Saturday, September 20, 2014

Quick Heads Up For Mike Lenoard Fantasy Artist & The 'Tire Fund'

You can reach Mike via his Deviant Art page right
 Or his Facebook page right over
On occasion there are friends of the OSR community that need our help, fantasy artist  Mike Leonard finds himself in real trouble. He's in a bit of some dire straits and needs our help to dust off with some commission work within the next five hours so he can afford tires for his car!  He's got a fifty mile round trip to work and back home.
I know what this sort of journey is like. My dad and I did it for five years back in the early 80's. Its no fun add to this the weight that he must be feeling.  I feel for the gentleman.
So I'm doing my part to get the word out there for him and his family. Here's the low down from his Deviant Art page : 
  • Mood:  Suffering
I am in desperate need of some immediate funds. 

Flat tire, no spare, 50 mile round trip to work everyday.

Used car, had to ask the dealer for a jack. Tires weren't new, but weren't bald either. Bought the car 15 months ago.

Tire had a slow leak, but I babied it until last night. Got the jack out, jacked the car up a bit, jack doubled over on itself breaking.

Midnight, a friend answers the call, brings his jack.

Get the baby spare on, turns out to be the wrong size, locks the brake.

Put the flat back on to move the car off the private lot where I changed it, friend graciously gave me a ride home.

Now I need to buy a tire, although the matching one is in pretty bad shape too...

Flash commission sale!

I need a minimum of 4 commissions at half my character portrait rates ($25 an character!) and preferably 8 (to get a matching set of front tires).

Full color, character in a scene, big enough to print at your local shop at poster size (10,000 dpi on the long side). 

It's 8:50AM Central Standard Time, I need these in the next 5 hours!

Please help out a friend, get the word out, help an artist in a jam, And let's get this guy back on the road for his family.
Thanks folks 

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