Monday, September 15, 2014

Review & Commentary On Dragon Foot's Free OSR Adventure The Haunted Keep For Your Old School Campaigns

 Grab It Right 

The Haunted Keep was/is a collaborative effort by the crew over at Dragon's foot and clocks in at thirty five pages of low level adventuring fun filled with all kinds of monsters to challenge a beginning party or be devil your experienced party of adventurers.
 This is no non sense bare bones adventure with everything you need to start a grand OD&D first adventure including everything for a great evening's entertainment or a campaign start. This one also includes the sample PC's or NPC's to shove into the thick of some of tricks and traps. 
Its well written and has some solid rooms as well as treasure. This one makes a really cool little adventure as  part of a continuing series of ruins and former fortresses of some forgotten empire. I've used this one as continuation of In Search Of The Unknown and The Keep On the Borderlands.
With a bit of work I've also used this module as a low down and dirty sword and sorcery location for both Lamentations Of The Flame Princess and Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. This module take a bit of modification with some of the retroclones out there but that's half of the fun of DMing. The lost empire flavor of this adventure is something that seems to shine out at me and that might be partly my nostalgia when running this one. I've used this as part of an ancient Earth campaign stretching back to 2008 when the adventure debuted on Dragon's foot.
This a really nice meat and patatoes adventure that can be used as part of a stepping stone campaign for a DM and as a framing device for introducing their own campaign elements into a game. I've talked with several other DM's who have used this adventure as part of a Labryth Lord/Mutant Future cross over adventure to intro PC's into their own PA fantasy elements a few times. This is a solidly done free adventure and combined with some of the other old school adventures from Dragon's foot can create a well adjusted customized campaign. 

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