Friday, October 8, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On Guilds and Orders by Steven Chenault From Troll Lord Games For Your Old School or OSR Fantasy Game

 "Guilds and Orders is a simple resource guide for use at almost any table and any roleplaying game. It lists several dozen possible guilds or orders that you can port into your game and use to augment an adventure through role playing. It’s a book that adds depth to a region by giving its people that much more flavor. Below you’ll find outlined scores of guilds and orders, that serve as ready to play creations or as examples of what they should look like. There are entries from the commonly known thieves’ guild to the less remember trade guilds. Whatever the listing, there is more than enough fodder for everyone"

So the other night whist strolling through Troll Lord Games store on the internet a title jumped up and bit me. Its one that hasn't been listed in a while. 
Guilds and Orders is by Steven Chenault. Guilds & Orders is a simple and yet effective reference guide for any rpg. 

Guilds and Orders only clocks in at sixteen pages but it uses those pages rather nicely to introduce a set of guilds, orders, and organizations that can help, hinder, or cause mayhem to the party. Guilds & Orders  is a sixteen page set of organizations that can act as the patrons for a group of neophyte adventurers in your fantasy or OSR campaign. This is a simple & yet highly effective little pamphlet that allows the DM to bring in organizations on the fly if necessary. 
Where I'm going to be using Guilds & Orders is within the wilderness landscape coming up of B2 Keep on the Borderlands by Gary Gygax. Here the wilderness aspect is going be expanded ala Robert E. Howard's 'Beyond The Black River' style. And so the trade guilds have been making in roads into the interior to trade with the natives. Guilds & Orders will help to fill in some of the campaign gaps. Frankly time has become more of a commodity then these trade goods. So Guilds & Orders is going to come in rather handy here. 

 Guilds and Orders  by Steven Chenault presents a very generic but useful system agonistic resource that can be used to create factions, NPC's, and even enemy organizations within your own old school or OSR game systems. Its fast, reliable, and a very easy system to use. 
Guilds and Orders  by Steven Chenault From Troll Lord Games Is Available Right Here. 

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