Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Its All In Today's Mail - Paul Elliot's Zaibatu rpg & Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, & Manuel Souza Combined

 “Every man has inside himself a parasitic being who is acting not at all to his advantage.”

― William S. Burroughs

So this blog entry is gonna pick right up from here. And I asked for a physical  copy of  Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, &  Manuel Souza. And the author came through in spades. Why would I need a physical copy? Because my eyes are ready to bleed out of their sockets staring at a screen rather then thumbing through a book. Sorry but I'm a book guy and collector first then last. This is a really nice little gem added to the archives. 

 Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, &  Manuel Souza has just the right amount of Dr. Benway for me. This isn't exactly a cyberpunk book in the classic sense but in the 2021 sense of the word. For those of us who grew up reading  William S. Burroughsthen this rpg makes perfect paranoid sense. But let's face facts this is literal country within a country wrapped around several sinister secret  organizations. The NPC's of  Postcards from Avalidad have their own agendas & hidden motives. Burroughstech for example is on the bleeding edge of psionic and other weirder technologies. 

The corporations are some of the most dangerous foes that a Zaibatu party can face. There are factions that are more then happy to tear a soul apart & dig into the skulls of adventurers. This is a feature of the campaign & not a bug this also speaks to some of the psionic or supernatural orders of  Postcards from Avalidad. More & more immortality is going to be the order of the day. 

Stellagamma Publishing's 'From The Ashes 2nd edition' may help to fill in some of the experimental gaps. Many of these technologies are going to be perfect to pull into a corporate war rather easily. And this gets into many of the hidden agendas of the NPC's of Postcards from Avalidad 

The corporate war for immortality is heating up in the campaign that has enabled several factions to take advantage of the quiet yet deadly chaos that is happening in back alleys, hidden doorways, and roof tops. The fact is that there's far more bubbling in 
Postcards from Avalidad

Postcards from Avalidad isn't all doom, gloom, & evil per say. But its a very heavily dangerous rpg. The physical book is excellent with good artwork, solid cartography, very well done layout and more. We'll be exploring the more coming soon. 

Postcards from Avalidad by Miguel Ribeiro, & Manuel Souza available from Lulu.. 

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