Monday, September 22, 2014

1d10 Random Deep Post Apocalyptic Finds Table Inspired By Cult Television Shows For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are times when PC's will find out in the wasteland items that have come from other Times And places. Pieces from battles from long past that have journeyed through the dimensional gates to pierce the vale between worlds.
Many of these treasures  come with their own unique prices but all will keep your mutant adventurers and wanderers guessing.

1d10 Random Deep Post Apocalyptic Finds
Table Inspired By Cult  Films & Television Shows  Table 
  1. One black finely wrought staff with carvings all across its surface. The staff gives off an aura of evil and malevolence but otherwise functions as a +1 staff. Only in the hands of a wizard 4th level and above do its true powers become evident. functions as a staff to snakes, and a minor staff of the mage. 
  2. One slightly burnt mace, the mace is of an alien metal and the hawk head on the weapon gives off an aura of blood lust and revenge. Those who use it must utter its command word 'DDDDDIIEE'. And at odd times utter the phrase 'Gordon's alive?' 
  3. A battle scarred laser rifle with deeply etched characters across its surface. The rifle is fully charged and ready for war. There is a strange 'V' like symbol carved into the butt of the weapon. +1 damage against all reptile based mutants and lizardmen. 
  4. A finely wrought +2 dagger that glows when in the presence of undead and seeks out the hearts of vampires and such creatures. 
  5. .45 automatic pistol set with pearl handles that adds +1 to the owner's Dexterity. 
  6. +2 sword of weird workman ship and strange aspect that gives the user a vision or insight into the motives of wizards and their minions once per day. 
  7. A +1 rapier that adds two points of charisma to the owner. This sword is etched with the letters now obscured by numerous battle scars across the handle and surface.  The owner will be compelled to pun and quip in the heat of battle and not know why. 
  8. A magically telescoping +1 battle rod that will lengthen from six inches to twelve feet. The rod will hold 300 pounds of owner. 
  9. A fire damage and battle scarred +1 throwing ring that magically returns to the user's hand. +2 weapon in the hands of a female warrior though but once per day the user will over come with a berserk rage. 
  10. One finely made and beautiful sword of evil aspect. This +1 weapon will affect demons, wizards, etc. and slice through first level enchantments with easy but the owner will become petty & self centered in 1d4 months making terrible battle decisions.

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