Monday, September 15, 2014

Review and Commentary On Skirmisher Publishing's "Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #17: Artifact Conditions" For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Just over the weekend in my Mutant Epoch game several questions were raised about artifact conditions and some military hardware. Fortunately, I had Issue #17 of Wisdom of the Wasteland on hand to help. Here's why.

Grab It Right
Issue Seventeen of Wisdom From the Wastelands brings some really nice material to the gaming table. Skirmisher Publishing brings in new post apocalyptic hardware, new mutations, and a host of gadgets to deal with your mutants and adventurers. And this issue  does a nice job of hanging more great add on systems to the Mutant Future rpg retroclone. This is one of the retroclone strengths in my estimation. Not corner, spare space and shelf in the game is filled. This allows the DM to add their own unique thumb print to the post apocalyptic game. This is something that Mutant Epoch also allows because these games echo and pay homage to games from yesteryear like Gamma World first edition and Metamorphosis Alpha
 This issue of  Wisdom adds in a very nice little bench mark system for artifact conditions. This is a rather important and over looked part of the PA gaming experience. This article does away with those janky flow charts and action trees in one fast and concise shot. 

The Drivethrurpg Blurb : 
Artifacts play a key role in Mutant Future. Like magical items in fantasy games, artifacts are treasures sought by adventuring parties that brave the mutant-infested ruins of the Ancients’ world. But often these treasures are in less than pristine condition due to factors such as age, neglect, or misuse.

Using Wisdom From The Wastelands Issue #17
For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns 

This is one of the best 'Wisdom From The Wasteland' issues to get if your running a quesi military style campaign which I happen to be with some of Chris  Van Deelen's Aliens conversions. This issue contains a wealth of Mutant Future madness to drop right into your back campaign without the players ever noticing that your using new material.

But the gear and gizmos that they'll be finding are going to be all kinds of weird conditions which makes NPC traders and mechanics very valuable. This also keeps the loot warehouse factor down with the Wisdom From The Wastelands condition factor system in this issue. Add in the newest mutant menaces from this issue and you've got a ready made mix for their next adventure. The primitive firearms section is another great add on which might be added to those Labyrinth Lord cross over games, suddenly those mutant goblins are a whole lot more dangerous with matchlocks.
The Advanced Melee weapons and military armor gives those pure strain humans from the Domes a really nasty little advantage or two. This issue is definitely one to grab and give your PC's something to really contemplate out in the deep wastelands. 

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