Tuesday, October 5, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary 'On Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector ' By John Watts From Independence Games For the Clement Sector Campaign Setting & 2d6 Cepheus Engine

 "ARRRR!  Heave to and prepare to be boarded!

Piracy has been a near constant in Clement Sector since the Conduit was first opened.  In fact, some historians maintain that piracy may have played as large a part in the direction that civilization spread from Hub as did the astrography of the sector.  The act has been part of the fabric of the sector and continues to be so despite the best efforts of the many planetary governments."

"Piracy in Clement Sector includes down on their luck merchant crews forced to compromise their morality, people who watched one too many episodes of Superpirate! and think they can do that too, ex-military people who are working for one government to disrupt the trade of another, dedicated pirates who are just stone cold killers, and marauders who are attacking new colonies along the frontier."

Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector by John Watts has absolutely zero to do with luck & everything to do with renegade  corporate cartels & illegal outlaw merchant crews. Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector clocks in at only eight six pages. This is eighty six pages of packed information with spare artwork but well done artwork. The information is dense but it covers a good range of the Clement sector. This information is right in line with the quality of the material from Independence Games before. 
From set up of pirate gangs, corporate sponsored factions, to running a full on space  pirate campaign 
Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector by John Watts covers it very well. The short adventure within outlines not only the other pirate  groups in the race, but some new ships and provides details for several systems. And it includes pirate havens along with those corporate factions supplying said pirates. 
Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector focus the lens of John Watts on space piracy as both a life style & way of life with a thumbnail sketch of the full on interstellar career at its center. Mr.Watts outlines everything that a DM needs to chart out a campaign of space piracy within the Clement Sector. But is Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector good?! No I believe its a solid addition to the roster of a DM's tool box for the Clement sector campaign setting. But often desperate times & all that. Space pirates may find themselves far out of sector and in need of still plying their trade. I think that Piracy & Privateering by Josh Peters is a perfect book end for Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector. This secondary Cepheus Engine book could be used to generate further interstellar piracy targets easily. 

The Clement sector campaign setting itself offers plenty of opportunity for the space pirate & a crew of ruffians of the outerspace ways. Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector by John Watts is an excellent book offering plenty of challenges for a well seasoned group of players who want something different then the usual Traveller style adventures. I recommend Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector by John Watts as a great addition to the Cepheus Engine rpg collection. 

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