shows For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The wastes are filled with incredible relics from many time periods across the universe and other places here are a list of some items that have come from a lost decade of depravity and awesomeness. 

1d10 Deep Wasteland Finds Table 
Inspired By Cult 80's Classic Television Shows
  1. An incredibly deranged and malevolent A.I. with remote power source know as K.A.R.R.
    This thing will try to charm anyone into installing it into a vehicle. For 1d4 months it will serve a party and then turn on them in a fit of anger and bloodshed. 
  2. A ruined 80's van with a black re enforced armored outer shell and chassis and a large V-8 motor. The GMC van has seen lots of action. It has a series of bullet holes and some carbon scoring on the back doors. Needs some work on the body and motor. 
  3. Modified military attack helicopter with extensive sensor suite and complete military  modifications to the weapons systems.    The helicopter is in bad shape and has seen extensive use in combat. Riddled with bullet holes, damaged radio equipment, and the motor needs extensive repair. Most other major systems are intact however. 
  4. Sports car with extensive military grade modifications and weapons systems. This vehicle isn't in bad shape but the weapons have no ammo. It has four flats on it. 
  5. A Gold Cylon Centurian warrior in perfect condition any tampering with this unit will activate it! Has a fully charged power unit and laser rifle. +1 short sword as well. 
  6. A strange floating robotic sphere armed with laser cannon and mini missiles. This horror will rise from its resting place ready to attack any who disturbs its sleep. 
  7. Heavy duty colonial laser pistol out of charge but with holster and belt nearby. The holster has an adapter for a solar charger or the pistol can plug into a variety of outlets for charging. Holds 10 shots and does 1d6 points of damage. There are several notches on the butt of the pistol 
  8. One silver cigar case with Cuban cigars and a .44 automatic bullet embedded on very edge of the case. Otherwise in perfect shape. 
  9. One Geiger counter in box and working  stamped with the name McGyver in common on the side of the box. 
  10. One .45 pistol fully loaded with a mix of regular and silver bullets in the magazine. The pistol is pearl handled and in excellent condition. There is a holster nearby with bullets but a mummified human hand holds the pistol with an odd jeweled ring on third finger. The pistol needs to be cleaned but is in otherwise working order.



  1. Over at the Phasic Archives, there is a picture of a concept car:
    Just google concept car, maybe with a year from the 19..s. That shit will blow your mind. (Well, it has blown my mind. I want a Karin from Citroen, now.)

  2. Awesome Stuff! I threw this together this morning & that is a fantastic concept car! The 80's were a great decade for this sort of stuff and I'm glad I lived through it in a sense. I've got more stuff coming up and thanks for this. It will be put to good use coming up in my Mutant Future campaign.

  3. I can't remember, did the Goliath semi-truck also have an AI? Or was it just nearly indestructible and driven by Michael's evil twin. I remember it roared.

    Hmm, merge K.A.R.R. with Goliath...

  4. Actually this one in this list was actually the K.A.R.R. proto type.
    The Goliath driven by Michael's evil twin was destroyed way back in Knight Rider television show but the proto type is still kicking around.
    Thanks for the comment Fractalbat


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