Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Wreck At The Edge Of The Empire - Using Jeremy Reaban's 'Found Folio' 'A Pay What You Want' Monster Folio For OSR Adventure Design

In last night's game the Terran empire seemed to generate the most curiosity among the players especially the way they act as a Swiss bank to the interstellar empire of our former high level paladin. But what are the Terrans fleeing from?! So I went back into our high level paladin's past and grabbed a copy of Jeremy Reaban's 'Found Folio' 'A Pay What You Want' Monster Folio. 

I kept thinking playing last night's game that the Terrans had cloaked reasons & a secret agenda for their flight into our universe. Now during last night's game there were hints that a wreck at the edge of our interstellar empire might hold answers. 
What is known is that the Terran Empire's residents have been victims of the collective of 'the Aboleth confederation'. What does these Lovecraftian horrors know about the Terrans?! They have been feeding on them in our campaigns as a matter of opportunity. 

If dive into Jeremy Reaban's 'Found Folio' 'A Pay What You Want' Monster Folio.  then there are several monsters that can easily be ported over into an interstellar campaign. Gem eyed skeletons, skinstitches, soul silvers, necrocrafts, & many other monsters can easily be used as alien remains & weird left over creatures from alien civilizations. These horrors can easily be ported into ACK's very easily. 

Jeremy Reaban's 'Found Folio' 'A Pay What You Want' Monster Folio is excellent for traditional & non traditional adventures & campaigns. The fact is that dangers unknown are easily to think about within the blackness of space. Undead & horrors are the back bone of encounters & memorable adventures.

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