Saturday, October 9, 2021

Judges Guild 'Wilderlands of High Fantasy' & Gary Gygax's B2 'Keep on the Borderlands' As Old School Campaign

We're going to be returning to the Wilderlands of High Fantasy & there's the fact that I've wanted to revisit some of the adventure events from last year's B2 Keep on the Borderlands by Gary Gygax. Now we didn't necessarily place the keep in a definitive hex per say. 

But over at the Piazza forums  there's  thread called 'Keep on The Borderlands in the Wilderlands' by  ZardokhasSpoken  which goes into the following; " I placed them in CSIO hex 4623. This hex just seemed to me an ideal fit for this iconic module. The only change necessary was the inclusion of the keep, which made sense being Skandian, to "help and protect" the Gnomes of Lightelf. So much political intrigue at this location, with the spies of Lightelf sowing the seeds of Gnomish revolt, the shield maidens seeking to recapture Sea Rune, the bandits from B2 (hirelings of the Overlord to harass the Skandians?), and the elves of Palewood trying to stay neutral."  This makes things very interesting as the make up of the Wilderlands shifts yet again! 

ZardokhasSpoken  also released some free maps for the Keep & environs within the  Wilderlands to provide the DM with some lift to integrate the whole affair into their personal campaigns. 
The B2 Keep on the Borderlands & Wilderland  Maps are available right here

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