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OSR Review & Commentary On 'Crime In The Clement Sector' By John Watts For The Cepheus Engine rpg or Your 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg's

"As with all societies, crime is a part of Clement Sector.  It is a constant throughout history and the future is no different. Some player characters may be engaged in criminal activities while other characters may be members of law enforcement trying to stop such criminals. 

Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector details crime throughout the setting and how each of the many independent worlds of Clement Sector feel about such crimes.  From Arson to Treason, from the "street" level to the boardroom, you'll find it detailed here.

"Outlaw provides seven character building careers for those who want to play a criminal character or simply have that as part of their background.  Cleaners, Drivers, Dealers, Forgers, Hitmen, Prisoners, and Smugglers.  Need a shady background?  We've got it along with a chapter filled with tasks providing the Referee with easy references to allow a character to attempt such dirty deeds. If they get caught, we have information on how to deal with a trial and imprisonment.

Outlaw also details organized crime, its history, and how such organizations operate in Clement Sector.   Want to play an entire criminal organization rather than just a single character?   We provide that here!  Building on the rules presented in Balancing Act and Almighty Credit, we give you the tools to play the organization!

Join the dark side!  Find out how crime really does pay. "

Crime pays or does it,   asks this very question including everything from street level crimes like arson all the way up to board room corporate  white collar interstellar  crimes. Its all laid out in very one hundred & twenty nine pages for your criminal PC's. The Clement Sector offers all kinds of opportunity for intergalactic crime. The closing of the hyperspace gateways to Earth caused all kinds of rosters & circumstances for crimes within the Clement campaign setting.  'Crime in the Clement Sector'  brings home to the crimes & the local circumstances of the Clement sector's locations & adventure slices. John Watts lays everything out in easily understood English. There's plenty of opportunity for mayhem & wanton violence by PC's. Crime however is laid bear with punishment following swiftly on its heels. 

There’s no such thing as good money or bad money. There’s just money. “ -Salvatore Lucania aka Charles “Lucky” Luciano, February 7, 1936 (standard)

'Crime in The Clement Sector' isn't your normal Cepheus Engine rpg supplement, it digs down into the underbelly of the Clement Sector's criminal empires. Diving through the sorted details to bring a picture of a sector roiling in corruption & depravity. This isn't light weight boast either. Details from 'murder for hire'  to full blown mafia operations are covered in detail. There isn't an 'Orion Syndicate' here but a detailed mafia that has been operating since the closing of the gates. The  material is stark covering Russian mafias & others with little regard for niceties. Because the eventualities  of arrest are also covered along with prison life & even what happens to a con who survives the interstellar systems of law within the Clement sector. 

'Crime in the Clement Sector' by John Watts cover space piracy within the Clement sector?! Yes it does & it goes over the relationships between the crimes, the powers that be, the board room, and the halls of power within the Clement sector. Space piracy has a nice meaty connection to the mobs of the sector. Much of the material within 'Crime in the Clement Sector' by John Watts could be used to knit together a far wider ranging Cepheus Engine rpg campaign by reigning in Stella Gemma Publishing's Piracy & Privateering supplement. There's enough bones here to keep the wheel of the internal crime syndicates greased for such a campaign. 

While there's more detailed Clement sector books including the 'Skull & Crossbones' supplement, 'Crime In The Clement Sector' goes more about the more day to day crime elements. Crime does a great job of the how & why an adventurer would turn to a life of crime. This is more evident within the how & why of  'Crime in the Clement Sector' . I highly recommend 'Crime in the Clement Sector' by John Watts for the DM whose looking to an interstellar street level crime game. Does crime pay?! That's for you to decide! 

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