Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Rise of Dr. Raymond Cocteau - An Adventure Encounter For Neon Lords of the Toxic Wastelands rpg

 Dr. Raymond Cocteau has clawed his way out of Hellworld & wants his revenge on the citizens of  the city of San Angeles ! And things are getting weird can the PC's save the day or make it worse with their own ultra violence! 

"Raymond Cocteau: I hadn't counted on this, but I must say you've worked out beautifully. People are terrified of you.
Simon Phoenix: What's new? People have always been terrified of me."

In 2034,  
the city of San Angeles  Science Institute began the dimensional plunger power program. Reaching across the dimensional fabric they have opened their city into the horrors of the 
 Cocteauverse. A distorted nightmare alternative version of the world of San Angeles populated by multiple versions the vile  warlord  Simon Phoenix!  But this isn't the only issue facing 2034  San Angeles! The dimensional plunger has also opened a gateway into Neo Terraxaxx!

And the pansies of San Angeles need your help! Dr. Cocteau is back from Hell itself! And he's got plan! He's recruited other souls of the damned to gain revenge on the Phoenixes! He's reached into the bowels of Hell world itself & summoned the worst scum including a hoard of cosmic barbarians, a cadre of Heathers called the Brandies, a gaggle of unholy Smiters, and even hired a red death stalker enforcer of 7th level as his personal body guard! Cocteau is still trying to create his perfect pearl of a society. But there are several things that he doesn't realize. There are monsters at every turn both human & otherwise! 


What Doctor Cocteau doesn't realize is that the nightmare world that has fitted itself over the Earth of 2035 is quite weird. Because this is actually infinite 
 city of San Angeles! This world is filled with distorted versions of the citizens of San Angeles but in the shadows there are mutants & demons from Hellworld! These bastards are more then happy to drag the PC's into the shadows for murder & mayhem. But there's another wrinkle as the PC's get to play heroes as the damned souls of the cryocons have returned! There's no John  Spartan to save the day here!

The PC's land in the Cantina Taco Bell as the cultists (page 186 of the Neonlords of the Wastelands rule book) of Simon Phoenix arrive to tear apart the 
restaurant,& rob the customers. 

There are seven cultists & they are using the old scraps tunnels below San Angeles to get around. Deep in the tunnels there is a demon who appears be the ancient hero John Spartan. This monster  will let loose on the PC's with fire arms. He has a cadre of six mutants as his body guards! Eventually the PC's will have to track down 
 Dr. Raymond Cocteau to his old San Angels estate & stop him from distorting the Earth even further. This will attract the attention of Simon Phoenix or at least one them. So why would the PC's save San Angeles?! Well there's plenty of high tech loot, money, etc. to keep any party interested! So what has happened to John Spartan?! That's up to the DM. 

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