Monday, October 11, 2021

Campaign Commentary With publishing & Jason Vey's Amazing Adventures Fifth Edition rpg

 Back about 2011 or so it seemed like the OSR was quite a bit more free. Freedom to choose between OD&D, B/X, & even first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons or the retroclones of those editions. Reading through the Planet Algol blog as I'm want to do I came across this post from 2011 'Doing It Your Own Freaky Way'.  Its a good blog entry & it rings quite true in my ears today esepecially this bit; "Maybe you're unhappy with whatever edition of whatever RPG that your are refereeing or playing? Than let's just ditch whatever's dragging you down and try something else. "But the party hasn't completed the grand quest of saving yee olde fantasy orphanage!" Fuck the orphans, try playing/DMing what you'd like too, and maybe once you've got it out of your system you can return to the old game or even restart the campaign with a new system.

Maybe you're unhappy with a player in your group? Let's kickstart things, have a chat, and than if the chat doesn't resolve things KICK THE LOSER OUT OF THE GROUP. Sure he/she may be a good guy, a good friend, but if you don't enjoying their participation in the game than they need to go!

Maybe you really want to run a one-shot of Call of Cthulhu or Dogs in the Vinyard or something else but you're players are all "But we already known how to play D&D and plus we still have to recover the dwarven crown!" Tough luck, slam that COC rulebook down on the table at the beginning of the session and tell the players to make some damn investigators." 

My point? Sometimes it seems to me lately that the grand ole' hobby has a wee bit of a stick up its own ass. And I've been doing this blogging thing since '08 & there's quality or quantity. There's a game campaign that I've been dying to DM.  Since this is the case I'm planning on running J
ason Vey's Amazing Adventures fifth edition but with a Sword & Sorcery twist or two. 

We're not talking about running the PC fifth edition D&D here. Oh no! This is straight up balls to the walls Sword & Sorcery and Pulp action. If your interested then please tune in! We've got more action coming up! 

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