Sunday, October 24, 2021

Review & Commentary On 20 Minor Magic Items by James & Jodi Moran Mishler For The Fifth Edition of the Worlds Most Popular Fantasy Rpg

"20 Minor Magic Items contains 20 items of lesser or least magical sort, designed to be given to lower-level characters. Most of the Minor Magic Items listed herein are common or very common items of minor, lesser, or petty sort."

"One common or two very common items from this booklet can be substituted for any one common item from the standard treasure lists.

The 20 items are:

Adamantine-Chased Armor
Ammunition of Ready Recovery
Belt Pouch of Plenty
Crown of the Goblin King
Grenade of Wonder
Healing Salve
Holy Crackers
Instant Armor
Locket of Memory
Pastries of Provisioning
Phantasmal Pipe
Ring of Invisibility, Lesser
Ring of Truth
Ring of Warding
Rune Weapon, Lesser
Shielding Shield
Talisman of Resistance
Talisman of Protection
Thieves Tools Nonpareil
Tome of the Master" 

There are two things dungeon masters can never have enough of & that's monsters or magic items. Now over the last couple of months I've been playing an on & off reoccurring PC in DM Steve's Amazing Adventures 5th edition game. And here's where 20 Minor Magic Items by James & Jodi Moran Mishler  comes in very handy! 

This has been a campaign based around 70's & 80's classic horror & fantasy movies. As a DM in rotation that hasn't happened due to work conflicting schedules with several of our players so I've had to sit on my hands for the moment. So over the last couple of months I've been quietly learning the 5th edition AA. And getting into the back drop adapting certain fantasy world NPC's. Among the things that I keep encountering is having interesting occult items that can be useful but not campaign wrecking. 
20 Minor Magic Items by James & Jodi Moran Mishler clocks in at six pages of items with several wrinkles or hooks that could be exploited by the DM. 
A good example of this is the Crown of the Goblin King which plugs directly into today's Jim Henson inspired blog entry; "
CROWN OF THE GOBLIN KING Wonderous item, common (requires attunement) This splendiferous, ostentatious device is a headpiece patched together from various flashy, gaudy, and tacky bits and bobs, none of which have any actual value. When you wear this crown you have advantage on all Charisma checks when dealing with goblins; unfortunately, you also suffer disadvantage on all Charisma checks with dwarves." This item could be a major plot hook while being a very minor magic item as the goblins of Fey will not recognize a new goblin king without it. And with a bit of hand waving these magic items could easily be dropped into a Castles & Crusades game with little or no modification at all. 

And  20 Minor Magic Items by James & Jodi Moran Mishler  is filled with exactly these sorts of  minor magic items. While they won't break the campaign they can & will make it memorable. For a dollar 20 Minor Magic Items is a wise investment that will give far more in the long run of a campaign.

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