Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Keys & Sunset Days - Empire of the Petal Throne And Kevin Crawford's Worlds Without Number rpg

 There are times when you miss so obvious a connection that its easy to bypass the forest for the trees in this case the rpg trees. This is the case with Empire of the Petal Throne rpg & Kevin Crawford's Worlds Without Number. 

So the Human Space Empire has constructed any number of planar gates throughout its empire linking various worlds, colonies, etc. So then everything collapses upon itself & now I've been writing about combining EPT & Troll Lord's The Starship Warden. But today I want to do something a bit different & go back to our group's roots here. The Worlds Without Number rpg goes through the idea of adventurers dealing with possibly multiple Earth's & dimensions within & without a future Earth called Latter Earth. And zipping around the Amateur Dungeoneer's blog two different entries caught my attention, The Lost World (Without Numbers)Non-Oldschool Game Concept: The Monster Earth
And this got me thinking about the pleasure planets, colony worlds, etc. creations of the Human Space Empire. We know that Kevin Crawford did a rules  light play version of Empire of the Petal Throne back in 2015 available from Tankard's Tavern here called Swords of the Petal Throne. My question becomes just how far did the Human Empire get & how many of those worlds are still out there?! 

We know that the Human Empire were using planar technologies & universes to power certain devices & artifacts aka the eyes and other magic items. This is very much in keeping with some of the Jack Kirby like technologies of  Kevin Crawford's WWN rpg. And yes the  Godbound uses some of the same technologies. But the scale of Godbound vs Crawford's WWN rpg are a bit off. So let's concentrate on Worlds Without Number for a moment. Let's say that shattering of the planes by the taking of Tekumel causes some of the background of Stars Without Number in the form of the Scream. This event shatters the planar gates & splits the various Earths in Worlds Without Number as well. This might also explain the stranding of the Starship Warden & the fluttering of the Nexus gates on Arduin. 

So where I'm I going with this?! Where ever the Hell I want with this.  The fact is that there could be world after world stranded from the planar gates. The Human Empire is still in tatters and the Fall of Man has only now starting to be recovered from. The planar pathways are being cleaned up by brave adventurers here & there agents of Chaos & Law are either opening or closing these worlds in a bit for greater power & conquests.  

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